11 Advantages of Software Developers from India

India is one of the top destinations for software development today. Currently India is called the outsourcing hub just for the fact that it can give best quality at lower price. India has been a one stop shop for the information technology outsourcing services around the globe.

Especially in the fields of app programming and web development it is leading other countries.

Today there are many software development companies in India. The reason for this is also because there are a lot of engineering colleges on the subcontinent which train the best school pass outs.

To give a better understanding why it’s good to engage software developers from India, we are writing this article. We will mention 11 advantages in this article.

1) Highly Skilled

In India there are more than 3500 engineering colleges, which churn out highly qualified graduates in IT and other related subjects. India has a strong focus on increasing the number of engineering colleges, so as to become a powerhouse in the global market.

Furthermore there are many IT companies which train the new graduates and gives them the proper training to work professionally in an international market. Infosys, for example, a large Indian IT company with more than 100’000 software developers, has a large campus, where they train thousands of IT graduates.

2) Knowledge about new technologies

Companies in India are adopting new trends in developing platforms and using the newest programming languages. They take initiatives to update their staff’s knowledge about new technologies and new languages that are going to make them stronger at their domain. Knowledge has always been closely linked with the performance of software engineers.

3) Communication Network Infrastructure

The communication network infrastructure in India is currently one of the best in the world.

  • 4G Technology Internet: This latest internet service is going to be one of the miracles of this era .This technology has already started to being used in India.
  • Fiber optics: There is a shift from the previously used analog cables to fully digital internet connections.
  • Internet speed: More than 21 Mbps speed is provided even with the simplest forms of 4G internet.

4) Lower cost of Living, therefore lower cost of development

India is still a developing country, even though it has developed in the area of the IT, to one, similar to those in the western world. In the current circumstances, living costs are very low on the subcontinent. This also reflects in overall IT costs, which will come down significantly. This cost advantage can be handed down to clients abroad.

5) India is focusing on IT

Every Government in the past India, as well as the current one, was and is very supportive of the IT sector. Thererfore a further boom in the IT sector can be expected in the coming years. The new government policies will definitely attract more internationally operating companies to set up shop in India. Not only will this attract them, also the huge number of well qualified and experienced developers which are available will be a reason to be active in this South Asian country.

6) Tax advantages given to Indian software companies

There are currently many initiatives to reduce the tax burden on IT companies. This will make it even more attractive to outsource to India, or to set up an office there.

7) English is commonly spoken

The English language is another major thing that is influencing the attractiveness of this nation. Hindi might be the major language in India, but still about 90 percent of the schools there operate mainly in the English language. Therefore even children are getting contact with this interesting language. Because of this schooling and education system, which imparts this language from an early age onwards, English is not a barrier for developers there.

8) High availability of communication Infrastructure

The country has made many efforts to improve its communication infrastructure. One example is the opening of the communications market to international investors. This has led to huge investment initiatives by foreign as well as local companies in the last few years.

Nowadays its therefore very easy to get strong internet connections and other communication infrastructure. It’s no comparison to the time before 10 or more years, where it took about one to two years to get a telephone connection. Now this is possible within one or two days.

9) Possibility to get the best developers

Especially for foreign companies it is very easy to attract the best developers.

This has several reasons:

  • It is possible to get a good exposure through the work with international companies, which will help them to easily increase their future pay packages.
  • They can get hands on experience with the latest technologies and methodologies,because foreign companies are more inclined to use those.
  • Foreign currencies are still much stronger than the Indian Rupee. Through this the foreign company gets a high conversion rate, when transferring funds from outside. Therefore it will be possible to pay high salaries, according to local standards.

10) Creativity

In recent years the Indian market has opened up. This has led to more accessibility for everyone to Smartphone’s, Internet, International Television and many more information. This in turn has led the Indian youth to find out more about new ideas, new perspectives and a new outlook how the world is perceived. Therefore, today’s youth has become even more creative.

It’s also easily possible for them to get a feeling for the needs of foreign clients, because nowadays they are using the same tools (Facebook, Google, Wikipedia, Skype, etc.), watch the same movies (Hollywood) and eat the same food (Kentucky Fried Chicken, Dominos, McDonalds, etc.). Of course, this might not affect creativity directly, but it will influence the thinking process.

11) Startup culture

There is a new startup culture which has not been here before. Everyone has started to think about becoming an entrepreneur. This will in turn lead to more innovation and innovative thinking by IT companies and individuals on the subcontinent.

The startup culture will also help foreign companies to find more graduates with innovative ideas, which can benefit both sides, the entrepreneurial team member, as well as the foreign company itself.


IT in South Asia is on the rise and so are its software developers. Anyone who decides to do business there can benefit from the advantages mentioned in this article. Of course companies need to be careful when partnering with firms there, because not every one of those keeps a high quality standard and is working according to a high ethical code. If that is taken care of as well, then the experience in India can be indeed a good one.

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The author: Sascha Thattil works at Software-Developer-India.com which is a part of the YUHIRO Group. YUHIRO is a German-Indian enterprise which provides programmers to IT companies, agencies and IT departments.

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