Why You Should Develop Android Apps in India

Mobile technology has evolved and has been growing continuously from the mere high-end gadget that it used to be in the recent past, to a technology that can complete high-end tasks like Mobile Banking, M-Commerce, Enterprise Mobility, Augmented Reality and more. The next big thing in mobile technology is choosing the right mobile platform. iOS, Android, Windows, and the new emerging platforms, continue to challenge their counterparts to win the race. Even with this continued race between the mobile platforms, Android marks it presence in the top place. Apart from the regular mobile platform Android apps are developed for wearable technology as well, which increases the demand for this platform. The flexibility, diversity and the versatility of the Android platform makes it unique and distinct. With the Linux based operating system (OS) and powerful Android Software Development Kit (SDK), apps with great performance can be developed. Compared to the other platforms like – iOS and Windows Phone, Android offers better reachability, easy integration, better scalability of the apps and most importantly, high ROI. Once you decide on developing an Android app, there are few things that will help you build a successful Android application.

Knowing the scope of this platform, choosing the right developer to build Android apps makes an equally important role. Keeping in mind the key skills of an Android Developer, you should also think about the factors that affect the profit of the project. Some important questions while developing an Android app are –

  • Do you want to outsource the work or use an inbound app developer?
  • What are the advantages of outsourcing the app development work?
  • How to choose the right developer who will help you build a unique and awesome app in the Android platform?
  • Why choose India to develop your Android Apps?

The first and most important part while developing an application is to decide whether you want to outsource the work or take it up inbound with a local app developer. To help you with the decision of outsourcing your app project or building it in-house, you can note these major advantages of outsourcing your application development work.

  1. Cost Factor -The most important scenario while developing an app. You can cut the cost of investment and keep the budget very much in the frame. One can save on the cost of development, as you are hiring the developer only in need or demand of developing an app. The infrastructure investment like – expanding office space for It requirements, hardware, continuous training of employees, etc.; can be brought to a great extent with the help of hiring an outsource partner. Thus, hiring an outsourcing organization to develop you application keeps your ROI high.
  2. Hiring expertise from the IT sector – As we all know IT is an evolving sector that is changing and growing continuously. Limited knowledge in the technical field can result in building an ordinary application. While you outsource your app development project, you are exposed to a pool of multiple talents. These app developers have already gained the experience of working with multiple clients from various countries. Thus, you don’t have worry about any knowledge deficiency and working expertise.
  3. Work Flexibility and Focus on Business Strategy – This is yet another major advantage of hiring an outsource firm especially from the Asian region. Due to the difference in geographical location, the time zone variations add as a major advantage. With no time gap in working hours the completion of the project is faster and profitable. This in turn, helps the client to focus more on their own business strategies and worry less about the technological side of the project.
  4. Utilizing the Latest Technology with Continuous Technical Support – Most outsourcing firms have talents who are experienced and have a sound knowledge about latest advancements in the technology field. Since they handle multiple projects from various clients who have different needs, the app developers are constantly trained and exposed to latest technologies. Moreover, upon completing your application project, the app can be maintained and supported technically by this team. Continuous tech support and updates are very much required for the success of an application.

Once you decide to outsource your app project, the next big question is – where to?

Deciding on your outsourcing partner also plays a vital role in the success of your Android Application project. Some of the major outsourcing firms globally come from the Asiatic region, mainly – India, China, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, etc. Even though there are ample of outsourcing services offered from multiple Asian regions, India stands out as a strong preference.

Here‘s a look at Why You Should Develop Android Apps In India and What are the Major Benefits Of Choosing India for Android App Development –

Advantages of the subcontinent

  • Technical Expertise and Stability– India has made its mark as a leading and emerging market for technology. India has an IT resource hub over 65,000 registered Mobile app development companies, which are still growing in numbers. This ensures a multitude of highly talented IT professionals, who have made their mark as app developers. It also helps you to filter and choose the right app developers for your project.
  • Cost Efficient with High Quality – The development cost of an average app that is developed in the US or Europe is cut out to 40-55%, while outsourced to India. This helps to keep the budget of the entire project very much in par at the same time increasing the ROI. Even though the cost of the entire project is cut short, the quality of the app is never compromised. So you are actually benefitting a cost efficient as well as high-end application development at the same time.
  • Great Infrastructure along with Public and Private Sector support – The Public and Private sector in India plays a major role in upbringing the technology hub. With major IT hubs growing throughout the country, app development outsourcing has taken a top spot. With the Public sector offering support, the infrastructure cost is invariable low for these app development firms. This in turn, helps to cut out the total project cost.
  • Flexibility and Variable Work Timings – The difference in time zone and flexibility of the working hours helps to complete a project at a much faster rate. Even on a tight working schedule you could finish the modifications made to your Android app project on the same business day. Thanks to the time zone difference that still keep you ahead of the project schedule. Thus, Saving Time … Saving Budget…!!
  • Security and Progress of the Project Development – The quality and the security of your Android application is never compromised while hiring an outsource partner. In fact, being an outsourced project the firm takes extra care to keep their clients satisfied about the project. The confidentiality and source code of the project is always secure. The client can continuously monitor and track the progress of the project at any time. The offshore Project Manager provides continuous reports and updates of the app project to the client.
  • Feedback and Quality of Previous projects – Being an outsourcing company, the feedback and quality of the previous projects can be always checked upon. This is a major benefit for the client when compared to in-house app development projects. Taking previous customer or client feedbacks help the client to decide on the outsourcing company.
  • Focus on Marketing your App – The technical side being taken care by the outsource partner in India, it gives the client an added advantage of marketing the app much better in his native region. Knowing the business marketing and planning the strategies in advance helps the client to market the application better. This plays a vital role in building the popularity of the app and increasing the success rate. In turn, outsourcing your app buys you time to market your app much better.
  • No Language Barrier – When compared to most of the Asian counterparts, hiring an Indian company to build an Android app is much easier, as there is no language barrier. Even though a country with much diversities, English language is well versed by the people of the country. With a growing technology hub and skilled IT professionals, developing an Android app in India is much faster and easier.

What is your opinion on this topic? Love to hear your comments on this.

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