The 10 best IT project management tools

The major benefit of project management tools is that you get to plan, organize and delegate tasks in a neat way, thereby saving time and getting more work done. In the olden days, project managers had to make do with papers and pens, but now they can do a lot more through the tools made by software companies. The best thing about a project management tool is that you can do:

  • Advance planning
  • Access to more data
  • Time Management
  • Budgeting
  • Deliver on time
  • Gain client satisfaction

Take a look at the 10 best project management tools project managers use today, these are placed according to their rating:

  • Meisterplan Software

An interactive tool for project portfolio, business managers and employees get a clear picture of all the critical projects they are using. The software helps in gauging resource bottlenecks and has the capacity to find the best project plan that can be aligned to the business’s goal and ROI. Both investment and revenue planning can be successfully done with Meisterplan.

  • Workboard

Workboard is the name of a collaboration and productivity application that would help managers attain goals critical to business success. Managers can easily create viable goals that would help them chart business plans and closely monitor the team and their works in real time. The software offers excellent mobile connectivity and absolute transparency that enable the team to achieve goals and share them (including sharing workload). Workboard is a people-centered platform that saves time and updates status reports automatically.

  • Wunderlist

Wunderlist is popular because it is perfect for both professional and personal requirements. The tool is entirely capable of handing several complex projects at once. It has evolved to be one of the best softwares that aim at task completion and optimal productivity. Another thing that users like about this tool is that it has push reminders that would remind you of tasks to be done. You can set a priority system where you ‘star’ a particular item and it will show in the ‘starred list’ in the priority order.

  • TeamGantt Software

TeamGantt is an intuitive, project planning software that helps you to plan and chart your projects. The simple drag and drop option makes it easier for managers to handle the various stages of the project

with equal ease. The software also helps you manage multiple projects and centralize them so you can let the team know about the progress of the project and where to view what.

  • RationalPlan

Just as its name, RationalPlan is a software that helps managers to make project planning in a straightforward manner. It is a simple tool that would guide novice managers to handle their projects and team members with ease. This is because the software comes with a detailed guide that would help you with the entire project management process. This software is mainly used by people working in the engineering, services & consulting, software development, business or construction field.

  • Targetprocess

Targetprocess is a visual software tool that can be customized as per your requirements. This helps in the workflow process as you have the flexibility to configure according to project demands. The tool is noted in particular for its extraordinary attention to detail. Users have been raving about its excellent customer support.

  • MindManager

MindManager is an incredible collaboration software that helps you to manage all your work-related information in one place. It is easy to search if you want to send one particular document in the sea of emails sent to you. This software would be greatly helpful to people who do most of their work through emails. A really helpful tool if you have a full inbox most of the time. Even if you are a naturally organized person, this tool would help you manage emails in a professional manner. It would accelerate your workflow so you don’t have to open up several emails and documents to reach the right one.

  • Teamwork Projects

Teamwork Projects is an online project management software renowned for its central file storage system. Yes, most of the management softwares have file management features, but what makes Teamwork Projects unique is that it helps you access all your files from a single central location. If you are looking to incorporate all your big file sharing requirements into one single application, then this would be the greatest help. The tool is also integrated with the best team collaboration feature as well.

  • Wrike

Wrike is a project management cloud software and greatly helpful to managers who has to handle a remote team every day. It is no longer a problem if you have teams spread across the length and breadth of earth, you can use Wrike to get connected to them at all times. All the local files used by the team members can be brought under one cloud, enabling you to procure information at your fingertips.

  • Apptivo Software

Also a cloud based software with a comprehensive suite of business apps. This app is easy to use, affordable and aids in repeat sales. You can easily manage several customer accounts with this web-based platform, and there is a great deal of transparency in all dealings. This increases customer satisfaction and aids in more business.

Project management tools can make life easier as they assist in streamlining projects. Managers can manage their clients, invoices, documents and projects with the help of these tools. It would help you stay organized in business.

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