10 advantages of PHP

At the simple writing of a code, a website magically appears on the computer. Numerous scripting languages can be used to write the code, and PHP is the most simplest of them all. Some of the most noted features of PHP are:

  • It is open source
  • Server-side scripting language
  • Also used as general purpose programming language
  • Embedded with features offered through paid scripting language
  • Is feature-rich

Functions of PHP

PHP is the acronym used for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. It can:

  • Create dynamic websites
  • Create, open, make changes, close, read, write and delete files
  • Can collect form data
  • PHP can encrypt data
  • Can also be used to control user-access

The ten advantages of PHP

As said before there are several programming languages, but what is it that makes PHP the most popular when compared to all of them? Have a look at the unique advantages PHP have over others.

10. Free, no need to pay any fees

The most interesting fact of PHP is that it is open source and thus developed by a community of developers from everywhere in the globe. It is free to use unlike other scripting languages like JPS or ASP. PHP imposes no restrictions and requires no licenses.

9. Capable of creating any website

PHP provides the perfect resource for creating any kind of website, irrespective of the traffic it is expected to win. PHP can be used to create Facebook, Wikipedia, Twitter and similar websites and since it is server side scripting, it can pretty much do what CGI programs are capable of doing.

8. Quite easy to handle

One of the reasons why developers champion PHP is because it is quite easy to handle and its syntax quickly decipherable. Programmers can easily modify the code and change it if they don’t like something about the product. Anyone can download the software, it is well-maintained and well-written. The code of PHP is based on C/C++ and embedded in HTML source code. In addition, PHP can deliver quick solutions to complex problems. So the benefit is that whenever a new application enters the market, you can quickly adjust the website to improve your competitive advantage. And that too, in a highly cost-effective manner.

7. Can run on any platform

No matter what the operating system is, PHP works on all of them. In addition to that, as PHP can be easily integrated with any technology, for example, Java it is possible for the programmer to reuse the current software components. There is no need for a ‘redevelopment’ for the present software.

6. Highly flexible

PHP is noted for high-level flexibility because it supports all major web servers (example, Apache, personal webserver, Microsoft IIS, Netscape, iPlanet) and all databases (example, MySQL, dBase, IBM DB2, ODBC, PostgreSQL, InterBase, FrontBase, SQLite). Every project normally goes through a functionality change at some point or the other. Through PHP it is possible for the programmer to implement these changes irrespective of the stage of development and without any loss of time. When you compare PHP to ASPX, the level of freedom enjoyed in the former is far superior. While ASPX is limited to Miscrosoft Visual Studio, you can use any text editor (Notebook++, iEdit, Bluefish, simple Notepad or iEdit.) with PHP. PHP is extremely quick for its speed as well.It doesn’t require many resources to run as it can work much faster than other scripting languages. And since PHP is a mature language, all the kinks are smoothened out.

5. Uses its own memory space

Enables faster development because it decreases loading time through the usage of its own integrated memory. Ideal for web applications like Ecommerce, CRM, CMS and Forums because of the fast download from the server and quick processing speed.

4. PHP is secure

There is likely to be very little malware injection in PHP, hence it is secure. However, it was not like that till some time ago. For example, on October 2013, several PHP servers and domains were compromised. But now there is no such danger. Now there are multiple layers of security to prevent any episodes of attacks.

3. PHP community is huge

PHP community is huge, and a team of developers create codes. Though large and diverse, it is composed of innumerable frameworks, components and libraries. PHO developers would choose several of those and infuse them to create a single project. PHP developers adheres to a common code style so it would be easy for other programmers to mix and match these libraries to suit the individual requirement of each project. The codes should remain consistent even when third party codes are used. So it means, the codes are easy to read and work with.

2. Easy availability of resources

As PHP is extremely popular it is possible for the developers to have access to a huge repository or resources, both online and offline. This resource is constantly growing. No matter how impossible or unique your needs may seem, it is possible to find a solution for it in the code because someone may have already developed it. It could be related to CMS, blogs, frameworks, e-commerce or any other thing, there will always be a friendly community of developers who would be ready to help.

1. Easy to learn scripting language

Due to the similarities with C and Java, PHP has become fairly easy to learn. In case, you are familiar with only HTML, don’t fret, picking up the thread of PHP is still easy.


The level of support received for consumer goods is a large determinant in their success. If you are stuck with a coding issue while working on PHP, you will be amazed at the support and guidance received.

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