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Laravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks in use in the software development industry. And therefore, it is natural for the demand for its developers to grow. They can easily use the framework to build web applications because it is simple to learn and use. A skilled Laravel developer can quickly and independently produce complete solutions by utilising their knowledge and experience with the framework.

“Laravel developers” are web developers who specialise in the Laravel framework and craft cutting-edge, highly functional web applications that enhance user experiences. In this article, you will learn more about their key roles, responsibilities, required skills, etc. Continue reading to learn more about the topic.  

Role and responsibilities of the job

Laravel developers should carry several roles and responsibilities while doing their job. As their primary role, they should be able to build and maintain innovative and modern web applications using the various web development tools that prevail in the software development industry. 

The responsibility of maintaining the already existing applications lies with them. They work on creating security updates, fixing bugs, and updating the application’s features to suit users’ needs better. The following are the various duties you should learn about when you hire a programmer or become one. 

  • The applications developed are tested using various tests, like backend and User Interface tests, to optimise performance.
  • These developers also document the entire development process and plan, prepare for any changes throughout development, and ensure that the HTML, CSS, and shared JavaScript across applications are valid and consistent.
  • They keep up with emerging market trends and industry best practices in web development, and they communicate effectively with the project manager in charge about the status of the technical process and any problems it may have.
  • Web applications are also tested, troubleshooted, and debugged.
  • They should collaborate with backend and frontend developers on various web development projects.
  • In addition to being able to work independently, they should also be able to work in a team.

Skills required for a Laravel developer

It is necessary to have specific technical and soft skills to be a Laravel developer. They should be able to build a promising career, provide the best Laravel development services, and be hired by reputable software development companies with those skills, experience, and knowledge. To make things easier for you, here are a few of them. 

  • It is crucial to be knowledgeable about PHP, the Laravel framework, HTML, CSS, and Javascript. 
  • They should be well-versed in open-source projects like Joomla and osCommerce and OOP and MVC design patterns.
  • Another skill they ought to have is knowledge of common third-party APIs and familiarity with tools for unit testing like PHPUnit and Behat.
  • Additionally, they should know the query languages used by SQL and NoSQL databases.
  • An excellent understanding of version control tools and systems such as Git will help developers. 
  • Besides these technical skills, soft skills are essential and cannot be overlooked.
  • They should be creative, efficient in problem-solving, and have strong communication and analytical skills. 

How much do they earn?

Laravel developers are in great demand and are offered fair remunerations depending on several factors. It includes the position they occupy, years of experience, the skills they possess, and the industry they are in. There are freshers, juniors, and senior developers whose years of experience vary from one year to more. 

Also, the industry they work in may vary. Here is the salary range they get. Other than the experience and skills they possess, the country they live in significantly impacts their salary. Those who live in developed countries earn more than others. 

  • A beginning developer can expect to make about 58,246.99 EUR annually.
  • A senior programmer can earn around 85,819.45 EUR per year.
  • The average salary for a Laravel developer in the United States is 70,983.15 EUR per year.
  • Freelance developers in this field can earn between 16.38 EUR and 70.07 EUR per hour, with a daily rate of around 247.52 EUR for working 8 hours per day.

In this article, you read through the roles and responsibilities, the skills required, and the salary range of Laravel developers. If you are looking for them, seek certain qualities from the abovementioned programmers. Employ someone with the best Laravel framework development skills who can work well in a team, is technically proficient, can easily manage their work, can solve problems, and keeps learning.

It is not easy to choose a skilled and professional developer, as many parameters are involved, both regarding the organization and the project they have to work on. Hiring Laravel developers for businesses that need robust Laravel development services within the PHP development industry is a good idea. To select the best Laravel developer resource for your project, you must evaluate their basic technical and functional skills, soft skills, and organizational needs.

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