How to create a conversion rate optimized landing page?


In the past couple of articles, we have been discussing the importance of conversion rate for your website, and how important it is to help increase your visibility. We also explained the comparison between conversion rate optimisation and search engine optimization, and which would be a good choice for you. We explained the circumstances where CRO would be appropriate and where SEO would be best utilized. With that done, it has been established that CRO and SEO have their roles in promoting your brand and your website. This article deals with more about conversion rate optimization and how you can create a landing page that attracts people and converts them. 

Importance of landing page conversions

The landing pages are very often the first point of contact between your business and a potential customer. The process of becoming a customer from a visitor is very critical, and there is every chance the visitor might just quit at the last minute. When your landing page is attractive, it will influence the visitor to browse your website, and maybe even convert.

It is very important to create a positive first impression with the landing page. It has to effectively communicate your value proposition and make it easy for visitors to navigate through and take action. Optimisation of the landing page is very important in guiding and attracting people to take the right action on your website. 

When everything is done correctly, it will increase conversions, and boost sales and the activity on your website will be quite high. If you want your visitors to complete a purchase or fill out a form, it is the way that you are optimistic that makes all the difference.

Tips on making a successful landing page optimization

So how do you make the conversion rate optimization successful? The single and most important answer to this is CLARITY. This is what matters primarily. So how do you make clarity for your landing page, so people will convert?

Clarity regarding your offer

When the visitor reaches your landing page, remind them of why they have come there in the first place. They should feel inspired by your product and services. You must have a very appealing value proposition, and it must evoke positive emotions. One obvious way to be clear about your offer would be to have very powerful headlines because that can work to incite interest and convert. 

Clarity regarding the information conveyed

If you have observed newspapers, you might see that they follow the above-the-fold rule, where you find the main headlines above the fold. Below the fold, you will have information that is of lesser importance. Whatever you are trying to promote through your website, make sure it is done above the digital fold, meaning, people shouldn’t have to scroll down to see whatever you are trying to communicate. 

Clarity about having a countdown

If you are promoting a product for a short period, and have an exciting offer, make sure to highlight the countdown period for the offer expiry. Another way of putting this would be ‘creating desire through scarcity’. When people get notified that an offer will end soon, they will perk up and even wonder whether they need to buy it. That’s something you need to cash in on. 

Clarity about the CTA buttons

It is always important to be clear about what action you want the visitors to take. Do you want them to download your free e-book or sign up for a new offer that you are planning? Be clear about that and make sure there are clear CTA (Call-to-action) buttons that they understand. You can make it plain black and white – ‘Sign up today’, ‘Get your free book today’ or something like that. Don’t let the people puzzle about what you are trying to sell. 

Clarity about the headlines

With the coming of the internet, people have lost their patience and attention span. They want information at their fingertips superfast. So that’s what you have to provide them. And this is something you can do with catchy and creative headlines. It has to be concise, informative and conversion-focused. 

These are very few of the things you should have ‘CLARITY’ about when creating the landing page. 

Things to note when the CLARITY part is clear enough

We have already established that people have short attention spans. So even if they have visited your website, there is no guarantee that they will stay back to see what you offer. Let us help demystify the process so your landing pages will be optimized to craft conversion. Follow the steps below:

Put on the customer’s shoes

Knowing your customer’s pain points is the first step in the whole landing page thing. You must understand their requirements, their anxieties and understand what they need before proclaiming solutions. Go through their journey first and then you will be able to understand what they need. 

Messages that jolt them to action

Since you have already understood that headlines are important, make sure to create compelling headlines that grab attention instantly. The headlines must be action-oriented, and they must attract them in the first few seconds. 

Pop-ups that they cannot resist

If nothing else has captured the attention of the visitor, and they are just about to exit, you can capture them with an irresistible pop-up. The pop-ups should have strong visuals and catchy headlines with a quick and attractive CTA. The visitor must want to click on it.

Shorter form length

The length of the form is very important. Forms play an important role in generating leads, but remember to use fewer form elements, and collect only the important, required information because that will capture leads more accurately. It would also save time and resources on follow-up costs. 

Optimizing the design and layout

The design and layout are other important aspects that you should look out for. The landing page should be visually appealing, distinctive in its content, and must be easy to navigate. To make the page visually appealing, you have to avoid cluttering it with too many graphics and images. Just the relevant information, with plenty of guidance markers like arrows and buttons, would be sufficient. Leave white space so the visitors will not be overwhelmed by information. 


A good web development team from a software development company would be able to create the most stunning landing pages and optimize them for conversions. They will make sure that your landing pages are not cookie-cutter pages, but unique and distinctive in all respects. And above, it is very important to remember to have quick-loading pages. Whatever features are added to the landing page, they shouldn’t cause the pages to load slowly. That would be a clear disadvantage. 

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