How to find experienced ASP.NET MVC developers in India

Finding ASP.NET developers is a more than possible task. There are many developers all over India, who are very well versed in the technology.

Also MVC is a technology which is used by many programmers nowadays to create great web applications.

When it comes to senior developers with more than 6 years’ experience, the picture still looks good, but it might not be possible to find enough experts in one’s own city or region.

Therefore, it becomes necessary to hire from other places as well and take other measures to find good people.

In this post some tips are mentioned on how to find the right candidates in ASP.NET.

1) Candidates from other cities

If we only look at our own city or region, we might have only a restricted number of people, who could qualify for our open position in ASP.NET MVC.

But if we look at other cities too, like Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Pune and the other major and minor IT destinations in India, then the picture starts to look better.

All these cities have great developers in ASP.NET. Some might have not opted yet for an opportunity in Kochi, Kerala. But with some persuasion it could be possible to get people from other cities and states to move to Kerala.

Anyways there are some advantages of being in Kerala:

  • Shorter and faster travel distances: For example, in Bangalore it can take more than 3 to 4 hours to cover a short distance of 15 Kilometers. In Cochin it is possible to reach a place within 30 Minutes.
  • Cleaner air: Kochi has a relatively better environment than other major cities in India. Delhi is very polluted and they have implemented even to have only some cars travel on their roads, according to the day and also according to the number plate. Due to its proximity to the sea, there is always fresh air.
  • Proximity to the beach: Kochi is very near to the coastal line and has therefore many beaches. It just takes about 45 Minutes from the city to reach one of the better beaches in Kerala, that being Cherai Beach.
  • Tourist destination: Kochi and Kerala are attractive holiday destinations for India and foreigners. More and more people are attracted of the natural beauty of Kerala and decide to have their vacation here.
  • Living cost: The living cost is much lesser than in cities like Bangalore, Delhi and similar cities. In Kochi it is possible to get a decent apartment for 10’000 Rs. Whereas that would be difficult in the major cities.

Here also the overview per city:

Tier 1 cities:

Bangalore: There are more than 5500 profiles of ASP.NET MVC developers, with more than 6 years’ experience, in that city alone. It should be possible to convince at least some people of those to move to Kochi.

Chennai: 3300 profiles for ASP.NET MVC developers can be seen in this city. Due to its historical relationship with Kerala, it might be easier to convince them to come here.

Hyderabad: 3700 profiles can be found in Hyderabad. As it is a bit far away from Kerala, there might be some reluctance to move to Kerala. But still the chances are high that some people might come here.

Delhi: Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR) boast of a whopping 5700 profiles with more than 6 years of experience in ASP.NET. Delhi is one of the most polluted cities in the world. And that might be an argument for people to move to a greener and more environmentally stable place, like Kerala.

Mumbai: Mumbai is not as known for IT as Chennai or Hyderabad. But still it is having almost 3200 profiles.

Tier 2 cities:

Ahmedabad: It is one of the upcoming cities. It has 581 profiles. The city has no specific ties to Kerala. It might be still be possible to make people move from there, if they are not permanently settled there.

Coimbatore: Coimbatore is very near to Kerala. It hosts 175 ASP.NET MVC developers with more than 6 years of experience.

Kolkata: In IT, Kolkata is rather unknown. Still it is one of the bigger Tier-2 IT cities in India. It has 829 profiles, which is quite a large number.

Trivandrum: It is the capital city of Kerala and situated in the south tip of the state. It has 240 profiles. Which is a surprise, as it is much lessen than Kochi. Whereas Trivandrum is the state’s most famous IT destination.

2) Networking with ASP.NET developers

There are several ways to get into contact with ASP.NET developers. Here are some ways:

a) Attending ASP.NET conferences and meetings

There will be ASP.NET conferences going on in different cities and venues. Taking part in those events will help to get to know about the latest trends. And most importantly to get to know ASP.NET developers who could be interested in joining your team or who might know people who would like to join.

b) Holding ASP.NET conferences and meetings

Is some cases there will be no conferences or meetings in a specific city. This could have different reasons. May be the previous conferences have not been continued, as there was a lack of interest in the event. Or no one has ever come up with the idea to hold an ASP.NET conference in that specific city or region.

In this case it could make sense to create own conferences and meetings.

c) Social media

Nowadays almost everyone is online. And of those, most are using social media to connect to each other. This is very powerful, because it is very easy to share updates to a very large number of people.

Especially LinkedIn can be mentioned in this context. Sharing updates about job postings can lead to a lot of people seeing it.

Furthermore, on LinkedIn it is very easy to connect to ASP.NET Developers. Just go to the respective company groups in LinkedIn of the different companies in your city and region and start connecting with the developers in these companies. Most of them will add you back. And once you start sharing updates, also those developers will get to know about those. For example, new job openings.

d) Joining online groups and forums

There are several online groups and forums, which deal with ASP.NET. The chances are high to find good developers there. The only question is on how to communicate with them, if the person joining the group is not a technically oriented guy. In this case it is only of some value to be connected there.

Still it could be great to post some interesting questions on those groups and forums, so as to create discussions. This is also a way to get visibility among the developers.

3) Asking ASP.NET developers who already work in the company for referrals

This can also be a good way of finding suitable candidates. Usually ASP.NET developers know other developers working in the same field. It makes sense, as they have a tendency to connect with likeminded people so as to get new information on the subject matter.

Asking these people for referrals can be an effective way to find suitable candidates. Also because they are somewhat “pre-screened” by the referrer itself.

The best thing to incentivize this, is to offer referral bonuses. For example, the developer could be paid an amount, if the candidate which is suggested, joins the company.

4) Using job portals

We all know about Naukri and Monster. But there is a plethora of other job portals out there. One is for example, Here a lot of experienced programmers can be found. The postings are free to a certain amount.

Similarly, there are many other job portals which can give more exposure to the job openings.


Finding experienced ASP.NET MVC developers with more than 6 years’ experience is a possible task. Some or all of the tips mentioned here in this article could be used to find the right candidates.

Which ways to find suitable experienced ASP.NET experts would you suggest? Looking forward to an interesting discussion.

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The author: Sascha Thattil works at which is a part of the YUHIRO Group. YUHIRO is a German-Indian enterprise which provides programmers to IT companies, agencies and IT departments.

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