Advantages of programming in Angular.JS

AngularJS, a client side, open source Javascript framework was developed originally by Misko Hevery and Adam Abrons in 2009. The web application framework is now maintained by Google. The latest version of the framework is 1.3.14. The main function of this rich and powerful development framework is to create dynamic web apps. HTML is the template language and you can extend the syntax to give accurate and succinct explanations of the applications components. One of the biggest advantages of AngularJS is that you can eliminate most of the codes with it, thanks to the data binding and dependency injection capabilities. The framework is the perfect partner for any server side technology, and all these happen within the browser. Though it is a client side framework, AngularJS enables developers to write client side applications in Model View Controller (MCV).

Here are some gaps that you can hope to fill with AngularJS

Creating softwares quickly and without much issues

Every developer’s dream is to make a working application in the shortest time possible. With AngularJS , you have the ng-class directives and ng-model to cover most of the operations that you have been doing with jQuery. AngularJS just requires you have a small number of lines to do the two-way data binding and saving to the server tasks, but with jQuery, you had had to create your own object. This is indeed a big change, but in the right direction.

The software results are much easier to handle

With AngularJS, you can now make the software more ‘maintainable’, thanks to the object-oriented design that makes it easier than procedural.

Software-testing process is also quite easy with AngularJS

With this feature of having dependency injection at its core, it is now easy to test software developed with Angular JS. Now here is an even more interesting part – even the documentation on AngularJS site calls for testing at every step of the tutorial, so it is hard to miss it.

AngularJS is a declarative user interface

The framework uses HTML to define the UI of any app it is developing. HTML, being a declarative user interface is definitive less convoluted and more intuitive than when used with JavaScript. An interface written in JavaScript is less likely to break, when compared to the ones written in JavaScript. Additionally, you have the advantage of correlating many more developers when you are working with HTML.

Uses old JavaScript data models POJO

The data models used with AngularJS are the old and familiar POJO, and the advantage with it is that it does not need any additional or complicated ‘getter and setter’ functions. Hence, you can easily add and change the properties according to your project requirements directly, and loop over the arrays and objects. As AngularJS’s data models are plain, they act like a cork board; meaning they are intended to be like a storage area people where store and retrieve data.

Can address the problems in your software architecture

Web developers often face certain problems when they are creating applications. Objects that they have in the server side code are sometimes not represented by the client side code and this becomes a problem when the apps are a bit complicated. These could lead to both technological and terminology issues. For example, a “Person” object on the server cannot be talked about in the same manner in the client side, as it doesn’t look or feel that way, leading to terminology issue. This object may not be represented as code and may be hidden in the data attributes or in the inputs. But this complexity in the software architecture is easily handled with Angular JS, thanks to the presence of ng-resource.

Writing lesser code

With Angular JS, you need to write only very little code. The directives themselves are separate from app code and another team of developers can work on it in parallel and then integrate the same seamlessly, and without any problems. You can use the filters to manipulate the data on the view level without having to change the controllers.

Functions at a glance

  • Enjoy more functionality, but with less usage of codes
  • With AngularJS, you can create unit testable codes
  • The framework provides reusable components
  • The frame work can create Single Page Application that can be easily maintainable
  • AngularJS can deliver data binding capability to HTML, making it a rich and intuitive experience for the user
  • Can be run on all major browsers and smartphone devices as well, including OS that runs on Android and Apple.

The three major parts/directives of Angular JS are

  1. ng-bind – You need this directive to bind the application framework to HTML tags
  2. ng-model – You need this directive to connect the AngularJS application data values with HTML input controls
  3. g-app – Plays an important role in defining and linking your AngularJS application to HTML


Every developer wishes to create apps that would load quickly, allows for infinite scrollers, charts, multi-select options, sliders and other UI elements that would make the application easy to use. Whenever new JavaScript frameworks are released, it is natural that developers become apprehensive because they worry about frameworks that would slow them down. However, AngularJS is different. It is different because it aims to beat the capabilities and functionalities of jQuery and even jQuery UI. The initial learning phase might slow down any web developer’s job, but it is only temporary (and quite natural with any new framework). Developers can learn the trick of the game after a couple of uses and eventually, they can use the new technology to solve almost all of the problems that they used to have in their software architecture.

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