How to drive website visitors to a blog

It is the dream of every online marketer to improve the page ranking of his website and attract as much visitors as he possibly can. But the challenge increases every month and the dream of improving page ranking remains a dream, because as soon as you try to achieve your nearest goal, your competition would reach a step ahead. The blog or website will get enough visitors only if there is something unique for its visitors. As long as you deliver the same old wine in a new bottle your number of visitors would dwindle. So give them fresh content, and they would keep flocking over to your website. Here are some tips on how to do it.

Commenting, slow but effective

When you create a blog post, try to generate as much comments as you can. The more quality comments you are able to generate, the more people would be interested in your post. Mere comments like “nice”, “good” wouldn’t work because you need something good and solid if you want people in. All other comments would read like a spam. Comments would help you create backlinks that would build traffic to your blog.

Maintaining relationship with other bloggers

If you want people to comment on your website, then you must visit other people’s blogs and comment on them. Regular commenting (not just praising, but critical appraisal) would help you develop a good relationship with the blogger and when you create backlinks to your blogs from their blogs, then it is like doing a mutual help. That person would also comment on your blog and create backlinks to his/her website. Develop good relations with bloggers and it would help you in the long run.

Social bookmarking websites

If you are looking for really effective and result-oriented websites to drive traffic into your website, then consider StumbleUpon and Reddit. As long as you have quality posts, you don’t have to worry about driving traffic through social bookmarking websites.


If you have the budget, then you can stretch it a bit and advertise. This would help you attract more visitors to your websites and help you build your brand. There are several paid channels that you can use to build your blog, and some of them are really good. As long as you have good keywords, you can always attract people to come. The competition for keywords is definitely very fierce. But using it judiciously and sensibly does the trick. You may know by now that cramming your blog with keywords is not advisable at all because it is going to be considered as spam by all the major search engines.

Post only good quality content

There is no point in starting a blog just because your competitor started one. Your blog should be much better than that and contain only high quality posts because you need people to subscribe to your blog and read them regularly. If the content is poor there is no point in posting it online because it would only do more damage than good. If you are not able to post standard content 5 days a week, then make it a weekly post and slowly increase the quota.

Be a social media user

So now that you have good content, how do you let people know that you run a blog? Advertising is a good option and so is social media. You can use the social media channels in your website to increase the traffic to your blog. As long as you are proactive and you produce great content, there will be readers. These readers would “like” and “share” your posts and increase its popularity.

On-page SEO is very much alive

Did you ever think that SEO is dead? It is very much alive and running quite actively and you must take care to create good internal links and meta descriptions for your content. On-page SEO can really help boost your organic traffic.

Guest blogging is still very much alive

Contrary to what might people might say or do, guest blogging is still popular and a very good method of driving traffic into your website. But the blogs that allow guest posting have changed their rules and you must be aware of the new rules and act accordingly or you will be called a spam author and denied entry.

Referral links are quite effective

This can be quite tedious and time consuming but if you are able to create links that direct to your website, you have won half the game. But then your post has to be worth it.

Linked In is the best resource

Millions of people depend on LinkedIn to progress their job. They see it as a good platform to meet prospective employers or even partners. LinkedIn has evolved to be one of the biggest social network where professionals meet, so if you can direct your visitors in LinkedIn to visit your website through good content, it would be just perfect.

Schema Microdata

Search engines would find it easier to find and index your web pages, if you implement Schema Microdata in your SEO campaign. With this, you can create attractive snippets that would attract more people to your website.

Using internal links

While creating and publishing content, remember to create internal links; keep an eye on which all portions of your content would be requiring this. This is also a major part of SEO campaigning.
Finally, increase the credibility of your blog posts by interviewing the experts
While creating content for your website, make sure your facts are supported by the thought leaders in the industry. You can get in touch with them through emails and request to interview them; most people agree to the interview. This can improve the quality and credibility of your posts as well.

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