9 Good Cloud Storage Solutions

With cloud storage, there has been a revolutionary change in the way files are stored and retrieved. Thanks to cloud storage, you can now retrieve critical data in a much cheaper way when compared to the costly infrastructure that you had had to incorporate in the past. You might be familiar with Dropbox and GoogleDrive, but there are still plenty of cloud storage solutions that you can use to store all the important files in your business. Here they are:


Cubby is a cloud storage solution embedded with layers and layers of protection, quite unlike other cloud storage facilities. This is extremely safe to use especially when you want to share confidential files. The best thing about this storage facility is that you can sync it directly between other devices. You can also enjoy one central location in which you can monitor all your files and company data and to ensure they are secure.


With just a single click, Cloudup lets you drag and drop files, music, videos, photos and links to wherever you want to upload them. Why businesses would benefit from this service is that it is safe, secure and protected by password. Another benefit of Cloudup is that you can share streams on social media channels and via email. The service is instant and easy. The best thing about Cloudup is that you can save 200GB of data free of cost.


With zero knowledge and password, SpiderOak cloud storage services provides complete encryption of data and the storage of data is such that no one can access your data without your knowledge, not even SpiderOak employees. Through Zero Knowledge system, when your data is saved and encrypted, you can rest assured that the data will never be decrypted unless you type the password on your computer. And you will have to type the password each time you want to access the files; it will not be stored on the computer. Complete security comes with a price, of course; you will have to pay $12 a month to get 1TB and $7 a month for 30GB.


Space Monkey is slightly different from other cloud storage facilities on the count that it has an external hard drive that lets you connect to other devices. You can either go for the app version or the device version, because the amount of protection that you get from this solution is really awesome. If you are looking to protect your data crucial to your business, this is it. With 1TB storage, you can save more than 300,000 photos and you can access it from anywhere in the world. You can share this data with anyone anywhere in the world, i.e. to any device. With automatic backup feature, you don’t have to worry about your data being lost at any time.


AeroFS works almost like Dropbox, but it is not anything like the “traditional file sync and share solutions” that you have seen it till now. It is simple, secure and employees can successfully collaborate the files within the organization and outside it. A key feature of the storage service is that you can successfully share large files and not worry about straining the WAN connection anymore. Another noted feature about AeroFX is that you can sync and share on the mobile itself, even files that are over 1GB.


You might be familiar with the name Torrent, if you have downloaded large files from the internet for free. With Resilio Sync (formerly BitTorrent Sync), you can do more because it is integrated with powerful features, and fit with anti-virus protection. With Dropbox and Box, the normal procedure is to download the files separately after you are saving them there. This would be a bit unwieldy if the file size is a bit too big. But with Resilio Sync, you don’t have to worry about that because it uses the same technology as Torrent downloads and you can download files much faster.


OpenDrive is another lesser known online storage service that would allow you to access your files on any device and make copies of the same. You can create mirror files across various devices and there is an online backup facility as well, so you don’t have to worry about losing any of your files anymore. OpenDrive can be used across any platform be it iOS, Android or Windows.


Carbonite would be the ideal choice for those with home offices and small businesses. You can easily afford its services and with easy restore capabilities, automatic backup and high levels of security, you will not go wrong with this. Carbonite would let you store spreadsheets, pictures, videos, graphics, emails, point of sale files and so on. Of course, Carbonite comes with a price depending on what plan you are choosing. It could be in the range $59 to $799 a year.


Though SugarSync is also a cloud based file sharing service, it has some extra features that would protect your date and save your files for easy retrieval. Additionally, SugarSync lets you sync with any folder on a computer, even the desktop.


Choosing a cloud storage system saves you the headache of depending on chunky software to save all your data and files As it is a web-based external hard drive you don’t have to spend time or waste money on buying external hard disks. In fact, cloud storage is a better choice when compared to external disks because they might get ruined anytime, but whatever is in the cloud will remain protected; they will not get erased. This is also the best way to share your files, sparing you the task of relying on emails.

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