15 ways to market your mobile app

Mobile app entrepreneurs and software companies need the maximum amount of publicity to market their apps. But with plenty of apps making its appearance in the online world, how does the consumer distinguish between useful and useless apps? Unique marketing techniques would definitely catch the eye. True, there is no sure-fire method to promote all your apps and be successful in them, and what technique worked for one app may not work for the other. However, you can make use of the following tips to ensure your mobile app reaches its target segment, and gets appreciated.

Before going into the tips, check out these statistics, so you know mobile app marketing is really important:

  1.  Developers spend 14% of their time on marketing their product, which means, a whopping 14 hours out of every 100 hours they are working.
  2.  About half of the developers in the world spend less than 5% of their time in marketing.
  3. The mobile app market is growing at a fast rate where Google Play consumes 39% of the share and Apple App store takes up 61%.

Now, look at the tips for marketing your mobile app

1. Plan, plan and plan

No app developer would ever dream about marketing his product without proper planning. By planning ahead, you are setting the stage for a hype.

2. Build hype

When the app is ready for public, create a hype around it, and perhaps a sense of mystery and anticipation to generate curiosity.

3. Planning the launch

The launch would be successful only if you perform considerable market research. It would also give you some idea of the probable fate of the app and how people are going to perceive it. An analysis of competitor market would also be helpful in deciding what kind of media efforts you should take.

4. Prepare an enticing press kit

Having a press kit that whets the appetite of the people is one step to marketing your mobile app. Include a teaser video, a press release, an app icon and high resolution logo as its key components. Think about an innovative name for the app; a name that instantly clicks with the audience.

5. Maximize the already available customer touch points

True, you need to market your product, but don’t forget your loyal customers who are always waiting eagerly for your next product. Billing statements, websites, emails are always excellent touch points for reaching out to people doing business with you.

6. Target the right segment

If your app is designed for people belonging to the age group of 50-70, then that should be your target while marketing. You can create a segment of users who would see your product when they are online. This would help you clear all kinds of download issues before marketing it finally.

7. Social media

There is no other media other than Facebook and Twitter that provides such far reaching possibilities for marketing any product. Both these channels offer ‘app-install ads’, making your job easier.

8. Seek probable partners

Seek business partners who can help sell your app. You can sell theirs as part of a cross-promotion campaign.

9. Build a teaser website

While promoting your product through social media, be sure to include a link for your teaser website containing just 2-3 pages of information about the upcoming app. You can even ask people their email address, so you can drop a mail when the product is ready for launch.

10. Create a microsite

A microsite is also called a minisite and is actually a separate page from your website and has a different URL, but it can be used to promote your product or provide information about it.

11. Start a blog

Publish interesting content about the product and attach it to the microsite.

12. Creating a product video

As long as YouTube is there, you don’t have to work hard to seek a wider audience. Make the video as professional as possible, answering all probable questions that a new user might have about the product, and make it enticing enough.

13. App Store Optimization

ASO or App Store Optimization is a subset of SEO and can provide data on how to improve your product within the app store. Companies like Distimo, Mopapp, Localytics, Apsalar and Flurry would provide valuable information on how to prepare the content to promote your app and ensure the keywords are used in the right places and that the entire content is well-structured. App analysis is another feature that can help you track and analyze your app sale. This is one of the best and most widely used mobile marketing strategies in the app market.

14. Yappie

While making use of social media networking, explore the possibilities offered through Yappie, a platform that would let you speak about your product. It is one of the best app marketing strategies in the world.

15. An alluring app description

A concise, yet all-encompassing description of your app would be ideal for posting in the app store. Those who want to know more about your app can click on the “more” button. The description usually is very short, so make a succinct explanation of what the app is about. Take some killer screenshots to enhance the description, and visually attract people by demonstrating the most interesting feature of your app.


Marketing your app is a challenge, follow the tips above and you can be sure that your app would become successful, and not gather visual dust like some poorly marketed apps do. Spreading knowledge about your app is the most critical aspect, so make sure the information reaches the right people at the right time.

Have some success stories to share regarding your mobile app marketing strategies? Then do share them here.

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