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There are so many programming languages in the world, what is so special about Golang. And why do you need to hire a Golang Go developer in India when you have so many other equally exciting options? 

Is Golang just another one in the growing list of programming languages? We don’t think so, and we bet you wouldn’t too after you’ve checked out our reasons for supporting Go.

The history of Go

The Go programming language was developed by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson at Google in the year 2007, and it was launched in 2009. The purpose of its conception was to improve programming productivity in multicore computing with large codebases and networked machines.

What makes Go stand out from among the rest makes it special too. The aim was to design a programming language that is not only easy to use, but covers the main challenges that arise while working with intricate systems. This was the main goal of the creators of the programming language. If the developers suffered through complicated and confusing programming languages, and if the developers endured any complicated problems, the solution might take an entire day, wasting time, energy and resources. 

Go is the perfect solution to these problems. Not only does it solve all the problems developers face with traditional technology, but it is highly progressive and extremely simple. This is because it was derived from the best features of Oberon, C, Pascal programming languages. 

What the creators of Go wanted was simple. Combine the convenience of programming from an interpreted dynamically typed language with the effectiveness of statically-typed compiled language. 

Go, the name is simplicity

Go was intended to make the job of the programmer simple. This is because of the concurrency aspect of Go, this feature makes the programming language simple to use, with the best features of other programming languages. Hence, it is a concurrent, compiled, garbage-collected statically-typed language. 

Go has a very simple and relatively small syntax. Though it has been 13 years since its release, the language is still fairly simple, and it has stayed almost the same way all these years. This lack of change is what motivates developers. They love that there is only one standard code format, though huge modifications have been made in the syntax and the semantics. The code isn’t overcomplicated, and delivers the promise of compatibility. 

One of the major changes was the removal of all traces of C, and this made the language even easier to use. Developers began to fall more and more in love with the language. 

The most noted release was Go 1.5 which was released in August 2015, and had many changes made to it.

So, why do you need to hire a Golang developer

If you are planning to hire a Go developer for your business, you are in the right place. Go is becoming the most reliable, go-to choice for not just small companies, but big corporations as well. 

The critical aspects of running a business application includes speed and performance. Every company needs to impress their viewers and customers with top-notch performance, and this can be done only when your software is doing well. Creating a flawless application is no small task, and there will always be some glitch no matter how well you try. You will have to keep monitoring, then debug, maintain and upgrade the software forever. 

It would be good to have a Go developer in your team because with good software, your customers will be happy. Choosing the right technology for your software is very important because when you have a good foundation, it would be easy to scale. This is where having a good codebase is important, and that’s why you need Go. Having a Go developer is definitely advantageous to your team because you can have an app that really exhibits the results you aim for.

Here’s how that is possible

Incredible speed of deployment across platforms

Go is the right choice for rapid cross-platform development. The language is noted for its Goroutiness (Concurrency, any function or activity that executes independently and simultaneously), garbage collection, URI-based package namespacing, native compilation etc. and the code compiles to single small binary with 0 dependencies using static linking. All these features contribute to the quickness of app performance. Go is just perfect for web development. 

Perfect for creating fast and elegant CLIs

Command Line Interfaces are not like GUIs or Graphical User Interfaces, which are just text-based. CLI is used in cloud and infrastructure applications, thanks to their easy automation and remote capabilities. This would help you to build programs that wouldn’t require any existing libraries, dependencies or runtimes. Developers can build a Go program in practically no time at all, there is no need for any complicated build farms. Go performs much better than any other compiled language and they can be built quickly and portably. So if you are looking to build an application that has an immediate startup time, getting a Go developer would be the answer. 

Perfect for building and scaling cloud computing systems

When applications move into the cloud, concurrency becomes a problem. Go makes it easy to scale because it was intended for addressing these issues for scaled applications, cloud development, micro services etc. Does it surprise you to know that 75% of the projects in the CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation) are written in Go?

Go does this in an interesting way, and enables quick build times, with lower memory and CPU utilisation and of course, iterative development. 

Go helps enterprises in automation testing

Go’s networking and concurrency features work cloud deployment tools to support automation, making it the perfect choice for scaling and code maintainability when the development infrastructure scales. Go serves both Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) and Development Operations (DevOps). Once the developers start using Go, they will not want to use Python or C++.

Final Thoughts

Hiring Golang developers would give you all the advantages that we mentioned above. They can create software products and web pages quickly with the programming language. So it is important to hire Go developers if you are planning to run large operations or scale your operations. But then, it is also equally important to know if Go is suitable for your project, because it just might not be the best fit for all projects. If your application is the one that requires managing a high volume of requests, then Go is the answer. It is perfect for huge workloads. 

If your business is just starting up, or you need to create a demo for presenting before your investors, then Go might not be the answer. 

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