Ionic Developers: how to find really good one’s

Mobile app development is a whole new world, and a challenging one at that. It is through a good and functional mobile app that businesses relate to their customers successfully.

 Building significant customer experience through these apps makes a whole lot of difference between your business being there and not there. For a customer to open an app and navigate through it, it has to function optimally on all platforms. This is where Ionic app development comes in. 

What is Ionic app development?

Ionic app development has been around for some time. It was created in 2013 as an open source SDK for building hybrid mobile apps. It has a library of native components for building iOS and Android, and developers can make use of the platform-specific UI elements from it. There are a number of other advantages that prompts businesses to hire ionic app development. Let’s go through some of those:

Lets you build mobile apps for different platforms

Businesses no longer have to hire native app developers for building mobile apps catering to different platforms. Ionic, built on Angular framework and Apache Cordova session HTML 5, CSS and Javascript as its core technologies. This lets you save a lot of money on app development and codebase maintenance. 

Easy to hire developers for your project

Using Ionic as your mobile app development tool gives you a lot of options when it comes to hiring developers. Front end developers are the third largest group of all developer groups, according to a Stack Overflow survey. And Ionic uses the most popular programming language, Javascript, making it easier for developers. 

Tool integration and plugin availability

If developers would like to explore even further with their applications, they can always integrate Ionic with numerous tools. Ionic contains a whole list of technologies to integrate it with, apart from analytical instruments, security, testing tools, payment systems and so on. There are plenty of plugins too but several of them are available only as part of the Enterprise version of Ionic, and that requires payment of the Premier version. 

An impressive collection of UI elements

Ionic is fully capable of speeding up the process of app development with UI logic and giving that native look and feel without extra expenses. It’s excellent UI components library gives the look and feel of native applications. It is also possible to access the code of UI components and change the working of an element. Developers can add animation, scrolling, and rearrange the order of items, apart from other features. 

Excellent prototyping capabilities

Developers can utilise the ready-made UI elements to create prototypes of future applications in an incredibly short time. There is a tool known as Ionic Creator to make the prototypes. This is only for creating interactive prototypes, but you cannot develop a whole app with it. 

The popularity of Ionic is mainly because of the popularity of Angular Js framework. Just having a responsive website is simply not enough because developers need to activate the offline mode of application by enabling file storage outside of the browser ecosystem. For this, the developer will have to add the Ionic plugin to provide access to the file system of the device. 

How to find a good Ionic app developer? 

The success of the project lies on the shoulders of experienced Ionic developers. There are plenty of Ionic developers in the community forums and you can search for them online. They support each other, but companies ensuring to make an excellent hire can partner with a reputed software development company. The developers would be thoroughly vetted for their skills and expertise, so companies do not have to waste time searching for one. 

Finding an Ionic developer through community forums may not be an easy task as there will be hundreds of developers, and when pressed for time, the choice may not prove to be a wise one. 

There is a vibrant community of thousands of developers from more than 200 countries, and there are community-driven events that let the developers engage with each other, learn and grow. 

You don’t have to spend quality time sourcing quality candidates when you can get the talent to work for you remotely, in a matter of days. 

It is possible to find really good ionic developers remotely from a company that’s thoroughly vetted through the following processes:

Manual profile screening – Even though there are automatic screening procedures, the final screening should be done manually. Thousands of developers may apply, so only through manual screening can the real talent be brought forward. 

Coding challenge – Technical assessments to gauge the developer’s skillset and expertise would help the reviewer to understand the capabilities and the extent to which they would be able to work. 

One-to-one interview – The assessments would lead to a face to face interview with the developer to understand their communication skills, fluency in English and other languages and their character/personality.

Evaluating technical skills – Evaluating the technical brilliance of the developer by senior developers to know their strengths and weaknesses. 

Final review – The vetting process will be completed only through these stages, followed by a final review to know the actual capabilities of the developer. When you hire a developer, it would be ideal to go through these processes, or make sure the candidates go through these processes by the software development company that you engage with. 

Since the overwhelming support that an Ionic developer gets from the huge community of developers, your developer will never get stuck as there will always be someone around to help. Ionic is not open-spruce and hugely pervasive, so there is no chance of being stuck in a project. The experience of the developer with Xcode, Mac OS X and Android Studio will help you develop apps that fulfil business needs. There are different scenarios through which you can hire developers:

Fixed period – This is suitable for entrepreneurs and startups because there will be a fixed time-period, and ideal for medium to large projects. 

Pay as you go resources – This pricing model is suitable for small and medium startups that don’t have huge resources at first to invest, but prefers a pay as you go model. 

For evolving project requirements – This model is more suitable for enterprises where the project requirements are likely to evolve. There will be an IT infrastructure just for the project, so this will be more ideal for large enterprises. 


Ionic app development is a unique way through which application development can be done, by leveraging the power of the web. This removes the disparities involved with traditional app development. Hiring a good developer team and working with the skills that are already in your organisation will help you release incredible, native-built mobile and desktop apps. Once you send out the details of developers as per your requirements – experience, skills, domain, expertise and so on, you can hire them, and using the hiring model of your choice, make the final selection. 

You can discuss development specifics with them, and get started. Ionic is a great solution for small and medium sized businesses, and in certain cases for big enterprises also. Companies like IBM, Microsoft, CAT, etc use Ionic for their software solutions. 

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