What is the hourly rate of a PHP developer?

What is the hourly rate of a PHP developer?


PHP development has been around for a very long time; it is still hugely popular, while the demand for a PHP developer never wanes. 

The role of a PHP developer is to write server-side web application logic. And since PHP is the largest and most widely used web development technology in the world, the demand for talented developers is always high. There is a huge number of PHP developers in the software development world, and the numbers keep increasing every day, especially with new technologies being introduced every day. Companies need developers who can develop back-end components, connect third-party applications, and support the tasks of front-end developers. The PHP developer is usually proficient in working with frameworks like Laravel, Symfony, Yii2, etc for full-stack development. 

The hourly rate of the PHP developer will be dependent on several factors. 

Factors influencing the hourly rate of the PHP developer

Before you hire the PHP developer team, it would be wise to understand the entire process of finding and hiring them, because these factors influence their remuneration. The PHP developer team would be the soul of the company because it is their skill and talent that would place your business in the digital landscape.

1. Possess cross-functional PHP skills

The PHP technology partner must be skilled in full-stack PHP application development. This way, they can handle all the aspects of business application development. A very dedicated team of PHP developers would be aware of the entire PHP language and the multiple frameworks it has. 

2. Proficiency in almost all PHP frameworks

The right team will have superior knowledge of all the major PHP frameworks, and they will have working knowledge of the entire PHP code library on a deeper level. They will help you build safe, secure, and scalable PHP business apps.

3. Knowledge of database languages

PHP developers who know database languages can use PHP to create and maintain databases successfully. They have to interact with databases frequently. Their knowledge of database design principles like normalisation would help them perform the tasks well, and organise the databases efficiently. 

4. Familiar with web servers

Web servers are a component of full-stack programming expertise and familiarity with web servers will give a well-rounded approach to web development. It would give the developers a server-side PHP experience and a hugely demanded skill.

5. Graphic design software

PHP developer’s knowledge of graphic design tools is an added advantage because you get a graphic designer at the cost of a PHP developer. The developer would be able to create stunning graphics for apps and websites. This would be great for both freelance PHP developers and for those who work for a company. 

The skill set of the developer

The skills of the developer are another defining factor in their hourly rates. Depending on the scope of the project, the skills you need might vary, but here are some skills that would certainly be advantageous to your project:

1. Experience, of course

The experience of the developer is an essential factor, especially when you have a complex project and you need to scale the website from time to time. They might charge more than the average developer, for example, the Senior PHP developer in Europe at €47,000 per year and the Lead PHP developer at €52,900 per year. But if that is the need of the hour, go for it. 

2. Evaluating their technical skills

The degree of technical skills and knowledge is an important skill set. You need to be prepared with some technical questions that will resonate with your goals and business requirements. If you are not sure of the technical questions, you can hire someone to do the interviews. Partnering with a software development agency would get that covered. A junior developer in Europe charges €35,200 per year while a Mid-level PHP developer in Europe charges €41,100 per year. 

3. The motivation to improve the skill set

A self-motivated developer will constantly learn new technologies and languages so they can polish their talents for the betterment of the company they are working for. They will be able to execute numerous skills and thus, command a greater hourly wage. 

4. Open to challenges

Being present online is indeed a task, and with cut-throat competition among brands, it is only reasonable that you want the developer to be updated on the latest trends and technologies. And open to challenges as well. They must have the passion and be flexible to adopt new changes as and when they come in. 

5. Certified professionals are in great demand

The credibility of the PHP developer improves as they have updated and relevant certifications like Zend Certified PHP Engineer, Laravel Certification, etc. This would boost their credibility and improve their earning potential. 

Rates by location

As you all know, the hourly rates of the PHP developer vary by location. North America, mainly the United States and Canada, charge the highest rates, probably, even more than Europe. A junior developer in the USA might charge you in the range of $30-$50, while an experienced or senior developer might charge anywhere in the likeness of $100-$150. Yes, that’s whopping!

You have a pretty good collection of developers from countries in the United Kingdom, Netherlands, and Germany. The rate for junior developers might start at €20 and go up to €40, while they become experienced and senior, the rate can go up to €100 or more. 

In Australia, the rates can be somewhere in the range of AUD 30-50 per hour for a junior developer, while senior developers charge around AUD 70-120 or more per hour. 

Asia is an excellent destination for companies looking for competitive rates and quality work. Countries like Vietnam, the Philippines, and India offer cheap rates and commendable work. A junior developer in India may charge only $30 while a senior developer might command $80 or more. The rates can vary according to the cities in India too. 

Some developers take up remote work. This allows them to work in a familiar environment without having to waste time and money on relocating. Some developers are open to that idea and might accept competitive compensation, depending on where they are based.


This makes it obvious that the hourly rate is influenced by several factors. The experience, skills, educational qualifications, and certification of the developer influence their pricing, while the location and project complexity are also major determiners. Keep an eye out for the market trends, and the specific skills and technologies that are in vogue before deciding to have your own PHP developer team.

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