Advantages Of Microsoft Dynamics For Small And Medium Sized Companies

Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM solutions would be the ideal solution for businesses that would like to scale their infrastructure according to need, handle the infrastructure to concentrate on strategic projects, reduce infrastructure and IT management cost, make use of cloud storage to safely store and protect your data so you can access them from anywhere and any device. With Dynamics, you have the upper-hand in managing the operations and financials enabling you to enjoy a unique business solution that would bring devices, data and business applications together. With Dynamics, startups would be able to drive growth and customer engagement in a successful manner.

Microsoft Dynamics software line is thus very important for businesses looking to deliver, and the recent change from Applications and Services division to Cloud & Enterprise group makes it even more useful. This puts Dynamics in the same line at Visual Studio, Azure, SQL Server, BizTalk and so on. Several of the features that Dynamics have is built on the basis of Azure Machine Learning, for example, look at the feature that allows you to analyze the interactions that you’ve had with various people with whom you are going to have business relations. This is almost like Azure Machine Leanring. If you are looking for a change in your business processes, or want to change from the limits of your present accounting software then Microsoft Dynamics would be the ideal solution.

Businesses need a lot of effort to stay unique and entrepreneurs work with dedication to grow it, but sometimes growth has its limitations and you need that little something extra to get it done. This is why it is important to revamp your financials with Microsoft Dynamics to gain better control of how to manage inventory and operations. Dynamics makes it easy to grow.

You can also make use of the raging techniques in your business and transform them into a massive success by using quick to implement Microsoft Dynamics solutions and convert it into accommodating the modern trends. Why most businesses choose to go for Microsoft’s cloud is that they don’t have to deploy too much infrastructure or capital for it. With Microsoft Dynamics in your pocket, you get to know whether you have the right sales tool to drive your business, have a fool-proof plan through which you can track the process of your product and manage the accounting aspect of your business by reducing any kind of friction that may arise in the business process.

There are many Microsoft Dynamics products in the market.Here they are:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can concentrate on giving a better experience to your customers by focusing on their needs. You can manipulate Dynamics to make it more intuitive and more communicative.

Microsoft Social Engagement

It gives you some insight into what’s happening on the social media websites and would present you with the results in the form of graphs and chart. Through this tool you would be able to spot the comments that are coming in regarding your business – negative, positive and neutral. You can configure the tool in such a way that you will be notified when any mention (by users and customers) of your company is made.

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing is an important tool that helps you to run concrete marketing plans and campaigns that give quantified results. With the help of the tool, you can focus on attracting customers from various channels and through various stages of the campaign. You will also receive advanced analytics report.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 

If you want to redesign your business processes and make quick decisions regarding your business with the aim of feeling business growth then Microsoft Dynamics AX would be the ideal tool. It can help you meet the needs of your customers really quickly.

Microsoft Dynamics AX helps you to streamline customer relations, financial and supply chain processes. It is an intuitive tool, adaptable and quite easy to use. With Dynamics AX, you can simplify compliance and create standardized processes through which you can run your business across geographical boundaries. It can also deliver a business management solution that would not only help solve current problems in business, but also fulfill future demands. It has an intuitive interface that would help your employees to prioritize tasks, organize and access them.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Small to medium businesses need to have the reins of their financial matters in their hand; having this tool would help with having a great control of all the financial aspects concerning their business. Additionally, you can also expect it to simplify the entire business process, including manufacturing and operations.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP

Microsoft Dynamics ERP tools are proactive tools that would help you with accounting and business process management. If you want to make any major changes within your business structure in order to drive productivity, you can easily do it with ERP solutions. ERP tools would also help your business to quickly adapt to changes and bring long term value for your business.

 Parature Cloud Solution 

Parterre Cloud Solution gives amazing and personalized customer care experience, totally revolutionizing it. It gives you access to an incredible standard of knowledge base that would help you create revenue-generating opportunities for your business.

Microsoft Dynamics thus aims to give you a seamless customer experience, amazing growth in your business and enable you to adapt to changes as and when they are required.

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