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"Global Brand Concepts hired a developer in India with the help of SDI. The developer does ecommerce programming. He works as an extension of our in-house team. We are very satisfied with the service provided by the employee and also by SDI "

Chief Operating Officer, Peter Kaspar, Global Brand Concepts, Germany


Magento Developer

PHP Developer

C#.NET Developer

We provide a Magento developer for a global medium-sized full service advertising agency with 106 employees.

We provide web developers for TEMA, a leading marketing agency for technology companies, based in Germany.

We provide C # .NET developers for one of the largest radio stations in Germany.

Who Are We?

We are Software-developer-India.com (part of YUHIRO Technologies Private Limited), an IT company that was originally founded in 2012 in Heidelberg, Germany and now works entirely from India. Since the end of April 2015, we have had a special focus on providing developers for one-man companies, agencies and IT companies from Germany. The following video gives an insight into our company. (Note: We restructured our company in April 2015, so the video is no longer 100 percent current. Plus, the video is in German language.)

We were featured in several puplications

Who Are You?

I am an ... Web Agency

I am an ... IT Company

I am an ... IT Department

We pay attention to high-quality services, but we currently lack the capacities to successfully manage our projects.

We need more good developers who support us in our daily tasks and work with the team.

We want to provide our internal customers with exciting and usable software solutions. For these projects, however, we need skilled programmers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Offshore Outsourcing work?

What does it cost?

Ans: Indian IT developers have become more and more professional in recent years. Nowadays it is normal for them to work with customers from Europe and the US.

Ans: We are very transparent with our costs. Kindly contact us for more information on this.

Can the developer come to my location?

How does the collaboration work?

Ans: Through our many years of experience, we have learned that the best collaboration model is when the developer / developer team works directly with the customer from abroad. So we're hiring the developer on behalf of SDI. However, the developer works only for your company.

Ans: It is worthwhile to bring the developer to your location for 3 to 6 weeks so that he / she can get to know the team better. There are business visas for this, which can be obtained very quickly.

Can we ask questions to the developer before hiring?

Is there someone in India with whom we can speak in English if necessary?

Ans: You are involved during the entire hiring process. Usually there is a conference call in which the customer can ask the developer technical questions and determine the further requirements for the developer.

Ans: The developers itself speak fluent English. But we do have English-speaking contacts on site in India. If you have any questions, you can fall back on them.

These developer skills are popular right now

Hello, I am Sascha Thattil, your contact person at SDI

We rely on software developers from India because they offer some advantages. They are very well trained, flexible, willing to learn and numerous. Due to the harmonization of lifestyles (English-language films, Internet, mobile technologies) worldwide and the professional experience in international companies, developers in India can nowadays put themselves in the shoes of clients from Europe. The goal of SDI is to provide our customers with the best developers.

Email: info@software-developer-india.com

WhatsApp: 0091 8129252223

The cooperation with the Indian programmers is very good.

CEO, Martina Smit, Martina Smit Webdesign

We are very satisfied with the development performance.

Board of Directors, Dr. Günter Bleimann-Gather, TEMA Technologie Marketing AG, Germany

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This is how it works

Step 1: Requirements

Step 2: Selection

Step 3: Interview

Step 4: Start

Together with you, we define the requirements for the developer, such as core competencies, experience and communication skills.

We use job advertisements, our database and recommendations to find suitable developers. We select two to three profiles from the applications.

The best profiles will be sent to you for review. Then there are job interviews via conference call, in which you can determine the developer's competencies.

We hire the programmer for you in our office in India. Another competent developer is now available to assist your team.

Our cooperation model has proven itself

We understood that only a close cooperation between the developers in India and the team in your location can work. Therefore, the programmers work directly with the customer.

There is a English-speaking management on site in India in case there are any questions. The projects are managed by our customers, directly with the developers.

Our customer care works, because we don't serve “masses” of customers.

The customer is already involved in the hiring process. This ensures that the customer gets developers who fit his company.

Openness, honesty and transparency are important to us.

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