Odoo Developers from India: Why it is a good choice

Odoo or O as it is known largely, is an Enterprise Planning software. The ultimate aim of an ERP software is to automate business processes, to improve performance, meet goals, core processes, like marketing, sales, HR, administration, etc. The technology has recently gained great popularity in India, especially for the “small to medium size enterprises” because of its amazing functionality and flexibility feature.

The technology is released under the AGPL license and written in Python, with the source code available readily.


1) Updated technology

The software is in tune with the advancements in the ERP technology, and is designed on a technology stack that will be in accordance with the latest paradigm.

2) Amazing user-experience

The adoption of the software is seamless, providing excellent user-experience and guaranteed smart ecommerce solution for all kinds of business projects. Source code availability is a great advantage, coupled with an active community of talented developers who are always out there to help other developers start off their projects.

3) Easy integration

The easy integration feature of Odoo is a real advantage and a practical solution when developers want to integrate it with other platforms like Magneto, eBay, Channel Adviser etc.

4) Flexibility

The system is greatly helpful for business with uncertain plans. The flexibility leads to easy integration and customization, enabling you to add on new modules. In the latest versions, you can easily do multiple module installations too.

5) Budget-friendly

As it is open source, this solution is the ultimate solution when you want to tighten the reins of your budget. The official website lets you download the system for free, and the licensing is free as well.

Disadvantages of Odoo ERP

There are some limitations to the system, and once you work around it, it would be easier to make the best of it.

1) Documentation

The documentation of the technology is a bit unconventional, because it lacks an organized approach. As the documentation is different for different versions, it might take time for switching between particular documents.

2) Usability

There are subtle complaints about the lack of idiomatic approach, and it might cause a problem during Implementation.

3) Backward compatibility

O’s design lacks this functionality, and for each new version, the developer has to go through the effort of code and data migration.

Why choose this ERP system

Here are the amazing reasons why this system would be suitable for you.

1. Open source

As explained earlier, Odoo is free and open source. So it would help you contain costs while protecting your business interests. Of course, there are no licensing costs as well, making it an obvious choice for small-medium scale companies and a viable option for large corporations and organisations.

2. Bugs

Companies are always on the look out for a system that provides maximum security and minimum bug intrusion. This ERP technology scores very high in that aspect, thereby increasing the confidence level of companies in releasing great products.

3. Incredible functionality

The functionality of the technology makes it one of the best among all ERP systems. Since the source code is readily available, all you need to do is hire a competent developer to look after the customisation bit. You get better freedom and functionality with this technology.

4. Modular approach

The “O” framework is based on a modular framework, and you can start right away by installing a few modules. It doesn’t matter if your business is complex, even a non- techie can customise the ERP by adding modules based on your business requirement.

5. Delivers a customer oriented business management platform

Time is always a crucial factor. The easy functionalities and the friendly interface of the platform boils down to quick implementation and easy usage. The technology delivers new standard processes that weren’t possible with traditional systems leading to customer oriented implementation and an almost sure way to procure a niche in changing market conditions.

The benefits of hiring skilled Odoo developers from reputed companies in India

It is important to get skilled developers from companies that have proved their worth. After all, it is your satisfaction that counts.

Here are some of the things you can look out for while hiring developers:

  • Development and implementation of the technology
  • Ability to integrate it with other platforms
  • Migration to it
  • Customisation
  • Consulting & trouble shooting
  • Training & support for all kinds of Odoo applications

India is a good choice for hiring Odoo developers because you have companies that provide a comprehensive suite of enterprise management solutions at affordable rates, along with dedicated support. They have in-depth knowledge of the product, with excellent ERP implementation skills.

  • Implementation skills – The right method of ERP implementation would save a great deal of time and money, apart from boosting the goals of the organisation. Your developer from India would have complete knowledge of end to end implementation of this technology and possesses the strategic planning to come out effective and efficient solutions.
  • Customisation capability – The developers from the Asian subcontinent have knowledge and capacity to custom ERP technology, thereby increasing productivity and efficiency several times fold.
  • Development skills – Businesses need to accommodate technologies that remain receptive to the changing market conditions. A worker with knowledge in Odoo will help solve this problem easily.
  • Integration – Companies need to integrate their processes seamlessly, and this is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. This is possible with the Odoo technology and skilled workers, thereby combining ground experience, cutting edge talent with an amazing ERP system.

Closing thoughts

Investing in this ERP system is one of the best business decisions you will be making to gain an edge over competition. However, making an investment in this would be a failure if your own employees are not aware of its functionality. The answer lies in India. The dominance of Odoo in the country is accentuated by the availability of skilled developers at affordable costs. The start of this ERP system has been a bit slow in the initial years of its launch. However, this has picked up great speed recently. With this choice securely made, you can focus on business goals, while the other aspects will be taken care of inexhaustibly.

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