Software developers from Belarus: Are they a good option?

With a sizable talent pool at its disposal, Belarus has become a thriving IT hub in Eastern Europe. Several factors contribute to the success of the Belarusian IT industry, including a solid engineering base, governmental support, low living costs, and strong demand for development services from Western European and US companies. So, it is the right place if you are planning to hire developers. 

Belarus has a large number of talented software developers and a vibrant startup culture with an active IT industry, with many companies offering outsourcing services. This makes it an ideal destination for companies looking for quality software development services. This article will explain to you why the country is a good option when hiring developers. 

The following are the major reasons that make hiring developers from Belarus a good option:

  • Excellent technical knowledge
  • Reasonable rates for high-end software services
  • Convenient time-zone differences
  • Minimal linguistic barriers
  • Timely project completion and strong work ethics 

1. Excellent technical knowledge

The nation’s software developers possess excellent technical knowledge. There are about 4000 ICT graduates from the country every year. Several IT firms began funding Belarus’s educational system after noticing the country’s talent. It helped the country meet the demand for modern and high-quality universities. Therefore, aspiring programmers are offered courses and programmes organised by tech giants, with government support as well. 

It ensures firm support for the developers from both theoretical and practical aspects. These courses also provide an excellent opportunity for programmers to network and connect with potential employers. Additionally, the government also offers financial support for research and development, helping to further the growth of the tech industry. It is an excellent idea to leverage their high-quality technical knowledge.

2. Reasonable rates for high-end software services

Belarusian developers will only charge you reasonably for their services compared to UK and US developers. They provide the same level of expertise but at a fraction of the cost. Additionally, Belarusian programmers are often willing to work on a freelance basis, which allows businesses to get even more cost savings. Their flexible working hours and willingness to work remotely make them an excellent option for companies that need quick results.

  • After adding up the figures, the average yearly pay for a developer in the UK comes to about 52,845 EUR. 
  • Similarly, the average base pay for a programmer in the United States is close to $1,12,803 per year. 
  • Although some businesses can afford these figures, startups might find the pay range to be reasonable. 
  • On average, however, Belarusian developers charge BYN 17687 per year. That is approximately 4,939.97 EUR or 5,407.71 US dollars. 

Therefore, hiring Belarusian programmers at such prices will result in significant savings for you and can be an excellent option for businesses looking for a cost-effective software development solution.

3. Convenient time-zone differences

The time zone differences between the US and the UK will make it relatively easy for Belarusian software developers to work comfortably. Because there is only a 3-hour time difference between Belarus and the UK, UK companies are unlikely to encounter any issues related to project management, communication, or assigning the project to developers. 

Belarus shares the same time zone (UTC+3) as Europe, so European businesses can also gain from hiring Belarusian developers. It can guarantee prompt responses, teamwork, and consecutive work. Even though the country is eight hours ahead of the US, the time difference allows for efficient workdays and consistent results. It is because your development team will be working while you are sleeping, and vice versa.

  • As a result, you can continue to have a workday cycle where one group ends and the other begins at the same time. 
  • Hiring a Belarusian software development team will enable your business to remain operational all day long. 
  • It can also be helpful when you are getting feedback from clients. 
  • The programmers can review the feedback and reviews from clients and adjust their work accordingly. With this, the client will not be “sitting and waiting.” 
  • They are equally adaptable and collaborative with people in different parts of the world.   

4. Minimal linguistic barriers

You can be sure that there will not be any language barriers when working with developers from Belarus. It is because about 450,000 Belarusians are native English speakers. Therefore, since English is a widely used language for communication, working together will be fine. Additionally, data indicates that approximately 74.9% of Belarusian techies classify their English as upper-intermediate.

The majority of programmers in Belarus are also involved in outsourcing, which requires them to communicate in English with stakeholders and clients. You will, therefore, not be their first English-speaking customer. German, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, and French are also known to Belarusians. Among the languages that people in the nation speak the most is Russian. In Belarus, 6.9 million people speak Russian. It benefits Russian companies and others. 

5. Timely project completion and strong work ethics 

The strong work ethic and prompt task submission are well-known qualities of Belarusian software developers. Like most other programmers worldwide, they have a similar mindset. As a result, when hiring Belarusian developers, you will find them to be very social and friendly. Additionally, they provide efficient results by being honest and reliable with their clients. 

  • They keep the work private and respect the privacy of others. Hence, you can be confident that there will not be any violations. 
  • They also do not claim credit for concepts that belong to other people. Instead, they generate ideas through brainstorming. 
  • Additionally, Belarusian developers complete their tasks quickly. They create practical plans to make sure everything is moving in the right direction. 
  • But a quick pace does not equate to careless work. The programmers are fast yet efficient with their work quality. 

In addition to their extensive knowledge, Belarusian developers possess pertinent abilities like strong teamwork and natural motivation. They also have strong problem-solving skills. Hiring remote programmers in Belarus is definitely a wise decision, given their expertise. 

So, you now know why software developers should be hired from Belarus. They can provide high-quality services at competitive prices. The country is also a reliable outsourcing destination due to its stable political and economic situation. Therefore, hiring remote programmers from Belarus is a wise decision for any company. The software development industry in Belarus has amazing and knowledgeable developers; all it takes is a little research and guidance.

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