TYPO3 development company in India: are there good ones?

TYPO3 development company in India: are there good ones?


Businesses are well aware of the fact that they need powerful open-source content management systems to build and manage websites. It gives them a very reliable platform so they can facilitate their business growth and sustain their online presence. This CMS has been in use for quite some time and is the ideal choice for web admins, developers, and businesses because it lets them build powerful and dynamic websites. TYPO3 (in this article also called as T3) is a configurable platform that lets developers create and manage content, develop multilingual websites, install additional extensions and plugins, and so on. Because of these features, the CMS was able to develop a very robust user base that made it one of the most popular platforms in the world. 

Main services offered by TYPO3 development companies

Check out the main offerings of all reputed TYPO3 development companies. Of course, you might be familiar with most of them by now. Nevertheless, this might give you more insights on how they can help you.

Website development

You can enjoy customized website development with the help of TYPO3 companies. Build it right from scratch, including design, development, testing, and deployment. They can match your business needs and budget before they create a plan for your website.

Extension development feature

TYPO3 has a very impressive Extension development feature that makes a significant impact on the e-commerce platform’s functionalities. This feature simplified product management and at the same boosted sales too.  Additionally, it lets you customize those extensions so you deliver personalized features and experiences for users. A good T3 development company in India designs custom extensions that will cover all your needs successfully. They can utilize T3 resources to deliver innovative solutions such as Domain-Driven Design, MVC Models, Extbase/Fluid, Frontend Plugins, and Backend Modules, etc, depending on project requirements.

Seamless migration services

If you already have a CMS and would like to migrate it to TYPO3, then there are companies in India that specialize in the same and would provide impeccable services. They will help transfer the entire e-commerce website and all its data to the new CMS. So if you are looking for an effective migration process and enjoy more benefits to your business, then make it simpler by getting in touch with the right people. The team from the T3 company will conduct the necessary project requirements analysis and discuss what kinds of security, technology, and extensions you need. They will assign a team of developers exclusively for your project and will keep you in the loop every step of the way. Once the migration process is completed, they will test the website thoroughly. The companies also offer after-delivery support and maintenance, fully scalable solutions so if you want to make any changes to the current version or extension, you can easily move forward with it. 

Support and maintenance throughout

Once the website is migrated and is up and running in full swing, you need the company to help with bug fixes, security patches, regular updates, add or remove functionalities, performance optimization, and so on. The company will perform constant performance checks and maintenance, and will also be available to provide 24/7 support. With regular T3 version updates, you need guaranteed support to ensure the website is fully functional and secure. This would help plug holes in the current management system and make sure issues are detected on time and plugged. 

Assistance with TYPO3 upgrades

This is one of the key offerings from  TYPO3 companies. When there is an upgrade, it means there is a complete renewal of whichever version of  T3 your company is based on. While it doesn’t change the look or other design-related aspects, there will be changes in the technical part of the website, like with the T3 upgrade from 7 to 8 for PHP 7. During the upgrade, the software development company will help you upgrade the core and all added extensions so they will comply with the new version. These kinds of upgrades are ideally done once in 3 years so your website will have all the new features. In certain cases, you can expand an older version of  T3 at an additional cost and add new features. 

But remember, it is always wise to go for upgrades because the longer you go without upgrades, the tougher it will get to implement those. 

Choosing the right TYPO3 development company

If you are on the lookout for the right company to handle TYPO3 upgrades and migrations, here’s what you need to look out for:


Go through the information of all the TYPO3 development companies that you get access to, and check their portfolio and track records. If they have worked sufficiently within your realm of expertise, and have a good portfolio to show for it, then you can consider hiring them. 

Technical expertise

The T3 development companies possess a diverse range of technical expertise. They need to have a thorough understanding of TYPO3’s architecture, functionalities, core extensions, and best practices.

The company must possess technical expertise for troubleshooting too. The developers must have strong PHP skills and be comfortable using the TYPO3 Fluid templating language. They must also understand database management principles and be proficient with MySQL and other compatible database systems. They must be excellent at troubleshooting too, so if there are any technical issues, and you need a prompt team for troubleshooting and resolution, then you can minimize website downtime.

Future-proof your website

Since the digital landscape is constantly evolving, it would be wise to partner with a company that can help you stay current with the latest trends and best practices. They will ensure that your website remains compatible with the latest technologies and that it stays ahead of the competition. You can enjoy scalability and growth because as your business grows, you can scale your website easily to accommodate the increased traffic, data needs, and functionality.

Ongoing Maintenance and Support

Before hiring the TYPO3 development company, you can ensure that they are ready to provide ongoing maintenance and support throughout because this is one thing that will ensure your website is relevant and adaptable to evolving needs in the future. They must have the technical expertise to troubleshoot and provide resolutions so there will be no website downtime. The company must also be able to ensure that your website remains secure, up-to-date, and functions optimally, especially during peak hours. They must be able to competently perform security patches, handle regular updates, and do performance optimization tasks,


Hiring a good  TYPO3 development company would help because they can choose the correct versions for your business and implement the right features to ensure optimal performance for your website. And it is also a good choice security-wise too. Because, with time, the security patches get old, and they might become inefficient in defending against attacks and hacks. Make sure to partner with the right company so you can have the correct versions for your business needs, and that they will be implemented professionally without any hiccups.

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