Software development in Brazil: These are the advantages

The software development industry in Brazil has seen exponential growth in recent years, making it one of the top outsourcing destinations. It is the preferred choice of many companies for hiring developer professionals. Brazil has a large and growing pool of talented and upcoming software developers, an impressive infrastructure, low attrition rates, and affordable service rates. So, there are many reasons to consider getting your software development done there.

The country is thus an attractive option for companies looking for professional software development services. Furthermore, Brazilian developers are often open to learning new technologies and can handle challenging projects. In this article, you will learn about all the benefits of software development in Brazil.

What are the benefits?

Following are some of the major benefits of considering Brazil as a great outsourcing software development alternative. It includes:

  • Affordable prices
  • High talent retention rate
  • Gain entry to a large talent pool
  • Reliable and efficient work culture
  • Better productivity with outstanding facilities
  • Government support and regulations

1. Affordable prices

The first and foremost advantage will be the affordable pricing of software development. When it comes to outsourcing, you know that pricing is an undeniably important factor. Brazil has a great deal to offer, combining affordable prices with many benefits that guarantee a fruitful outsourcing experience. You will gain access to a highly skilled workforce while saving your money substantially.

2. High talent retention rate

When choosing a destination where you can outsource your project, there is an essential factor you often fail to consider: job stability and its impact on project continuity. Sometimes, professionals tend to switch jobs to get better financial opportunities. Project delays and possible workflow disruptions may arise from the need to find new developers to take over in those situations where the project loses continuity.

But in Brazil, the cultural perspective is different. Brazilian professionals are a desirable choice for outsourcing because they typically show higher loyalty to their employers. This unique feature ensures that you work with the same developer throughout the project, significantly improving stability.

3. Gain entry to a large talent pool

As the introduction mentions, Brazil boasts many talented professionals, including developers, who are continuously learning new technologies and graduating. The country has a wide range of universities and technical schools that offer quality education to aspirants. Brazilians are also used to emphasising innovation and self-learning. 

There are over 500,000 developers in the country’s Latin America region, and their level of education, practical experience, and language proficiency puts them ahead of the competition. Furthermore, Brazil is home to over 10,000 IT services companies that employ top tech talent. 

You can be sure that your team will be educated and will continue to learn as they work to overcome the obstacles in your software development project.

4. Reliable and efficient work culture

Brazilian software development will not make you worry about the difference in work culture and environment. The country’s work culture is similar to that of the US, so you won’t have to encounter too many culture shocks when outsourcing to Brazil. It has a hierarchical work culture where the highest-ranking person will make the final decision. Brazilian developers frequently voice concerns, but they also realise their role is to assist the decision-maker.

Brazilian teams will blend well with your current team because they are well-known worldwide for being hospitable and having positive working relationships. They will also save you time during the onboarding process because they have experience working in a similar type of organisation and understand the general operations and interactions between the departments.

5. Better productivity with outstanding facilities

Another advantage is Brazil’s impressive infrastructure, and the country is well-equipped to provide the necessary resources. It is home to over 100 tech parks, and some of them are now renowned globally for their high density of research centres and a massive population of developers, tech companies, and institutes. 

The country is also home to several successful tech companies. Additionally, Brazil has a vibrant startup ecosystem, with many accelerators and incubators that help support the growth of startups. There are a large number of tech conferences and events, providing a platform for entrepreneurs to meet and network. It has helped to create a dynamic and vibrant tech industry in Brazil.

6. Government support and regulations

Countries with low government support are not suitable for outsourcing software development. But with Brazil, the advantage is that it has a reasonable political climate and a growing economy. Over time, the Brazilian government has implemented innovative policies to fortify the nation’s business environment and propel the software development sector. 

Corporations collaborating with Brazilian universities for research and development projects or hiring Brazilian companies can benefit from Brazilian laws such as ‘lei do bem’ and ‘lei da informatica’. So, getting your software development done in the country will be a beneficial move.

When you view the bigger picture and weigh all the advantages mentioned in the article, you will know the reason why Brazil emerges as a standout choice when it comes to software development. However, choosing only on the basis of price can be dangerous because there are a number of other factors that can have a big impact on the success of the project and the productivity of your team. 

It is critical to take into account factors like infrastructure, employee retention, work culture, and the depth of the talent pool in your preferred outsourcing location in order to make an informed decision. So, gather all the information above and make a decision by considering everything.

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