How to get Shopware Developers in India

Shopware is an online platform focusing on the stimulation of customer experience by giving them the best of online shopping experience. Hence, Shopware CMS is a comprehensive, open-source, highly adaptable content management system trusted by the world’s trusted brands to help them create a niche of their own in the world of digital commerce. Shopware has been around for several years, and it is still widely used because it is the future of ecommerce. 

Why get Shopware developers?

There are plenty of excellent resources from where you can hire Shopware developers. GitHub, LinkedIn, Stack Overflow are just a few of those. You can choose between going for a freelance team, or employing a team from a software development company for a short-term period until you make the migration to Shopware. This is why you need a credible team, to worth with you through the migration and the support afterwards.

Before getting into the topic of why you need Shopware developers, it is important to know why you need to have Shopware to stand unique in the highly competitive and cut-throat competitive world. 

Shopware is

1. Open-Source

Shopware is open source, and it operates under the MIT license, Being Open-Source, you have access to a huge collection of plugins in the Community store. You can pick whatever plugin you need, make changes to it as per requirement, and use it for your projects. It is also possible to add the plugins, and add them as extensions to the existing plugins.

2. CMS & Commerce combo

With Shopware, you have all the freedom in the backend to create website pages and maintain it, with minimal support. The CMS for Shopware is all encompassing so you can easily create the pages based on different categories, and plan SEO based campaigns through landing pages created with SEO based URL. There are plenty of pre-configured content items that you can use to develop your CMS website pages, use all the standard content components and create an online shopping platform that can help you generate customized content, create multiple versions of the CMS page, set which version you want the visitor to see in the online shop, and monitor and enhance throughout. 

3. Smooth internalization is possible

With an online store, it is important to have multiple stores, multiple payment gateways, multi-language content and support and a horde of other features. With Shopware, you can enable smooth internalization among all these. With the multiple stores feature in Shopware, you can make use of the tools that help in managing them online. By enabling your online store in multiple languages, you can feature the front end and the admin end in any language, but choose to display one particular language for the front store. 

Similar is the case for payment gateways because there are multiple gateways and they must be integrated well to conform to customer’s preferences. With Shopware this can be easily integrated because with the help of a plugin manager, you can include multiple payment providers with varying preferences, and configure it in the backend. 

4. Excellent business evolution opportunities for retailers

With Shopware, there are all inclusive commerce solutions for all multifaceted and complex business challenges. This platform aims at the smooth functioning of any type of sales channels, by planning individual business models where retailers can define their own conditions and rules in managing their data in the online store.

5. Easy integration with 3rd Party services

Retailers can define the finest user experience with Shopware API integration, and upgrade or scale your services to take your next level of scaling up. There are a number of third-party integrations in Shopware like payment integrations, shipping integrations, ERP/CRM integrations, accounting integrations and so on. 

These are just a few of the benefits of setting up a Shopware platform.

Benefits of hiring shopware developers from India

India is a good resource for tapping Shopware developer talents. Here’s how you can make the best of it:

1. Let the store reflect your personality

There is no doubt that your shop is a reflection of your brand, and how others perceive it. With an online store, this takes on a whole new meaning  and personality when you have the right platform to create it. With Shopware developers you can avail the benefits of the platform and the developers would be able to uphold the purpose of your online store while designing the theme and look of your e-commerce.

2. Make your customers experience something different

There is an incredible resource for plugins development and customisation, it is possible for the developers to create a variety of features, depending on what you want the customers to experience. With each custom-built plugin that your developer will be using, you can create anything, from trial rooms to multitude of payment options, anything is possible. 

3. Trustfully place your business on autopilot 

With Covid 19, businesses have been looking forward to reaching out to their customers through online platforms. So there has been a demand for developers with knowledge of this technology. Once your business reaches a certain level, it is important to put it on autopilot, so you can focus on other aspects of business.

4. Experienced team of developers to migrate quickly

If you are looking to revamp the old and existing legacy e-commerce platforms, then shifting to Shopware with the help of developers having experience in migration  would be the most suitable strategy, because you need to be more competitive and responsive in this hyper aggressive world of e-commerce. Shopware lets you have an impressively flexible and scalable e-commerce solution, so your team of developers would clean up the legacy system module by module and replace them with new services and micro services. 

5. Moving up to the cloud will be a breeze

You need an incredible team when you are moving up to the cloud, and the move has to be done seamlessly. The team would help you migrate the data intuitively, consider the best strategy to make the migration, and it has to be done with security, sustainability and the right migration path. 


It is imperative to shift to Shopware to help create innovative customer experiences, and hiring an excellent team from India is just half the job done. Once they analyze your requirements, they would follow up the best plan to provide you with a highly adaptable e-commerce solution that will imprint your space in the digital commerce world with great emphasis. A good team would help the platform shift seamlessly without any hitch or hiccup.

With a skilled developer team from India, you can get the job done in the fastest time possible, with the best results and focus on result-oriented growth. They have the experience and are more receptive to what the client requirements would be in the ecommerce segment.  

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