What are the advantages of React.js Developers?

React JS was first released in 2013, and it has been always in the forefront ever since. React is an open source Javascript library that helps developers create robust and dynamic user interfaces and scalable frontends for web applications. The Javascript library was built by Facebook, and it still leads the commercial web development market, followed by Vue.js, Ember, Angular, Stimulus,Slpine.js, Svelte, Preact and Solid. All the frameworks can be used for a variety of projects, but ReactJS still has an edge, and developers from all over the world have worked with the framework successfully. In fact, it is one of the commonly used frameworks in the world and the majority of developers who know their jobs have worked with it. 

When you hire a React developer for your project, you get a frontend specialist and in the end, a highly satisfied project. React is still one of the best used Javascript libraries in the world for web development projects, and scores well on several departments. Let’s have a look at what those departments are:

React is closely aligned with React Native

React Native is used for creating Mobile apps. Being a sister library, it has a close relationship with React, and developers who are familiar with one, will definitely be proficient in the other.  This combination makes the library a favourite choice among developers. And for businesses too because they can use the same codes for websites and app development. So developers specialising in web and mobile apps can use the library. 

Dynamic, flexible & robust

The React library has a huge and ever-growing library of customisable components that helps you create flexible apps. The robust ecosystem makes it possible for developers to achieve the most general task and the most specific task as well. Because it comes with its own companion and frameworks, and developers can easily perform complex functions with it. And by being dynamic, it is possible to develop an interface that doesn’t compromise the speed or quality of the app in any way. 

Reusable components streamline workflows

React does a lot more than simplifying and speeding up processes. React is superb at streamlining workflows, and also at reusable components. With this feature, developers can maintain a consistent code style and balance the application’s maintainability on all levels. They can reuse components they have already written, and even on totally different builds. By this feature, it is possible for developers to save hours of receptive coding tasks, speed up time, and increase productivity. 

React renders superior rendering

What makes a great application is its super page experience and fast load time. React renders DOM or Document Object Mode initially as a virtual copy of the actual DOM. The changes to the UIs made would be through the virtual DOM. As a result, it is not necessary to render the entire UI each time. Additionally, React improves overall page experience and load times, and has a huge impact on SEO. This keeps the rendering times down and improves the load times. Even search engines love webpages built with React, because of speed and agility. 

Testing is easy

With React, testing is much easier than alternative libraries and frameworks.  Automated unit tests, integration tests, etc are all possible with the library, especially Jest, the inbuilt testing feature that’s suitable for both small and big projects. 

Why do you need to hire React JS developers?

React is often the first choice among developers because of its technical strength, efficiency and simplicity. There will always be demand for skilled JS developers and it is these advantages of React that makes it so popular because the advantages themselves make the work of the developers successful. 

Hiring your React Js developer from a top recruitment agency or a reputable software development company gets half the job done. 

1. Utilise the best features of this exhaustive library

When you hire a skilled React JS developer, you can rely on them to utilise the features of the exhaustive library and build intuitive user interfaces. 

2. Can speed up front-end development process

Hiring a ReactJS developer can most certainly speed up the front-end development process. This is because the developers can build holistic components capable of managing their own states. There are different ways in which this can be done, and a good developer would know how to go about it. 

3. Excellent choice of tools

The developer will have an idea of the tool they have to use for the type of application they are building. For example, if the developer is building an app that doesn’t need many forms, then he might not need the form library at all. 

4. Using reusable components

As mentioned earlier, ReactJS developers would use reusable components because the framework allows it, so they can use the same codebase for similar applications, not just multiple times in a single application. 

5. You get complete, bug-free application

ReactJs developers have knowledge in creating highly performable bug-free applications. They are also capable of building additional plugins and do testing, app maintenance etc. 

6. Similar code for both client and server-side 

Another benefit with hiring ReactJS applications is that you save a lot of time because it is possible to use similar codes for both client and server side of the application. This means the whole app development process will be speedy, making it beneficial for both users and crawlers.

7. The testing part becomes easy and quick

An added advantage of hiring React developers is that they work closely with the testing team to manipulate any states. This makes it easily possible to manage the output of the code and every function and action related to it. 

Final Thoughts

These are some of the advantages that you get with hiring ReactJS developers. Having the right team by your side is very important to create a successful project. As always choosing the right framework and library is crucial to the success of your project. By far ReactJS is a good option, and would never let you down. 

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The author: Sascha Thattil works at Software-Developer-India.com which is a part of the YUHIRO Group. YUHIRO is a German-Indian enterprise which provides programmers to IT companies, agencies and IT departments.

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