Frontend Developers from India: what are the advantages?

Every business, irrespective of their size and spread needs to have a properly functioning website to keep their customers and prospective leads engaged. Would you trust a company that doesn’t even have a decent website to explain and display their products and services? That would be a little tough, wouldn’t it? But then just having a website isn’t enough, because the competition to attract visitors with an exciting portal is fierce, and you can’t afford to stay back even for a second. 

This is where Front End Development comes in!

Importance of Front End Development

Front end development is the most crucial part of a website. It is the visual experience that holds the visitor to stay on to the site. Front end developer’s skill and knowledge comes into play, and encourages the vision to stay and explore. The ‘Front-end’ part of the website should have excellent visual elements so visitors can interact easily. Such user-friendly websites are the brain work and creativity of a developer who knows their job well. 

Check out the benefits of front-end development:

Reflects your business profile

First appearances always stick. The developer must always take into the account, the importance of having a great first appearance, because it reflects the personality of your business, and helps them to bond better. 

Helps in successful branding

Front-end development helps in effective branding. If you are trying to brand your business with impressive logos, products, services and designs, it would be complete with a website with excellent, eye-catching front-end development. It helps customers connect with your brand and when they see your brand or product somewhere, they would immediately relate to it. It is important to maintain those branding symbols through a really great website, because people still does go for the look and feel of things. 

Actually instill confidence in the brand

You would naturally trust a brand when you visit a website, and find things where you expect them to be. They way they present their products, the responsiveness , the ease of navigation, everything matters greatly. Poor HTML, slow loading, runtime errors and you are going to have a hard time keeping your visitors in the website. When the website is clean, organised and uncluttered, it will appear to have the authenticity that they are seeking. This would help them with the confidence part. 

So it is established that front end development is crucial to reflect your brand and website to customers. To get the ball rolling you need to have an excellent front end developer to lead the team.

India is an excellent destination to hire front end developers. You can opt for

  • In-house team
  • Remote hiring model or
  • Outsource the project

The reason why India is the ideal destination is because there is a huge talent pool of skilled and knowledgeable front developers. You can easily find a team for your small business or startup if you are on a budget. And when you are ready to scale, you can find a team that corresponds to the demand without much ado. If you already have a good business that’s up and running, you might want to scale it sometime in the future. So it depends on whether you want to outsource the work or get an in-house team. 

In-house team requires fresh investment through licensing, servers, software tools and other infrastructure. If you are looking for a single time project, then going for a remote hiring or outsourcing would be the best option. You can always rehire if you need anything else. 

Advantages of hiring from India

Responsibilities of the front-end developer

Here are some of the common tasks and responsibilities of a front-end developer

  • Develop and maintain the web interface
  • Determine the structure of the website
  • Maintain balance between functional and aesthetic elements of the website
  • Optimise the website for mobile users
  • Design responsive, creative and exciting functions of the web interface
  • Ensure excellent user experience
  • Manage software workflow
  • Engage cross-browser and compatibility of devices
  • Perform timely testing to rule out bugs and errors

The front end developer will work in accordance with the teams supporting backend and also with graphic designers to ensure all the elements of the website are in tandem with each other. 

The skills required

Here’s what the front-end developer should have, ideally:

  • Graduated in computer science or any related field
  • Proficiency in HTML, CSS, JS and jQuery
  • Understanding of key design principles so the discussions with the web designers will be easier
  • Understanding of server side CSS
  • Experience in working with SEO
  • Know the techniques of responsive and adaptive design
  • Knowledge of graphic design applications like Adobe Illustrator, for instance
  • Excellent communication skills because the developer will have to confer with the rest of the team and get concepts cleared

When you hire an Indian front end developer

You have the following advantages when you hire a team from India:

The developer has thorough knowledge of all the major frameworks and libraries

The developers in India are quite proficient in all the libraries and frameworks, making the project move faster and smoother. These are like templates, with ready codes so the developer knows what to choose and how to complete the project quickly. Here are some of the major frameworks they will know well – Bootstrap with its codes in HTML, JS and CSS and comprehensive set of tools, Angular JS with its extensible quality, React.js since it is popular for building the view layer for web and mobile applications and jQuery to convert the many lines of codes to a single line of code.

Adding special flourishes to the website

What makes a website different and appealing? The elements that are included, the animation, graphics, the music and so on, right? The front end developer team can add all these elements and make your website attractive and responsive. 

The cost factor is an advantage 

India is still one of the top priorities of companies interested in outsourcing their front end development tasks. It is not easy to get the right mix of cost effectiveness and talent, and you get that in India. If you are focussing on premium level quality output at economical costs, you can hire a team from India.

Final Thoughts

Get ready to give frictionless and engaging experience to your customers by hiring the right front end development team, and take your business to the next level. 

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The author: Sascha Thattil works at which is a part of the YUHIRO Group. YUHIRO is a German-Indian enterprise which provides programmers to IT companies, agencies and IT departments.

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