How to find a 10x developer

How to find a 10x developer

You would have heard about 10x developers. In case you’re unfamiliar with it, here’s what it means. 10x developers are professionals who are 10 times more productive than average developers with equal expertise in the software development industry. They can usually complete the coding tasks assigned to them noticeably faster than others.

Despite the many controversies surrounding 10x developers, they exist in the industry. Identifying them and knowing what makes them 10x are the questions in your mind, right? In this article, you will learn about the topic in detail. Here are some of their features to help you identify them.

Ways to identify them

The concept of 10x developers is popular in the industry, and many companies are looking for them. Also, programmers themselves are striving to become one. They can become more proficient in everything they do through a variety of productivity-boosting methods and principles. There are some facts about 10x programmers you can use to identify them. It includes the following.

  • Avid learners
  • Team players
  • Strong problem solvers
  • Aware of business value
  • Optimised workflow
  • Take responsibility and ownership

1. Avid learners

As said earlier, they are 10 times more productive at work. To be productive and perform excellently, they should have confidence in their skills, knowledge, and mastery of the programming languages. You know that the tech industry is constantly changing and evolving. So, they must be avid learners and stay updated on the latest developments and trends. 

They will have a strong foundation in the programming language they work with. It means a thorough understanding of the syntax, semantics, and best practices of the language. Those who have confidence in their abilities as software designers, developers, and programmers, as well as the ability to do it well and faster than others, can be considered 10x programmers. You can identify them while hiring through interviews by checking whether they are avid learners.

2. Team players

They will be great team players and will see themselves as one of their equally skilled teammates. Instead of criticising and judging underperforming team members, they would share their knowledge and expertise with their professional and social circles to help them improve. So they will have great clarity about the domain they are in and will definitely grow and reach their goals. They will be open to constructive criticism and will try to learn and improve from others. 

Maintaining solid relationships with other programmers and their work ethic will set them apart from other developers. They will be active listeners and empathetic to other team members so that they can solve any issues that may arise together and maintain good teamwork. They can improve the workplace so that they and others can be productive and truly efficient. 

3. Strong problem solvers

Usually, developers will face complex problems and challenges. So they require strong problem-solving skills to overcome these obstacles and produce high-quality code. 10x programmers will be excellent problem solvers who examine problems from various perspectives and consider multiple solutions before deciding on the best one. What they do is break down complex problems into smaller, more manageable tasks so that they can get them done faster. 

4. Aware of business value

10x programmers will be aware of the business value of their work. They will write code that works well and positively impacts the company. It will contribute to the achievement of the company’s goals and objectives. They will try to regularly communicate with stakeholders and team members to understand their needs and priorities. As they develop the solutions, they will focus on making them practical, scalable, and simple to maintain.

5. Optimised workflow

10x developers will have an optimised work process. They will put their attention where it is needed, minimise potential distractions, and use efficient practices and tools. To be efficient, they will find out what slows them down in the process, whether it’s unclear software specifications, poor team communication, or anything else, and eliminate or solve it. 

  • They will be comfortable taking on the job that everyone else will be afraid of and will manage to present high-quality results quickly. 
  • They will have brilliant ideas for allocating their time and making the best use of their mental and physical resources. 
  • They can help you navigate large amounts of code more efficiently, speeding up the coding process. 
  • As a result, they can accomplish more each day without overworking themselves.

6. Take responsibility and ownership

As mentioned earlier, they will not be afraid to take on complex projects and responsibly deliver the output. You can look for programmers who are comfortable with doing so, i.e, taking ownership of the projects they are involved in. It makes them go beyond their comfort zones, which increases their productivity exponentially.

So, finding 10x developers as well as being one is a daunting task. But it is not impossible to find them, as they exist on the planet. If you check whether programmers have the above mentioned qualities, you can hire them. It is their dedication, hard work, and willingness to learn that make them 10 times more productive.  

There are different perspectives on the concept of 10x developers. Super-productive and extra-efficient programmers do exist, whether you believe in them or not. Their innate talents and inclinations may be responsible for some of their skills. It is possible for them to achieve this level of expertise and become a valuable asset to any development team with the right mindset and approach.

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