Does it make sense to do Salesforce Development in India?

You wouldn’t go back to a shop that didn’t treat you well, would you? You would like to be treated well, your needs looked after, so you can shop well. Some customers like to be left to their own devices, doing their own research and buying at their own pace. If there is a sales person keeping an eye out for you when you really don’t need any assistance can be equally irritating as not finding someone to help you when you really need some advice. Giving the right kind of treatment is so important if you want to grow successfully as a brand, and you cannot afford to leave any stone unturned, especially when customers’ needs are concerned. 

This is where Salesforce steps in!

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that helps make the customers’ journey smooth, simple and hassle-free. The tool would automate a series of processes to help manage customer interactions. With the help of this tool, you would be able to reach out to the customers and get a grip on what they need. 

You might wonder if Salesforce can help you keep a good communication balance with your customers. Or whether it makes sense to do Salesforce development. We aim to explore this aspect and more in this article, so by the end you will know whether it is the right approach for your business. 

The role of a Salesforce developer

It is the Salesforce developer who works with the Salesforce CRM platform and it works well with any platform, be it marketing, healthcare, IT, education, etc. Salesforce offers both SaaS and PaaS platforms, and provides a shared and complete view of every step in the customer journey, and helps build customer relationships. 

With the help of the tool, and the applications associated with it, you can track the customer journey with real-time analytics, making it possible for you to customise as the customer’s demands change. 

The software is perfect for both small and large businesses, thanks to its varied and customisable nature. 

Why developers prefer to become a Salesforce developer

The Salesforce developer works with the development and coding team and codes software and applications on the Salesforce platform. The developer could either be an employee in a company or work as a freelancer, and collaborates with other developers and finds solutions, devises strategies for distributing across business enterprise networks, and finds innovative methods for effective CRM workflows.

Being a Salesforce developer is often an aim for many developers, so if you are looking out for skilled developers in the CRM platform, you are in the right place. Here are some reasons why developers find the job lucrative:

Excellent earning potential

The job is highly remunerative, because it is one of the best CRM softwares presently in the market today. Many companies use the tool for maintaining and growing their customer base. 

Developers can build their skill sets

Developers have a plethora of courses to access to improve their skill sets, and the Salesforce developer can keep themselves updated with the latest trends to do a better job. There are plenty of online learning resources they can exploit and utilise, seminars and conferences to participate and attend. 

A huge community of developers

The Salesforce community of developers is certainly very welcoming and supportive. Developers can easily collaborate with other developers, and share news with each other. 

The role of Salesforce developers

The job of the Salesforce developer could be varied depending on which part of the project they are involved in. The main task would be to design and deploy software solutions through the Salesforce CRM platform and ensure that the actions they take will reflect the business goals, and relate to customer requirements. Have a look at the role they perform while working for a company:

  • To work with the rest of the team and other branches and understand business necessities and procedures
  • To use the Salesforce platform, and develop, configure and deploy a business application
  • To create, maintain and execute APEX code, Salesforce incorporation, VisualForce, etc
  • To understand the customer requirements, interpret their needs and work Salesforce creation supplies based on that. 
  • Create customer workflows, complex CRM solutions, and work with the business development teams
  • Perform testing of the applications to check coding, configuring, maintenance, installation, testing, debugging etc. 
  • Develop technical plans for the IT teams, conduct workshops and strategies 
  • Have an overview of the competitors performance in the same industry, and develop solutions for effective management.
  • To recognise the gaps in the industry and work towards resolving them

Do you need Salesforce for your business?

It does make sense to have Salesforce for your business, because the tool has helped many businesses strengthen sales, manage their customer base and grow well.  The features of this tool makes it one of the best CRM around. It can be adapted to any industry, so if you are running a small business, not to worry, it can still be the right one for you. It can also help small business owners to organise their data and manage customer requirements by streamlining different processes and automating them.This ensures everyone in the team works efficiently and consistently. 

Salesforce pricing makes it easy for small businesses to afford the tool. You can also customise the tool so if you feel there are any gaps in the workflow, that can be easily covered. Allow the tool to open new avenues for your business so your team can better use of the automation processes.

What does Salesforce have in store for you?

Check out how Salesforce can help your business:

Through Salesforce Automation Tools

There are a number of tedious tasks when it comes to customer relationship management. You can use Salesforce Automation Tools on the Salesforce Cloud to automate these tasks. 

With the help of Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Posting on social media is not an easy task at all. With Salesforce Marketing, you can automate the posts by scheduling the day and time. You can use Salesforce Pardot to create email marketing campaigns that drives results.

Using Salesforce Sales Cloud

The sales automation feature in the tool makes it easier for the sales team to automate the marketing steps. It helps them with better productivity, and performance-oriented results. 

Salesforce is great as a CRM software, and it helps you get ahead of your competition by understanding what your customers need, marketing well, and create better applications. 

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