What is the hourly rate of SAP consultants?

What is the hourly rate of SAP consultants?

Have you heard of SAP consultants? If you are interested in or have a background in software and computer systems, you have probably heard of a career option like that. 

SAP stands for Systems, Applications, and Products. So technically speaking, they are professionals specialised in one or two areas within the field of data processing. It can be either functional or technical. 

Their major role is to help companies locate the right software to meet their needs. The career has a bright future and high earning potential, and most consultants find it extremely rewarding. In this article, we will learn about the roles and responsibilities of the job, why they are in demand, and their hourly rates. Read on to learn more.

What do they do?

Bachelor’s degree holders in computer science make up the majority of Systems, Applications, and Products consultants. 

They must have a great deal of practical knowledge of SAP systems and applications. These positions require strong analytical abilities, meticulousness, and project management skills. Programming language proficiency is beneficial.

They assess, design, and configure computer systems and software to ensure optimal workflow and end-user ease of use. They gather customer feedback and make adjustments as necessary. 

Depending on the kind of consulting they do, their specific duties might change a little. The four primary types of Systems, Applications, and Products consultants are developer, business and sales, functional, and SAP basis consultants.


Depending on their area of expertise, Systems, Applications, and Products consultants have different duties. It is possible for them to work in a variety of areas, such as administration, customer service departments, and contact centres. 

They may also work in industries like construction, management of production, accounting, and financial analysis. Some of the most common duties they share include the following.

  • Making user-friendly interfaces and enhancing functionality with scripts and programs.
  • They should prepare and deliver solutions in case of new requirements from the employer or client.
  • Analysing and providing advisory services and specifications and solving the complex problems that may occur within the area.
  • Examining an organisation’s current computer systems, identifying areas for improvement, and offering management team suggestions for solutions.
  • Give businesses advice on how to use the Systems Applications and Product’s system properly.
  • Organise discovery meetings with potential client representatives to establish rapport and learn about their particular requirements.

Necessary skills required

Every Systems, Applications, and Products consultant should require some important skills to be successful. Even though the job is profitable, it is challenging. Therefore, you must continually invest in developing your skills if you want to stay ahead of the competition, win the confidence of potential clients, and come across as a professional. 

Regardless of the type of consultant they are, they should excel in a few other areas in addition to their duties. Please take a look at a few of them below.

  • Time management is one of the basic skills required to be effective and productive as a consultant. You need to make sure you’re allocating appropriate amounts of time to each project.
  • Understanding the finer points and breaking down technical concepts for different audiences is a skill that distinguishes you as a consultant, ie, technical communication.
  • Since they are always in constant collaboration with others, teamwork is very important.
  • You should be familiar with iterative approaches to problem-solving in order to speed up and improve the efficiency of organisations and processes.
  • Willingness to keep learning and expanding your knowledge.
  • It’s crucial to know how to deliver the perfect pitch that contains all the information necessary for stakeholders to buy in.

Are SAP consultants in demand? 

Systems, Applications, and Products is used by most of the top companies in the world. S/4HANA’s introduction has created great opportunities for its consultants as non-SAP companies convert their legacy systems to SAP. 

By offering professional guidance and support to businesses looking to enhance their business processes, they play a crucial role in helping organisations use Systems Applications and Products software efficiently. 

In light of this, it is thought to be a fantastic career opportunity for those passionate about working in business administration and information technology. So they are in high demand right now. In this industry, there are numerous chances for professional development and advancement. They can take on various jobs and advance to senior roles as they gain experience.

How much do they earn?

Systems, Applications, and Products consultants are in high demand and receive competitive pay, as was already mentioned. A number of factors can influence their hourly rates, including education, credentials, additional skills, and length of experience. 

There is a huge demand for SAP candidates, and it is difficult to find them. In comparison to other IT jobs, Systems Applications, and Products ERP software offers high pay and excellent career growth because Systems, Applications, and Products experts are in short supply.

  • They can expect to get paid an hourly wage of 50 Euro to 200 Euro in the United States, but the salary range typically falls between 44 Euro and 54 Euro.
  • In Germany the daily rate is around 600 Euro for a junior consultant and around 1500 Euro for a senior consultant.
  • In India, Freelancer salaries range from 15,000 Euro to 50,000 Euro per year.
  • The average SAP consultant salary in India is 20 Euro to 60 Euro per hour.

As mentioned in the article, there are many reasons that keep the job of Systems Applications and Products consultant one of the most sought after career paths for many graduates. Such professionals are essential for every company that uses Systems, Applications, and Products systems. 

Also, there is a shortage of such experts in the industry. So it is not surprising that they are well paid.

The article covered a variety of SAP consultant-related topics, including their duties, the skills necessary for them, and their hourly rates for the service. Utilise the information in the article to find the most qualified expert, then hire them to serve your business.

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