Magento Development in India: why you should do it

Did you know? Magento development is really popular for building ecommerce websites. There is a reasonable demand for Magento developers too, especially developers from India because they can build and maintain incredible websites that run on Magento. 

What is Magento development?

Magento is an effective CMS framework that lets you build scalable, resilient e-commerce websites, and it comes with a variety of features and advantages that will let you build unique websites that cater to specific requirements. Developers can add to the website because Magento is open source, and customised to suit each businesses’ needs and functions. Here are the features of Magento at a glance:

Open-source – Magento is readily available to developers around the world, and they can build commercial websites with multiple functions. 

Flexibility – Magento is highly flexible so developers can easily effortless customise online products, shopping carts and other features 

Highly responsive – Magento lets you build highly scalable and responsive websites that would be suitable for any kind of business.

A single backend for multiple storefront – Magento has a feature that allows developers to add shopping stores with thousands of products and catalogues to the website. This gives a uniform shopping experience to everyone. 

Magento is SEO optimised – Magento comes with several in-built SEO features so you can make use of them to optimise the website for search engines. 

Third-party software integration – Magento Marketplace is the platform where developers can share their language packages, open-source extensions and themes. This lets you integrate your online shopping platform with all the major third-party platforms like Ebay, PayPal, Google Shopping, Google Analytics and so on. 

Multilingual and Multi-currency – Magento supports multiple languages and multiple payment methods. 

These are just a few of the reasons why you should invest in Magento Development for your e-commerce websites. 

Magento Development in India

India is a great resource for Magento developers, and you will find exceptionally good talent here. Magento demands proper coding and extensive research, and only a team of highly skilled developers would be able to provide what you are looking for. 

Magento is one of the widely used platforms around, and thousands of small business and online business owners rely on it to conduct their business seamlessly and successfully. It allows business owners to sell their products and services without any trouble, track orders, conduct and manage inventory and integrate with several kinds of accounting systems and payment platforms.

Check out some reasons why hiring Magento developers in India would take your business to the next level

1. Talent and experience at your disposal

It is easy to get highly experienced developers in India. You can easily create websites with customer centric features and build them with sophisticated tools that would make your shop look unique and user-friendly. They wouldn’t hesitate to experiment and come up with unique ideas that would make your website and shop stand out. 

2. They update themselves on the latest trends in the market

Developers who want to grow will always keep themselves updated on the latest trends so they can apply those in their works, and make sure they stay ahead in competition. They sharpen their technical skills  so their works will always be at par with the best. 

3. The developers in India have high coding quality

For your online shop to function at its best, you need to have high quality coding that no hacker can hack or abuse. 

4. Effective utilisation of resources

One of the main reasons why you need an Indian Magento developer in your team is that you have someone who knows the best tips and trends, and an expert who can make effective utilisation of resources. This will help the developer team to deliver great outcomes. 

5. Minimise the risks in the development process

Magento developers from India can study the risks carefully and implement the best practices for your project. They are knowledgeable in the business side of the project too. 

6. Support, promised and fulfilled

Another good thing about hiring Magento developers from India is that they provide technical support whenever you need them. They never wash their hands off a project and are always ready to help with any glitches along the way, and improve the project. 

If you have an e-commerce web development project, it is imperative to get it done in Magento, and make use of the resources available through the talented Magento developers in India. Magento is still the first choice for e-commerce development across the world. 

Have a look at some of the major reasons why Magento is always the top choice among companies

Magento is SEO friendly

Every online business dreams of making it big in the online world. And this is possible only through SEO optimisation. Getting visibility through proper SEO will bring thousands of visitors and loyal customers. Magento is SEO friendly and it supports URL structure, metadata, tags, descriptions, sitemaps, URL rewrites, positioning layer, etc. Websites built on Magento is likely to rank higher on the SERP. 

Highly scalable websites

Every online business needs to scale at some point or the other. For this purpose, Magento comes with different editions. – Magento Community which is a free version and Magento Enterprise, which is a paid version. It is possible to scale the functionalities of both these editions anytime you want. 

The community edition can be integrated into any online store, and comes loaded with a number of exclusive features that would help you control the dynamics of the site in any way you want. Once you grow big, you can switch to the enterprise edition of the platform. It would definitely address the growing needs of your business, and you can scale at will. 

Provide a great interface to your customers

Magento helps you create a great, responsive interface to your customers, with quick page downloads and high speed processing. Your customers are going to enjoy the super-responsive websites that you create with Magento. One of the major functionalities of Magento is its single dashboard that lets you manage multiple e-commerce websites. Visitors can easily manage the different aspects of the website from a single interface, so they don’t have to switch from one panel to another. 

Magento will never let you down. Grow your online store with Magento, and reach out to your experience by giving them a memorable shopping experience. 

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