How Large Organizations Are Leveraging Information Technology To Grow Faster

Ever since IT came into existence, the way you conducted businesses changed drastically. It helped you serve your customers better, communicate with them better, produced better means of data mining and storing, and an elevated level of data storage.

Companies of all sizes, irrespective of whether they are just a startup or a fully functional multi-national company need Information Technology to grow and strategically plan their goals and activities. Here are some simple, but sure fire ways in which companies are leveraging IT to reach their dream of achieving better growth ratio each year:


There is nothing like teamwork and collaboration to bring about success in a team. As the team is composed of individuals, it is important they work as a single unit to realise client goals. Team collaboration becomes difficult when they are at different remote locations, so technology is the only way that will connect them continuously, and without a hitch. Because of this reason, companies incorporate a bevy of technological tools that can inspire teamwork and collaboration.

Improving efficiency of employees

Technology helps in improving the efficiency and capability of employees. You can monitor the efforts of employees on a regular basis, and this would help you utilise their talents optimally. If you feel their talent lies in a different part of the project, you can easily direct them there. It is also easy to monitor their tasks, and this helps in avoiding repetitive tasks being assigned.


IT plays an important role in promoting transparency at workplace. Transparency leads to the fostering of a culture of trust between top management, project leaders and employees. All the people, irrespective of their hierarchy must be kept in the loop of what is happening within the company – their goals and purposes. When employees are informed, they are likely to place their trust in the company, and will actively work towards the success and realisation of these goals.

Transparency leads to solid workplace relationships, breeds engaged employees who are open and honest, and will be diligent in finding solutions to problems.

Tracking and Analysing Performance

Employees are the indispensable resource within a business organisation. Their competence can grow a company and their inefficiency can lead to downfall. It is important to track and analyze the performance level of each employee so you can gauge their individual performances and contributions to the growth of the company. It is imperative to use technology to do a performance appraisal of each employee. A number of tools like WorkiQ, Time Doctor, Todosit, Trello, Asana and Desk Time are all helpful in this.

Work flexibility

Technology allows for a greater level of workplace flexibility. Your team doesn’t have to be present at the office physically to get work done. You can receive and send vital information related to wok without worrying about their safety. The increased and regular contact between team members has aided in the decision making process, overall productivity and the overall effectiveness of business.

Automating work processes

In business, you have to complete the maximum amount of work in the shortest time possible. The minimal “Time to Market” strategy you can come up with, the better it is. Automated work processes promote business growth in a number of ways. Automated communication process is a major thing because it allows for easy client interactions based on past interactions. The project status will be mailed to everyone in the team so whenever the client calls, anyone in the team will be able to give update of the project.

Information technology tools are not confined to just IT companies, they are used by every major industry in the world. Take a look at how three of top industries in the economy are leveraging IT to accelerate their growth:

Health care
Health care delivery underwent serious and long-impacting transformations through the use of IT. New levels of collecting, storing, retrieving patient data have a helped the medical community to serve their patients better and more efficiently. Technology is also used to serve patients better, to monitor their progress remotely, and to alert caregivers in case of emergency. Apart from the clinical functions, IT plays a very crucial role in the administrative process of healthcare as well.

IT helps in providing exceptional service to clients, and organisations in the hospitality industry make use of this technology to reach out faster and more promptly. They use SaaS or Software as a Service, to provide on-site support staff and technical training to ensure the best services are provided in the form of personalized stay. The data collected from the guest during the check-in process is leveraged to their best capacity to provide a complete and memorable stay based on their preferences.

Tourism industry has grown a great deal through technology. The customer receives all the information he has ever waned regarding the places he’s wanted to visit, in this manner. Businesses have begin to develop apps that assist the visitors by providing them information at their fingertips.

This proves that technology has allowed the tourism industry to grow by leaps and bounds. Hotel booking is one perfect example for this. What once took ages and ages through a series of cumbersome booking process (through telephones, emails and letters), now takes a matter of seconds (through apps).

Closing thoughts

The advent of Information technology has ushered in a new era of business. Using technology in its most current form to communicate with key people, to conduct business, interact with customers are unfolding intelligently. This would most definitely let your business wheels in motion.

Early adapters of the Information Technology are already seeing and experiencing a marked difference in their revenue, while late bloomers have also started taking advantage of the benefits offered through technology. The late entrants are happy with the way they have been able to reach out to their customers and have begun to embrace it almost fully.

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