Why you should create frontends with React.js


When a person visits a website for the first time, he would be pretty impressed with the design, the colours, the look, feel and the personality of the site. This is the front end of the website. Then he will go on to ‘check out’ the navigation style, the content management and other working pieces of the website. This is the backend of the site. Both these parts together make a website and how they are built is the difference that lies between success and failure. When a person finds the frontend and backend of the website to work in tandem with one another to provide a great browsing experience, he will be pleased and would like to come back, either for a second visit, or as a customer. 

The importance of good front-end

It is very important for developers to focus on the front-end part of development because it is the first thing that the users see, and only then will they experience the backend. So here are the benefits of having good frontend:

1. Navigation gets easier

It is important that your website is easy to navigate because it would keep the bounce rate under control. The user should find it easier to jump from one page to another, or from one link to another easily. When the navigation is simple, the user-journey gets simpler, and they will be interested in visiting the website again. 

2. Helps retain your visitors

When the visitor gets a good user-experience they are likely to return. They should also find what they are looking for, or they will be prompted to leave and never come back. So an excellent frontend will boost sales, and revenue. 

3. Lasting impression

When the user first visits the website, he would really appreciate it when the website loads quickly and responds quickly. This would be very appealing to the user. You wouldn’t possibly like to visit a website that takes ages to respond or fails to load, would you? That’s how it would be for others too. With an impressive frontend, you can quickly hook the visitor. 

4. Aligns with your branding needs

It is important that your customer remembers what your brand is and what it stands for when they see your website or logo. This is important and can happen only when you remain consistent. Through good front end development practices, you can align your branding elements with your company’s identification markers.

5. The stable look generates trust

A well-built website that upholds the principles and values that it promises to proclaim will lead to trust and reliability. This is possible through frontend development, especially as it contains all the elements of a good website. The users will instantly find what they are looking for, and they don’t have to search for anything. This generates trust. 

Now, is React JS good for the front end?

Oh yes, it is the right choice when your need is to develop a highly performant application that passes all tests. The core functionalities of the framework makes the front end fast, scalable and modular. It can be used in combination with other frameworks and JS libraries, and so, it is one of the most popular frameworks used in web development. Ask any seasoned developer and they would tell you that they have used the framework at some point or the other. 

Where to use React JS

Since there are several strong front end development frameworks, it is only natural that you would wonder why you would need React JS. So here are some places that we suggest you can use this great framework:

Cross-platform apps – Cross-platform apps are in great demand, and if you can develop an app that can be operated seamlessly across several platforms, it will be hugely successful. React Native is the best solution for creating cross-platform apps. 

Dashboards – React is noted for its component based architecture and impressive component reusability quotient. This helps you crate modular codes to help develop futuristic dashboards. React’s noted VDOM feature ensures that the iterations on the components are made faster. 

Social Networking sites – Of course, Facebook designed React, and so surely it would be used by social networking giants. With React, you can avoid several ‘client to server’ requests so the app performance will never be affected. React SSR is extremely useful because it works in the favour of SEO algorithms and also enables client-side and server-code rendering.

Still wondering if React JS is a great solution? Check out the examples

Several big shots are using React, and so can you. The tech-giants that use the framework are:

Netflix – The run-time performance, speed at startup are all attributed to the features of React. 

Instagram – Tried Instagram’s search engines? Or their geolocation feature? React comes in there too.

Facebook – Obviously, Facebook is a great example for React. Their webpage is built with React.

New York Times – Have you visited the New York Times page? They really do have a nice interface with different photos from several years that you can filter and see. This is done with ReactJS. 

WhatsApp – If Facebook uses React, then can WhatsApp be far behind? The app uses ReactJS for building user interfaces. 

These are just a few examples. Several other big companies also use React JS successfully. Many of them use React because of some feature or the other that they value. Some say it is because of its SEO friendly feature, some say that the script is battle-tested, and for some, the fact that the framework is compatible with legacy code is a great advantage.

It is easy for businesses to be confused when it comes to choosing the best front end development framework, because each has its core benefits and demerits. For example, Angular JS, Tezjs are all really good frameworks, and when conditions change developers could shift their choice of frameworks as well.

Conclusion – Is ReactJS the best front end framework?

So if you ask is ‘React the best front-end framework?’ Yes, it sure is. It is one of the most popular frontend development frameworks. The most popular UI for React JS are MUI, React Bootstrap, Semantic UI, React Redux. 

Other reasons that business value make them choose ReactJS: Scalability, Reliability, Security

The framework makes the development process free of errors, while the DOM feature makes it easier for the developers to break down the components to break down for testing purposes. 

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The author: Sascha Thattil works at Software-Developer-India.com which is a part of the YUHIRO Group. YUHIRO is a German-Indian enterprise which provides programmers to IT companies, agencies and IT departments.

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