20 Mobile App Marketing Tips

It is now probably unheard of for a well-flourishing business to not have an app of its own these days. And more and more businesses are joining the foray, so you probably have an idea of the number of apps that are currently languishing in the App stores and Play stores. Thousands of new app are added to the stores, so how do you promote yours, and make sure your app gets the top slot? Here are 20 simple tips explaining just that.

1. Be clear about the target audience

Things will be much simpler if you keep in mind the people you are designing this app for. Keep the niche audience to a minimum, to make it easier. If your target audience is too wide, maybe you can create segments targeting each target specifically.

2. Make optimal use of the mobile website

If you have a website that’s already popular, then you can use it optimally to promote your app. Your loyal website visitors will definitely start using your app, and will remain true to your app if they find it unique.

3. Advertise your app in an official blog

If you have space in official blog sites, then you can explain the features and benefits of your app as an article and post in them. Conclude the article with a CTA button, so those who are interested will be instantly motivated to click and download.

4. Include info about your app in email marketing

Emails, when used in the right manner, are still very effective. If your app is an answer to what your user is looking for, then you can create an attractive headline talking about it, and spread it through email marketing.

5. Demo videos are effective

You will probably have to assign a team to create a video that is almost like a commercial of what your app has to offer. Once the video is made, leverage the social media to get it across to the maximum number of people so they will hear about your app. Each time you make updates to the app, you can update the video and release that as well.

6. QR codes

Have you tried leveraging QR codes to advertise your mobile app? If not, it is time you did it, by adding them to your website, brochures, mailers, recipes, business cards, even storefront window displays. Offers, discounts and competitions can be added along so they will be prompted to download your app.

7. Mobile app marketing agencies

If you prefer to hand over the task to professionals, then there are mobile app marketing agencies to your rescue. Appspire, Appency and Appular are just a few of the agencies that can really help you realise your goal.

8. Paid advertising for the promotion of content

You can promote the content within the app, rather than promoting the app directly. For example, if you have a trick for improving your client’s business with a product of yours, you can start with an opening statement stating exactly that. You can start something like “Wanna know how to improve your ROI with XYZ product?” And then you can give a link to your website page so they can download the app. To promote this content, you can use social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

9. Great icons speak volumes

As explained before, your app is going to be one among thousands in the App Store. In order to catch an eye, you need to have a great icon.

10. SEO is important here

You can promote your app by making sure that the app URL shows up in the search engines. If your app is all about music, then you can include the most happening words related to the music business, and make sure your feature gets features in the SEO.

11. Developers and Entrepreneurs groups in Social Media

It is also important to have contact with top developers and entrepreneurs because they can give valuable inputs on the functioning part of your app. You can even make use of the opportunity to cross promote your app.

12. App Store Optimisation

Just SEO, ASO is also popular way of promoting your app. Pay attention to the keywords, its density and relevance in the description of your app when you display it in the app stores.

13. Get reviews from Mobile App Review sites

Users read reviews about the apps they are interested in downloading. Make sure to have positive reviews in all the leading app review websites and earn a name for yourself. Here are some sites you can tap – Mashable, Techcrunch, Wired, Crazy Mikes Apps, App Brain, App Advice, Appolicious, Gamezebo

14. Announcement through company update

When your app is ready for launch, promote it with a bang as a company update. All the people in your social media circle and developer circle must get the information through this medium.

15. Try an in-store promotion

This is probably too simple, that you are likely to have missed it. How about spreading the word in your brick and mortar business, if you have one?

16. Leverage the facilities offered in events and conferences

You can get consumers locally by promoting your app through events and conferences. You can do this by letting them scan the QR code, or by distributing business cards with your app download link in them.

17. Great Landing page

Just like in a website, having a great landing page for your app would be a great idea. It is almost like having a very attractive business card in your hand.

18. Get hold of influencers

Influencers can drive mass interest to your app. You can either invite them to do a joint venture with you or just ask them to share your app if they liked it.

19. Commenting in blogs

A tried and used method, but effective nevertheless. You can comment and promote your app discreetly through relevant blogs.

20. Try other app stores too

There are other platforms to target, other than App Store and Playstore. Try platforms like Amazon Appstore, AppBrain, SlideMe, GetJar to help spread the word across.


An important thing to remember is that your app should contain something of interest to the user, something that they need, or cannot do without. Get creative with what people find attracted to, even if your mobile app is just a miniature extension of your website.

Did you know that people with bad mobile app experiences would not engage themselves with the company it belonged to? So it is very important to provide excellent, impeccable performance with your mobile app. It is a window to which you can get people to become your loyal customers.

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