20 examples of beautiful landing pages

Landing pages should be all about bringing people to your website. A walk through of some of the best landing pages would give you the inspiration to make your own landing page, effective and conversion-oriented. The best landing pages are those that are designed to portray a clear and concise statement with simple call-to-action words, minus the designs that would make them look confusing or complicated. As long as the message is clear, attractive and unique, your landing page will attract thousands of visitors every day. Here are some of the best landing pages that you can go through to get an inspiration to design your own.

20 landing pages, beautiful and well-designed

20. Link – http://www.goldensandsexperience.com/view/en/gspintroduction.aspx

Golden Sands Experience

Any website showcasing an exciting vacation deal is quite attractive. But this one tops the list with its beautiful color combination, stunning design and action inducing words, especially when they have offers for you.

19. Link – http://www.123rf.com/


123RF is a website that sells stock images and the fact is clearly incorporated with exciting images, and combined with the fact and information on what you should do to get images from them. However, you might feel that the landing page is a bit too stuffed, but that could be because they want to give an impression that they have so many pictures to sell. The landing page is quite clear on the “we have pictures to sell” message.

18. Link – https://raygun.io/


Raygun has a beautiful color combination that attracts attention from the word go. Add that to the clear CTA (Clear-to-action) and you have a sensible combination that brings in the visitor. Not at all crowded, but the website clearly send its message to the viewer.

17. Link – http://apperitif.com/favomatic/


Simple, yet powerful. This website has a strong CTA that visitors cannot pretend they didn’t see. They cannot make this landing page any better, especially with the message delivered superbly across.

16. Link – http://www.brusheezy.com/join


If you want to know how the usage of minimal words can generate interest, then you must visit this landing page. This website is here to stay because it has a powerful CTA.

15. Link – http://how-jailbreak-iphone.com/

Jail Break iPhone

The initial look of the Jail Break iPhone website may be a bit crowded, but at least it is not top heavy with easy to read points and attractive, subtle design. The subtle color combinations used in the website puts a highlight on the main theme of the website.

14. Link – https://www.apple.com/in/quicktime/what-is/

Apple’s QuickTime

The simple, user-friendly design that Apple uses in all their web pages is evident in this landing page. The QuickTime download page is a simple and refreshing page that sells.

13. Link – https://www.shoeboxed.com/


Quite a descriptive website, with testimonials from Time and PCMag.com. This is a website with a forever free website where you can scan and organize business cards and receipts.

12. Link – http://jott.com/


The subtle tactic used in this messenger website attracts people to click on its links and use its services. The graphics are intelligently placed and visually attractive.

11. Link – https://foodtruckr.com/book/


FoodTruckr is all about a book “How to Start a Food Truck: The Definitive Guide”. The landing page is defined intelligently, but with a simple, clean and flat look. It makes you want to instantly buy the book and read it.

10. Link – http://socialtriggers.com/

Social Triggers

The website has an attractive design, complete with an action inducing CTA. The website was a huge success right from the start because it talks in an intuitive way on how you can attract people to you.

9. Link – https://www.kissmetrics.com/


Kissmetrics doesn’t need any particular introduction. And it has a landing page that makes people want to try their free trial. There is a nice screenshot depicting the benefits of the different offerings.

8. Link – https://slack.com/


Slack provides the facilities for team members to communicate with each other. It has a landing page that sells, literally with a beautiful design and easy to follow instructions.

7. Link – http://blogtyrant.com/

Blog Tyrant

With an interesting name and stunning design, this is a blog site with a difference.

6. Link – https://typekit.com/


This is a website by Adobe that allows people to use different fonts in their online documents. But nothing beats the stunning landing page that they have there.

5. Link – http://rafaltomal.com/

Rafal Tomal

This may be a personal website, but it is designed so uniquely and innovatively that it deserves a mention here. His CTA form is excellent as well.

4. Link – https://www.wunderlist.com/


With its aesthetic color combination and intelligent design, Wunderlist is a traffic heavy website, because it has a landing page that converts.

3. Link – http://getresponse.com/

Get Response

The polished look of this landing page is what attracts people initially. And once they read the CTA, they are hooked for life. This is an email marketing website where you have powerful tools for making response-oriented emails.

2. Link – https://www.okcupid.com/


This is a dating website, but its simple design and intelligent use of words make it really special. The CTA is placed at the center of the website so you can’t miss it but be tempted to join.

1. Link – http://www.biznessapps.com/

Bizness Apps

With an impressive list of endorsements and a stunning landing page, this website is certainly something you must sit up and take notice. Look how they have tried to convince their visitor to join their website in minimal words!

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