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Looking to hire good ASP.NET programmers from India? The country is still one of the major outsourcing destinations in the world, especially in terms of IT and finance.

So if you are looking to hire some good developers who are proficient in the programming language, ASP.NET, you’ve come to the right place. However, it is important to exercise some caution if you want to get the cream of the crop. This article would talk about some of the best practices in hiring good candidates.

ASPNET is a great framework with varying levels of possibilities and options. The first task is to find a good company or agency who can provide you with the desired skill.

You will definitely be able to find a developer team that actually delivers as their promise if you exercise caution and follow these tips.

1) Assessing the skill level

One of the first steps would be to ensure the team is proficient in AJAX, Silverlight, MVC, and most definitely in C#, MS SQL, VB, ASP dot Net, WPF and MS Access. The hired team must be able to provide exceptional quality programming services and deliver robust codes that can scale your website, as per your business’s requirement.

While assessing the skill level, it would be advisable to go for a developer who can do front-end as well. Such a developer would come out with the best web application.

2) Cost

The pricing for the team can be planned. The payments can be made on an hourly, weekly or monthly basis depending on the size of the project.

Some payments are made at the end of each milestone. And it was one of the crucial aspects of the hiring process. If you are going with a pro NET development company, they can present you with various hiring models, of which you can choose the one that works with your budget.

3) Knowledge of SQL Databases

The two crucial components in development process are data and databases. The ASP developer should be able to do Microsoft SQL, MySQL and Oracle in conjunction with Dot Net. A good developer will use Microsoft SQL as the database. Clear this aspect with the development company before final hiring review.

4) The support level

Determine the support level the developer team-development company can give you. Can they deliver 24/7 support? Will they reply to an email within one business day? Can they provide accurate resolutions when you are faced with an issue? Can they connect you with an expert even during off hours?

5) Experience in the industry

How many years have they been in the industry? The more the better, because they have seen and felt the pulse of the user, and can keep up with the changing taste of the customer.

6) Check for their client reviews

Testimonials would give you an idea of the ASP.NET developer you are hiring. You can learn about their on job skills, personality of the members and their punctuality and the way they approach each project.

7) Technical proficiency

Of course, who can forget this? The developer’s knowledge in C# or VB.NET is definitely a great attribute. Additionally, he can also be good in Angularjs, JavaScript, definitely the Official Microsoft ASP.NET Site, apart from other scripting languages, and for Windows applications.

8) Developer attributes

The technical proficiency must be complemented with behavioural and personality attributes. The developer must have an eye for details, and be on the trail of new technological developments in his field. He must be self- driven, self-motivated, and not afraid to take on responsibilities, and blame, if need arises.

9) Portfolio

The portfolio speaks volumes of the work they’ve done so far. This would also give you an idea of their skills and what tasks they can excel at.

10) Certification

Ideally, your ASP.NET developer should be ISO registered and completed at least CMM 3 level.

11) To ensure the team can actually work on your project

Once you’ve found a team of developers to your heart’s content, you need to ensure they would fit the project you have in mind. For that, you might have to discuss the project details, after signing an NDA of course. Then you have to discuss the pricing details and the milestones to be completed before the payment is made.

The budget and turnover time must be discussed in detail, so there will be no problem at a later time. The team must hand over the project to you, complete, with the source code. This way, you will have exclusive ownership of the project. If seen fit, you can even hire them whenever you need to update the website.

How to find good developers

a) Perusing through the various websites

There are plenty of freelance websites like Freelancer and oDesk that offers the best services for ASP.NET developers. You have a plethora of options here, and you can go through their huge reservoir of developers categorised on the basis of country, region, skills, level and years of experience and so on.

You can contact them directly. And yes, they would be working remotely, from their comfort zone, so you will have to make sure that live communication is possible through instant messaging services.

b) Recruitment agencies

Recruitment agencies let you hire coders. These coders don’t work for any particular company, so it is almost like a freelancer for you. You can hire them for a particular period, and they will be working like your staff throughout the entire project period.

c) IT staffing companies

These are somewhat different from recruitment agencies. They don’t provide just the ASP.NET developers, they can give you the entire works – equipment, staff, office space, other tools required for setting up office.

The company will have an HR who will be handpicking the talents depending on what you need for your project. The best thing about staffing agencies is that they will invariably have and huge and impressive talent pool at their disposal.

Closing thoughts

These tricks would definitely get you closer to your goal. Before investing in a development company that provides you with ASP.NET programmers from India, make sure you take the time and effort to thoroughly study them.

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