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PHP is one of the most popular open source tools for creating solutions for the web.

Here we write about the relevance of PHP and what we can do as a development company.

Why this technology?

There are several reasons why you and your organization should use this technology.

  1. It is well known to decision makers: Many decision makers in the IT industry know about the PHP scripting language. This will make it easier to convince them about it, than newer technologies such as Node.JS.
  2. It is tried and tested: The technology goes as far back as 1994, when it was created by Rasmus Lerdorf. Since then many updates and improvements have been made. Nowadays it can handle the requirements of modern web applications.
  3. Large developer community: There is a very large programmer community available. Gatherings for this scripting language can be found in almost every country and city in the world. This makes it easy to find support, documents and information from other developers and resources online.

Strong frameworks like Laravel, Zend and Symfony available

Apart from that, PHP boasts some great frameworks, which can be helpful while using this technology. In the past Zend and Symfony were the tools of choice for successful online projects. Even today a lot of projects are either maintained or created with those two frameworks.

Laravel also has become very much popular for creating large scale applications. Especially for start-up’s who want to create beautiful designs and write applications fast, this has become the framework of choice. Agencies have embraced Laravel for their customer projects.

Some organizations are also using YII and CodeIgniter to develop their solutions.

E-Commerce with Magento, Shopware and OXID

The PHP based platforms Magento, Shopware and OXID help in building great e-Commerce solutions. Developers who have knowledge in the scripting language will be able to pick up these e-Commerce tools rather quickly.

Especially for Magento, Shopware and OXID it needs some time for the developer though to build reliable online shopping experiences.

It is advisable to have at least one expert in the team who has 6 or more months experience with the respective platform.

osCommerce, OpenCart, PrestaShop and Zen Cart are other tools based on this scripting language. Although they are not used as heavily as the formerly mentioned one’s.

Content Management with TYPO3, Drupal and WordPress

WordPress is the most widely used content management systems (CMS) in the world. It is used for building websites and to manage information of companies.

When we need to build more complexe entreprise level applications, Drupal can be a good choice. International organizations like the World Bank are using it, to manage their content online.

TYPO3 is a CMS which is used mainly by medium sized companies in Central Europe (Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, etc.). It is known for its reliability and security.

For all these CMS a strong expertise is needed. Especially the latter two take time to master.

Joomla, Modx, eZ, Contao and CMS Made Simple are other systems which are used from time to time.

Some things to consider when using this technology

Even though PHP has been able to reduce their disadvantages through new versions and also through their exiting new frameworks, content management systems and e-Commerce platforms. There are some disadvantages which are mentioned here:

  • Good programmers needed: If strong solutions should be built, you will need good programmers. Otherwise there is a chance that the so-called spaghetti code is created, which will not be able to be easily maintained. Facebook and other successful organizations have shown that building great solutions with this scripting language is possible.
  • Difficult to find good vendors: There are a plethora of vendors around the globe which offer these kinds of services. Finding a good vendor with ethics and a quality mindset when delivering software is not always easy.
  • Time needed for learning rare skills: TYPO3, Contao, Shopware, OXID and Magento skills are not readily available in the market place. Many developers are strong in core PHP but in many cases lack specialist knowledge in these frameworks. So you would need to allocate some time for the programmer to learn these skills. In our experience, it is easier to hire an expert PHP developer and then train them, instead of trying to find an expert in the specific technology or framework.

The best way to work with IT vendors from India

We have been providing IT services from the sub-continent since 2012. Since then we have done many projects with our clients from Europe and the US. For a long time, we were struggling to provide high quality, which was our aim from the beginning. This was a difficult undertaking.

We were facing the following challenges:

  • Communication gaps: In the beginning, we had a project manager and a sales person who would interact with the client. This gathered information would then be passed on to the programmer. In this process, too much information was lost and the developer was not able to deliver the required solution.
  • Technical knowledge missing: We used junior developers to work on these projects. They were in a lot of cases not able to deliver the right application architecture, which would be fast in execution, maintainable and scalable.
  • Missing coding quality checks by the client: Our initial clients did not have the required knowledge about coding quality. So they were not able to look into the code and check whether the work delivered by the programmer is of good or sufficient standard.This led to many missed deadlines, low quality work and in some cases even failed projects.

How we solved these issues

We have taken five main steps for solving these issues. Since then we are working with the same clients over several years now.

  1. Make sure that the client has coding experience: When selecting our clients, we make sure, that there is at least one person at their end who can look into the coding side of things. This way any pending issues can be found immediately.
  2. Developer works full time for specific client: Instead of several developers working on projects of several clients, we hire and allocate a specific developer to one specific client full time. This makes sure that there is hundred percent transparency for the client of how many hours per week (40 hours) and per month (160 hours) is worked on their projects. It also helps the developer to prioritize the work items for this one specific client easier.
  3. Experienced developers: We make sure to provide developers who have a strong experience in their respective field of knowledge. At least one or two members should be software architects or senior developers who can guide the other team members.
  4. Client involved in the selection process: Instead of us selecting the team members, we make sure that the client is involved in the selection process. He/ she can make suggestions on who could fit their local team the best.
  5. Value based collaboration: Integrity, trust and working on eye level are important values when working together. We make sure that our team members work with these and other important values. On the other side we also expect our clients to work with a high level of integrity.

See here on how such a process could look like:

This is by far the best way to work with IT vendors in India, because quality, timely delivery and transparency can be ensured.

What makes us different from our competitors?

There are three things which differentiate us from our competitors:

  1. We do not take on large numbers of clients: Instead of working with all clients, we work with a few selected partners.
  2. We assure 100 percent transparency: We not only assure 100 percent transparency, we make sure that this promise is kept via our actions.
  3. We rely on long term relationships: Value is created when we work long term with our clients. We avoid short term gains by focusing on long term relationships.

About us

We work with clients from all over the globe (currently mainly Germany and the US) to provide experienced PHP programmers. Marketing and Web agencies rely on us for talented employees as well as IT departments who need ongoing support. is part of YUHIRO Technologies Private Limited. The founding of the company was in the year 2012.

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