Software development in Armenia? Is it a good choice?

The software development industry in Armenia has gained popularity in recent times for being an innovative technology hub and for entrepreneurship. The industry’s startups are sweeping the globe with superior software products and services. The country has a large talent pool of software engineers with extensive experience developing complex applications. 

In addition, the country has a favourable business environment, with tax incentives and a supportive infrastructure. All of these factors make the country an attractive destination for software development. Many companies worldwide have outsourced their software development projects to Armenia, cementing the country’s reputation as a top outsourcing destination. This article will explore why Armenian software development is a good choice.

Why is it a good choice?

Now that I have mentioned why opting for software development in Armenia is a great choice, there are many other reasons, too. The country has a highly educated workforce and a high quality of life. Furthermore, its developers have a good reputation for providing quality and technical excellence. Finally, it is a low-cost country, making it an attractive business option. The following are some of the reasons in detail:

  • Excellent research & development capabilities
  • Highly skilled and experienced workforce
  • Availability of a wide range of outsourcing services
  • Reasonable labour costs
  • No communication barriers
  • Significant government support 

1. Excellent research & development capabilities

The country has been and is the leader in the IT industry, offering top-notch research and development capabilities. It is one of the fastest-growing technology hubs, with a high success rate in software and hardware projects. Moreover, robotics is a promising field for outsourcing development to Armenia, as the nation has the potential to lead the world in this field.  

The country is also well-positioned to capitalise on the potential of AI-driven technology and the Internet of Things. It is also well-positioned to take advantage of blockchain technology, which has the potential for significant economic growth. IT, software development, and high-tech companies are the main drivers of the nation’s economy.

2. Highly skilled and experienced workforce

The country is well-recognised internationally for producing highly skilled and educated IT professionals, developers and software specialists with a solid educational background in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). The government has invested heavily in developing its education system. Numerous IT-related programs, such as software engineering, computer science, information security, and data science, are available at Armenian universities and technical schools.

  • Many programmes adhere to international standards and are created in partnership with foreign universities. 
  • These courses are taught by professionals in the field and provide hands-on experience in real-world projects. 
  • Numerous IT specialists from the nation have experience working for startups or multinational companies, which has given them invaluable experience managing complicated projects and coordinating teams from various locations. So, the country has a talented and skilled workforce.

3. Availability of a wide range of outsourcing services  

The country can offer various outsourcing services, such as software development, web development, mobile application development, quality assurance, etc. The developers from the country are highly proficient in various programming languages, and the dominant ones among them are JavaScript, Node.js, Java, Python, PHP, C++, and C#. 

The most commonly used frameworks and libraries are React, Angular, Vue.js, Nest.js, Spring, Django, and Laravel. So, programmers from the country can provide excellent software development services tailored to the needs and requirements of their clients.

  • The services provided for web development include web design, development, and upkeep. Armenian companies are skilled in creating e-commerce platforms, web apps, and responsive, user-friendly websites.
  • In response to the increasing market demand for mobile applications, Armenian businesses have started providing cross-platform, iOS, and Android mobile application development services utilising React Native, Flutter, Swift, Objective C, Kotlin, Java, and other cutting-edge technologies. 
  • The IT sector in Armenia can also provide expertise in quality assurance (manual and automated), which ensures that software and applications are well-tested and adhere to international standards.

4. Reasonable labour costs

Another reason for software development in Armenia is cost-effectiveness, as the country has reasonable labour costs. In comparison to many other European and American countries, labour rates in the country are competitive and often considerably lower. This makes it a desirable location for businesses looking to cut costs on IT without sacrificing the quality of services they receive. Choosing the country for software outsourcing can result in cost savings and the chance to acquire the most cutting-edge software solutions at competitive pricing. 

5. No communication barriers

IT experts from the nation who are fluent in English and who have worked with international teams and clients before can help reduce communication barriers. This will improve the efficiency and smoothness of the software development process. They guarantee that projects are finished successfully and to clients’ satisfaction by utilising their technical expertise, language proficiency, and cultural awareness.

  • Furthermore, developers from the country typically have a high level of proficiency in English. 
  • Since many are fluent in English and other languages, interacting with foreigners is simpler because they can have productive conversations with international clients and team members. 
  • Additionally, many IT firms in the country encourage their staff members to advance their language proficiency by offering English language training. 
  • The developers can work with clients worldwide without encountering any communication difficulties by concentrating on language improvement.

6. Significant government support 

With several initiatives, including minimal compliance requirements and attractive tax incentives, the Armenian government has prioritised the nation’s IT sector. Tax benefits are provided to IT companies, encouraging foreign investment in the country. It has made the business climate more favourable for outsourcing firms. Additionally, many tech companies offer IT courses to help people become programmers and gain employment opportunities in the tech sector.  

Above are a few reasons why Armenian software development could be an excellent choice for you. Even though the local IT industry is still in its infancy, the nation has a sizable tech workforce and a sophisticated startup ecosystem. Additionally, it has developed quickly over the years. 

Aside from its highly skilled and knowledgeable IT professionals in cutting-edge technologies, the country competes based on its accessible time zones, reasonable prices, English proficiency, excellent university programmes, and communicative, adaptable, and agile culture. Now, based on these benefits, it’s your turn to decide whether it will suit your goals and requirements.  

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