How To Strengthen The Bond Between The Employees And The Company

Treat your employees well and they will treat your company well!
The stronger the bond you are able to maintain with your employees, the stronger the bond they cultivate with your company and your customers. Having a strong bond with your employees don’t mean you give them a gym, a Ping-Pong table and free food; it goes beyond all that. Generating an ambience of positivity will make the workplace a happy place and you will enjoy more productivity and the loyalty of your employees in return.

Here are some simple ways by which you can strengthen the bond you have with your employees

Strengthening the bond can be done anywhere – it can be when you are out in the field with them, at workplace or where you have arranged leisure activities with them. Lets explore some of them here:

Plan get-togethers to celebrate milestones

Indulge in get-together celebrations where you can celebrate the milestones achieved by your employees. Or set aside a day where you can acknowledge and congratulate all your employees who have achieved milestones in a particular month. This gives something for the employees to look forward to, and is highly motivational.

Relaxation time through outings

All play and no work, makes Jack a dull boy! Whether it is a child or an adult, the same thing applies in a workplace too, even if not in the same frequency. You must put aside some time every month as relaxation time. It can be a monthly fun party or an outing twice in a month or so. The outing can be to a nearby resort where you and your team can chill for a day, talk, relax and have a drink or two. Perhaps you can try a different culture for each outing and try different cuisines as well. This will create bonding with your employees, and something they will begin to look forward to. Make the outing unique and different as much as possible. You can incorporate activities, music and even family once or twice a year. You can even set aside a few hours to get to know your employers outside of their work; in short, stop acting as a boss and start acting like a leader.

Everybody likes a little game time

Indulge in game time with your employees and you can see how far it goes in strengthening the bond you have with your employees. Every week or fortnight, you can gather in a park nearby and play lawn and board games.

Family dinners

Plan family dinners with your employees once in 6 months or so, even if you are not celebrating any milestone. Get to know your employees and their families outside of their workplace. Once in a while, you can plan events like karaoke and singing competitions where the children of the employees can exhibit their talents.

Check “What’s On My Plate”

Every week, the whole team can meet and compare notes on what they have completed the previous week, and others can give inputs and suggestions to ensure the project gets completed on time. This is not micromanaging, but a friendly meeting where positivity plays a significant role.

“I am the bartender this week”

Plan a cocktail party with your employees and forget you are the boss. Each week, you or an employee in your team can act as a bartender and everyone can grab a drink or two together. You can also discuss the current events at the company, achievements and goals. Create a casual atmosphere to get to know your employees better. They might even tell you facts and figures that they hesitate to tell you at work.

Plan cycling marathons

Choose a great countryside and go on cycling marathons for a good social cause. This will not only help generate bonding between you and your employees but you are also doing something for your society in return. An activity that is definitely good for your health.

You can strengthen the bond while you are with them at workplace too. Here’s how you can do them

Keep those communication lines open

Most of the time, the relationship hindering factor is wrong or no communication at all with your employees. So create a work environment where your employees are able to speak openly with you. If possible, you can open online chat lines with your employees because sometimes, people like to communicate certain stuff over chat rather than in person.

Respecting is the trick to get them in hand

Respect everyone; whether it is your subordinate at work or a child you see on the road, everyone commands respect. When you treat people with respect, you get that in return. Respect your employees and strengthen the bond you have with them. If you have a problem with one of them, don’t berate them in front of the others; call him/her to your office and speak kindly.

Sharing the revenue when you reap profits

You know that it is partly your employee’s handiwork that’s brought you an increased ROI. So don’t you think they deserve a share of the profit as well? If you feel it is not time for a raise, you can always give them a bonus when you receive a fat paycheck from a client. Money is always an incentive for work to get done. When you give them incentives this way, you are only motivating them to work honestly and truthfully.

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