These are ideal places in Cochin to start an office

Starting an office in Cochin would be a good idea, keeping in mind the fact that there are plenty of good locations in the city. Cochin is one of the fastest developing cities in India and with the proposed metro coming up, the demand for Cochin is only going to reach higher. Starting an office in Cochin or expanding to Cochin would require cold hard planning and one of the first things that you must consider is the location. Certain areas in Cochin have passed their development stage, but there are still many areas that would be ideal as an office environment.

Starting an office

Here are a few things to remember regarding the location while opening an office in Cochin

  • The location must help you build the brand

Brand building starts with location. So make it easily accessible for walk-in clients. Creating a professional look with your location choice is equally important.

  • Aesthetic designs

The office must be incorporated with ergonomic and aesthetic designs in order to impress clients. Convenience and modernity are factors while designing and choosing the furniture for your office space.

  • A strong impression

First impression stays forever, and this goes for your location choice as well.

  • Ease and affordability

In certain areas of Cochin, accessibility is a problem. Ensure the office is easily accessible so your clients can just get to you with simple directions. Maintaining a physical office is a running expense as each day goes by. So make sure you are able to afford it.

  • Identifying the best locations in Cochin

Keeping in mind, the above points, we can look at some of the ideal office locations in Cochin


Thanks to its strategic location in the northern suburb of Cochin, Kalamassery presents a good location for starting an office. It is also possible to get huge office space, discounts on server space and even facility for virtual office when you are looking at Kalamassery. Traffic could be a bit congested in the peak time but you have the advantage of being nearer to the airport. IT parks like Infopark are located at Kalamassery so if you want to start an office in Cochin, it would be the best place to choose. Ample parking facilities are also provided within each complex. Location around the Infopark is also in huge demand. Kalamassery is close to the Collectorate as well.

MG Road

M.G Road in Cochin was one of the most happening areas, and though it slackened a bit for a brief spell, with the coming of the proposed metro things are going to look better in the area. The office rent may be a bit higher because of the metro, but it is still the most coveted place in Cochin to have an office. Having an office in M.G Road is a prestigious affair because it is one of the glorified places in the city. Transportation facilities are remarkable because you have proximity to north and south railway stations, bus stations, boat jetty and hospitals. Several new shops and malls have recently come up in the area, making M.G Road an all encompassing area.


Having an office in Kakkanad area would give you comparatively low rents when compared to other areas of Cochin. The area also has the added advantage of being near government offices and hospitals. Several IT parks are nearby and so you will have plenty of choices when you are looking for a new office space. Another thing that people like about Kakkanad is that it is much less congested here than in the city. You can turn that as a disadvantage as well, especially if you need to get to the main part of the city every now and then. Crossing over to the city can be hard because you will be in traffic most of the time.


The main advantage of Palarivattom is that it is within the city and quite near metro, with easy hospital access. The international stadium where events are held is also near. The placement of Palarivattom is such that it facilities quick movement to other parts of the city – Vytilla, Kadavantra, Kaloor, NH Bypass, Lulu Shopping Mall and places of worship are within easy travelling distance.


Vytilla is another major spot for businesses and offices. Thanks to the proximity to bus stations, South railway station and metro rail, it would be easy for people coming from other towns to get easy access to the city.

Marine Drive area

Nothing beats the beauty of Cochin’s marine drive. The beauty of Marine Drive is legendary and it has been attracting people not only for tourism purposes, but for business ventures as well. If you set up an office in Marine Drive area, you can enjoy good business possibilities in Banerjee road. The business complexes at Marine Drive have ample parking facilities as well. Additionally, having an office at Marine Drive leads to access to metro, south railway station and Vallarpadam container terminal – for shipping goods and water transportation


Cochin has thus evolved to be the ideal destination for opening new business ventures and industries. In keeping with the success saga of the city, many multinational companies have already opened their offices here. Attracting a large number of investors from all over the world, Cochin has tagged itself to be a brand synonymous with business, success and culture. The abundance of skilled labour and educated youth has added to the success of Cochin. The city is safer and more secure when compared to major metro cities of India.

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