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PHP Developers

For this medium sized IT agency, with 110 employees, based in Munich, Germany, we are providing 3 PHP developers

Android Developers

For this medium sized market research company, based in Bremen, Germany, we are providing a team of Android developers

C#.NET Developers

For one of the largest radio stations in Germany, we are providing C#.NET developers

Who are you?

I am a ... Web Agency

We are focusing on providing qualitatively high services, but we are lacking the resources to successfully deliver our PHP projects.

I am an ... IT Company

We need good additional PHP developers who support us in our daily tasks and works with our team.

I am an ... IT Department

We want to provide interesting and exciting software solutions to our other departments. For these undertakings we need additional developers.

Frequently asked questions

Will it work?

Ans: Indian software developers have professionalized in the last few years. Nowadays it is normal for them to work with clients from all over the globe.

How does the collaboration work?

Ans: Through our long experience with this collaboration model, we have found that it is the best solution, if the PHP developer/ the development team works directly with the client from abroad. We hire the developer in the name of Software Developer India. The developer will be working only for your company.

How much does it cost?

Ans: You only pay the salary of the PHP developer, which will be made transparent to you, as well as a monthly flat fee. The hiring process itself is free of cost.

Can the developer come to our location?

Ans: It is always a good idea to bring the developer for 3 to 6 weeks to your location, so that he can get to know the team better. For that, depending on the country there are business visas, which can be applied for. We will help in this process.

Is there someone we can approach, who sits in India, in case there is an issue we want to discuss?

Ans: We have a point of contact in India, who can support you, if there are any questions. The collaboration will be directly with the developer.

Can we ask questions to the developers during the hiring process?

Ans: You are involved in the complete hiring process. Usually there will be a phone conference, where the client can ask the developer technical questions and can also find out the further qualifications.

These developers are currently sought after

Hello, I am Sascha Thattil, your contact at

We work with PHP developers from India, because they offer some advantages. They are very well educated, flexible, ready to learn new things and high in number. The culture is becoming more similar (English language movies, internet, mobile technologies) worldwide and the work experience in international companies, helps them to understand the requirements from clients all over the world. The goal of is to provide the best developers at the best possible conditions.

Phone (India): +91 984 6861166

Phone (Germany): +49 30 344 082690

"For my company Phone Concept, has provided PHP and Android developers. The developer solution by them was a good possibility to find suitable developers. Especially when a team is needed for a longer period of time."

Falko Rüttgers, Chief Executive Officer, Phone Concept SEZC-Ltd.

"For us has provided iOS developers. I can recommend!"

Christian Strmota,  Zürich Versicherungen, Schweiz

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We will keep your data confidential

This is how it works

Step 1: Requirements

Together we will specify the requirements for the PHP developer, like core competencies, experience and communicative abilities.

Step 2: Selection

Through job advertisements, through our database and through referrals, we will search for suitable developers. From that we will select two to three profiles.

Step 3: Interview

The best profiles will be send to you from which you can select suitable candidates. After that there will be interviews via phone conference, in which you can find out the competencies of the developer.

Schritt 4: Start

We will hire the developer for you. He or she will be working in our premises in India. From then on, you will have an additional competent developer, who supports your team.

Our collabration model has proven to be the most suitable one for our clients

We have understood that only a close collaboration between the PHP developer in India and the team in your location can work. Therefore the developer will be directly working with the client.

Our customer support works, as we are only working with a selected number of clients.

Openness, honesty and transparency are important to us.

At our office location in India, there is a point of contact for you, if there are any questions or support needed. The projects itself are managed by our clients, in direct collaboration with the developers.

The client is involved from right from the hiring process. This way it is ensured that the client gets developers, who are the right fit for the company.


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