Software developers from France: are they good?

Software developers from France: are they good?


France has quite a strong reputation in the world for their amazing contributions to science and technology and even the arts. The land is not just known for its lip-smacking croissants, rich cultural heritage, and charming villages, but is slowly developing a name in the industry for software development projects too. Of course, France might not be the first place that software development powerhouses might think of when they need to do a project, but knowing where to tap makes all the difference. So how can you tap into talent that gives a unique blend of innovative thinking and technical expertise? Are the French developers really good? Let’s go deeper into this and see if we can get the answer.

What causes the belief that French developers are not that good? 

What is your mentality regarding work? Do you believe in ‘Work to Live’ or ‘Live to Work’? French people have more of a ‘Work to Live’ culture. It is not that French people are lazy, they attribute importance to things other than work too. French people follow more of a 5-day with several weeks of vacation in between. 

If people say that French developers are not good enough, it could be because they are biased or have had negative experiences that caused them the biases. 

It could also be because of the strong work-life balance that the French emphasize, and this could be mistaken for a lack of work ethic or professionalism. Also when compared to other European countries like Switzerland and Germany, the salary for French developers are significantly lower and this could generate the feeling that they are not in high demand or that they are not competitive. 

But the French developers are quite talented and they have a young and dynamic work culture. If you look at the skills and talents of French software developers, you will note that they come from a long and fascinating history of innovation. Heard of the Montgolfier brothers of the hot air balloon and Jean Sammet, who invented the programming language COBOL and so many other achievements that French talents have gifted to the world. 

Let’s bust some of those beliefs and see that the French developers are indeed good 

The education system is superb

The education system emphasizes high-quality education for all, including technical education. France’s École Polytechnique is one of the highest-ranked technical universities in the world. And then you have these universities where computer science, software engineering, and mathematics are taught – École Centrale Paris, Université Paris-Saclay, and Université Paris-Sud. This proves that the students have a pretty strong technical background and even practical skills, and this prepares them with all the skills needed for the tech industry. 

A thriving tech industry 

The tech industry in France is pretty well-nourished with plenty of innovation and entrepreneurship happening. There are plenty of tech startups in the country, and entrepreneurs who have an incredible passion for technology at the helm of affairs. There are plenty of venture capitalists, accelerators, and incubators with funding and resources in the country, and they are ready to invest in startups.

They have strong soft skills

The developers have excellent software skills that facilitate commitment and dedication in their work. They work hard on projects and ensure they deliver on time with a sense of responsibility that’s hard to find. They are also good at tackling challenges, and with their culture of initiative and self-reliance, they can tackle problems successfully by thinking sensibly and critically. The French developers are excellent at collaboration too so they are good at working with each other towards shared goals.

Benefits of hiring software developers from France

Check out the following reasons why hiring developers from France would be the ideal solution for your software project:

Impressive academic knowledge of Computer Science – France has a very strong and robust educational system, and computer systems of the highest quality are taught at the universities. This gives birth to developers who have strong knowledge of all the programming languages, algorithms, and software development methodologies.

Analytical approach to problem-solving – French developers are noted for their Analytical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills. They don’t shy away from complex problems, but instead, successfully convert them into manageable components, and come up with effective solutions. 

Pay attention to quality and craftsmanship -French developers are passionate about their work and they care to deliver quality work. They are hardworking individuals who put so much thought and effort into what they develop that makes each project praise-worthy. They are known to build well-engineered & well-documented software which will bring you success in the market. This level of detailing will be perfect for any project. 

Multilingual capabilities – The French multilingual environment is an asset to companies that hire on a global scale. Most French coders are excellent in the English language so when not working in silos/isolated teams, they can easily collaborate with other developers across the world. 


So, are the software developers from France worth hiring? Of course, yes, because you have an incredible number of highly skilled, innovative, and dedicated professionals who can contribute to your project. With their strong educational background and technical competence, they will undoubtedly be a valuable asset in any software development project. The French developers have amazing problem-solving skills and they are great in a team. Their collaborative and technical skills make it possible for them to cross all barriers and contribute to global projects. If there are any obstacles, then the French developers are willing to overcome them and exhibit their best for the success of the project. 

There is no doubt that French developers will continue to make large strides in the tech industry, and they will be at the forefront, driving technological advancements and shaping the future of software development on a global scale with their talented hands. 

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