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Who are you?

I am an ... IT Company

We require great technical experts who can support us in our daily activities and who work with our team closely.

 I am an ... Agency

We create quality solutions for our clients, but currently we lack the personnel resources to execute these projects successfully.

I am an ... IT Department

We want to provide great software solutions for our internal clients. For those endeavos we need capable software developers.

Software Developer India is a young company with roots in Heidelberg, Germany. For our clients we have developed the concept of 'Dedicated IT Staffing' , as we had to find out that there where not many possibilities to get qualified software developers in a professional manner from India.

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Software Developer India makes your HR strategy simpler and your projects better.

  • The right developer for your software project
  • Meaningful support systems
  • Continual improvement of the collaboration
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Customer Testimonial

An Indian company with roots in Heidelberg, Germany

Favicon1Soon after our start as an offshore service provider in Heidelberg, Germany we realized that we needed a corporate facility in India to perform better and to offer services of higher quality. Today our corporate headquarter is in Kerala, India.

Software Developer India Company Profile

The right developer for your software project

Favicon1In close collaboration with our clients Software Developer India will create suitable software developer profiles. Let us know what kind of skills and communicative abilities the new employee should have. After this step we will provide the right candidates. Following the successful search there will be a workshop where we will establish the rules of engagement.

Software Developer India Hiring Process

Close collaboration

Favicon1Software Developer India accompanies you throughout the IT staffing process. From providing proper training, to ongoing reviews of the results.

Software Developer India Business Modell


Favicon1During the hiring process we take utmost care to take on software developers who are proficient in English and have already experience with working with foreign clients. In addition to that there will be an account manager who will facilitate communication. It is important that the client has a project manager who is responsible for the software developer from Software Developer India.

Software Developer India Values

Ongoing review of goals

Favicon1 In weekly meetings the goals achieved will be reviewed and the performance checked. We also recommend a daily 15 minute exchange via phone or Skype. Here you can achieve a closer bond with your employees in India and counteract undesirable developments very quickly.

Software Developer India FAQ

Advantages of software developers from Software Developer India

  • Scalability of your in-house team with offshore resources
  • No additional office space required as the software developer sits in our office
  • No additional admin- or HR related costs
  • Simplified labour laws in India
  • A large pool of qualified software developers

We look forward to hearing from you

Thank you for showing interest in Software Developer India solutions. Feel free to contact us. In a personal discussion we will show you the full spectrum of what we can do for you.

Service number: +91 (0) 9846861166

Software Developer India - Development Center
Thattil Nadakalan Complex, (Opp. Church) Kuriachira
Thrissur, Kerala - 680006, Indien
Service Nummer: +91 9846861166

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