NET Core Developer: What do they do?

NET Core Developer: What do they do?


NET Core has been around forever, well, probably for more than 20 years. It is a framework that’s termed most popular among Stack Overflow’s most loved framework during the years 2019, 2020 and 2021. Microsoft’s NET Core framework is now a huge ecosystem of partners, developers, framework tools, components, user groups, packages and contributors. With this, you can build highly scalable, powerful and enterprise-grade applications. And to build these apps you need a qualified and skilled NET Core Developer. 

The NET Core Developers are experts with the Dot Net framework and can work with Microsoft’s programming languages like C#, F# and Visual Basic. The developers design and develop applications that work perfectly with Microsoft products, and with the right .NET developer leading the game, you can develop applications that are specific to your requirement. They must be able to develop applications from scratch and must also have the capacity and capability to detect code errors and catch defects before they get out of hand. DOT NET is highly demanded because it is a free platform, and can be used successfully for a number of business applications. And it is a great choice and option when you want a diverse set of features with your application, including cloud infrastructure support. 

The scope of DOT NET programming

Since DOT NET is an open source cross platform you can successfully use it to develop various applications. And so is a much demanded framework for developing web, mobile, desktop, IoT applications and games. Hence you can divide DOT NET programming into the following aspects:

  • .NET Core
  • .NET Framework
  • Xamarin
  • Universal Windows Platform (UWP)

Each of these segments come with their own frameworks and libraries for various types of application development. The framework, DOT NET, supports more than 60 programming languages. And the biggest benefit is that you can write codes for all of them at the same time for the same application, using shared elements. 

The need for dedicated .NET developers

So, when do you need to hire dedicated .NET developers? When you need to build applications that can be built by these developers, right? Here are some examples of that:

  • Patient monitoring applications for the healthcare sector
  • Logistic web applications intended to monitor the shipping, tracking and delivery of goods 
  • Digital content management solutions that brings both buyers and sellers on a single platform

The duties of a DOT NET core developer 

When you have a software developer with knowledge of all the .NET frameworks on your payroll, they would perform the following duties:

  1. If you have an in-house team, they would work with one another and take care of the routine maintenance and development of all the software applications. 
  2. The developer should be able to communicate well with the board of managers, stakeholders, clients and the rest of the team in order to make high quality deliverables.
  3. The developer must be technically competent to develop technical designs 
  4. Quality check the software and identify any functional and business shortcomings, communicate with the team, coordinate with them and take measures to alleviate the issues. 
  5. Perform independent code reviews and conduct unit tests on developed models
  6. Stay on board with the latest technologies that will make the software bug-free and error-free 
  7. Create client-side displays, user-interfaces etc.
  8. Create technical interfaces, specifications, architectural designs etc.

How .NET developers can help take your software application to the next level

1. Develop custom applications

Having the right .NET developer on your team would be a great boon because they can follow all the above mentioned duties and create a customised application that will bring commendable return on investment. If the developer can develop cross-platform apps integrated with the latest features and AI, you will have the best application that will be a huge success among users. A dedicated development team can always do that. 

2. Be aware of new technologies in the market

Technology is constantly changing and evolving, and it is important that the developers keep themselves updated on the latest trends in the market and apply them to develop super applications that are highly responsive and intuitive. 

3. Create apps with less syntax errors

What does a user need when they download the application and start exploring its features? Quick navigation, easy loading and functioning seamlessly across all the platforms, right? This can be possible only when you have an experienced .NET developer because they can develop software environments for all platforms. A user who downloads the application will not have to worry about having any components in their device, because these components will be packaged within the installation so all the user has to do is download, install and run.  

The developer will also be able to develop faster applications and through proper compilation will be able to prevent any syntax errors. 

4. Saving time and money

When you hire off-shore .NET developers you will be able to save a lot of money in the process, and time too. You don’t have to hire, train or retain the developers because once the project is completed, you can diffuse the team and maintain only a few core members to update and scale the app whenever needed. 

5. Cloud computing platform integration

.NET framework is integrated with Microsoft products that allows developers to interact with cloud computing platforms. These Microsoft products are mainly Active Directory and SQL Server, thereby enabling reporting capabilities and data access.


.NET Core development is an important aspect of application development, and through this, businesses are able to bring innovative solutions that drive results. You can hire them from practically anywhere in the world, and the rates will vary accordingly. If you are hiring from countries where work is outsourced largely like India or Ukraine, then the rates are economical with high quality of work. If you are hiring from the UK, the rate could be anywhere from £47,795 to £66,838. 

It is important to hire developers who have a strong knowledge and working experience in ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core because then they will be experienced in developing ASP.NET Core MVC applications. They will also be skilled in Microsoft’s .NET framework and tech stack. A good developer will also be familiar with SaaS platforms, Microsoft Azure Cloud services, Microsoft development best practices, design patterns and tools. Knowledge in WebAPI, Entity Framework, ADO.NET, SQL Server, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS, JQuery, Ajax, Bootstrap, and VB.NET are all advantages in a Dot Net Core developer. 

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