TYPO3 Developers from India

TYPO3 is one of the most secure Content Management Systems (CMS) for medium sized organisations.

In the article more information on how developers in India can support in the creation of such solutions.


TYPO3 (also called T3 in this article) is one of the most popular CMS in the German speaking countries (like Germany, Switzerland, Austria), even though it has its origin in Scandinavia, Denmark to be specific.

Companies like the product especially because of the following traits:

  • Secure: From the beginning onwards, the solution was created with business consumers in mind. Especially medium sized organisations need more security for their data and also for safeguarding their projects. T3 is built in such a way to fulfil this need. As a comparison: WordPress or Joomla are usually not that secure.
  • Scalable: Organizations do have several offices around the world, or in different regions. That also means, that more people need to access the solution. It could also mean that the websites can have more traffic from customers and partners. To be able to handle this, the structure of the system needs to be built that way. Especially T3 can satisfy that requirement.
  • Customizable: Companies do have the requirement to have new functionalities, which are sometimes not available in themes or plugins. For that TYPO3 provides the possibility to build software on top of the CMS. Examples would be product configurators, or custom plugin functionalities. It is easy to customize the solution that way.
  • Community: Even though the community around the product is much smaller, than for example for WordPress or Drupal. The ones who are involved, are usually T3 enthusiasts, and do whatever they can to promote the solution and help others become more proficient with it.
  • English: For a long time the documentation was almost only available in the German language. Still developers from India used T3, for example using online translation tools or asking their peers in Germany for support. Now this is changing. There is a huge effort by the T3 organization and its members to provide documentation and support in English also. This is helping the distribution worldwide. Especially in India the adoption rate will be most probably higher because of that.

Where to find experts?

If you want to find really good experts in TYPO3, then of course you would need to look to Germany or Switzerland. Almost all the award receiving web agencies are having their head offices in those countries. They are usually exceptionally good at User Interface Design (UI) and User Experience Design (UX) and combine it with strong technical capabilities.

On the other side, companies from there, try to use more and more web development services from places like Romania and India.

In India there are a few companies which completely specialise in TYPO3. They usually work with web and marketing agencies for which they provide complete web solutions, from design to coding.

Software Developer India, also provides TYPO3 Developers. But we do search for T3 programmers according to the requirements of the client and hire them. After that, they will exclusively work for the clients for which they are hired. The only difference being, that they will be sitting in the premises of Software Developer India in Kochi, Kerala, India.

Thereby we make sure to handle the administrative tasks, like providing office space, computer, internet connection, salary calculations and payouts, as well as many other administrative things.

Thus our clients can focus on the development efforts.

The advantage of looking globally for employees

By looking globally, for example in India, for employees in T3 can bring several advantages.

  •  Larger developer pool: Since many years there are companies in India, which develop with T3. They have trained Junior IT Developers, who came through universities and colleges. These coders have become Senior Consultants over the years. They in turn have trained again new colleagues. Therefore, it is possible to find T3 experts in India, even though it is a niche technology.
  • PHP is widely known: In South Asia the adoption of PHP is huge. PHP and its Frameworks like Laravel and Symfony are used for web solutions. A Senior IT Consultant with experience in this scripting language and knowledge in CMS like WordPress or Drupal, can quickly learn TYPO3. Of course, even a senior person might need a few months to get accustomed to T3. But it is still a good way to get more professionals in this field.
  • Developers abroad like to work for European companies: Especially in South Asia, many coders are interested to work with companies from Europe of any size. Even smaller scale agencies are well recognized in India. Also because all companies there have usually a good coding standard and an interesting work culture.

How to recognize good profiles?

We cannot always expect everyone to always have worked with this specific CMS only. There will be a lot of coders, who have worked with T3 for one or two years and worked in their other work experience in other related technologies such as TYPO3 or other CMS.

It will be more important to look for the following in their profiles:

  • In which companies have they worked: Have they worked in service based companies, which provide high quality services, or did they work in agencies with a low quality standard. It can also help, if they have worked in product based companies for a while. This will help in understanding larger scale solution development.
  • Did they have direct customer contact, or to the teams abroad: Many IT professionals in India work with their direct peers (project managers, etc.) and do not work with foreign clients directly. In that case, they will not be good at communication. It is always a good idea to ask them during the hiring process, whether they worked with foreign clients directly. Companies like us, take care to select profiles, which fulfil this criteria.
  • Have they worked for longer periods of time in the same company: Good candidates have worked in their previous jobs for longer periods of times, for example two to four years or longer. If they always have 6 months to 1 year experience, then it means that they do not tend to stay for long. Which is not a good thing for any company.


It is possible to find good TYPO3 programmers in India. They can help your agency to develop better solutions and can satisfy your need for more IT experts.

What is your experience?

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The author: Sascha Thattil works at Software-Developer-India.com which is a part of the YUHIRO Group. YUHIRO is a German-Indian enterprise which provides programmers to IT companies, agencies and IT departments.

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