Hourly rates for Magento freelancers: how high are they?

Magneto is a well-known platform in the software development industry used by many clients and companies for creating e-commerce applications. You want Magento developers when you think of taking your physical e-commerce store online or building a brand new one. Building applications will not be enough; you will need them to maintain the online store since it will not be easy to do on your own. So the demand for developers who specialise in developing apps for the platform is increasing. 

You already know that a reasonable portion of the budget for your e-commerce website is made up of a developer’s hourly rate. If you use a powerful and expensive platform like Magento (Adobe Commerce), different prices can have a significant impact on your final project development costs. So this article will discuss the developers’ hourly rates and other related topics in detail.

Rate per hour according to the project role

The pricing per hour for Magento can be broken down using some factors like the project role of the developers, their level of expertise, and the location. Depending on these factors, the developer’s hourly rate can range from 14.08 EUR to 234.73 EUR. You can hire freelance developers through various platforms, like Upwork, or from outsourcing companies.

1. Front end developers

It is estimated that the rates per hour of frontend developers are between 18.79 EUR and 70.49 EUR. They are responsible for developing Magento templates and themes, determining where checkouts and/or “Add to Cart” buttons will be placed, as well as making your website accessible, intuitive, and visually appealing.

2. Back end developers

Back-end developers are typically in charge of the server side of the website they work on. They are tasked with writing code, managing updates and changes, integrating extensions, and developing custom modules for customers. The hourly rate for such developers ranges from 32.88 EUR to 93.96 EUR.

3. Full-stack developers

They are in charge of both the front and back ends of your website. Their hourly rate could range between 37.56 EUR and 140.86 EUR. Choose a full-stack Magento developer for your organisation if you need someone to create the app from the ground up.  

4. Magento solution architects

You may not be familiar with the project role of Magento solution architect. They plan and create scalable, flexible, and well-documented technical solutions and designs. Their hourly rate could range between 75.10 EUR and 281.65 EUR.

As mentioned earlier, other than the changes in the hourly rate due to the project role, another factor that influences the rate is the level of expertise of the developers. Certifications like Adobe Certified Professional, Adobe Certified Expert, and Adobe Certified Master are used to assess their level of expertise, which will ultimately influence their hourly rate. So Magento developers with certification badges are in high demand, whether they work as freelancers or for a reputable Magento development company.

Why should you choose Magento for your ecommerce platform?

As one of the most adaptable and feature-rich e-commerce software platforms on the market, it is a platform on which about 25% of all e-commerce websites are currently built. So here is a compiled list of reasons you should use Magento for your e-commerce platform. 

  • Since the platform is open source, programmers can alter the source code and add features and functionality by installing and developing add-ons and plug-ins.
  • Depending on your needs, it can be scaled to any size. It adjusts to your needs because it is so flexible, regardless of how big or small your online business is.
  • It can save you a tonne of time and effort when managing your online sales by allowing you to manage multiple stores from a single admin panel. 
  • Additionally, it has features for multiple languages and currencies, global support, shipping, and order management.
  • It allows you to easily navigate the site, zoom in on products, and read customer reviews. 
  • You can easily move products in your store, giving customers a great shopping experience.
  • Magento Community and Enterprise editions across various web browsers and devices provide mobile shopping experiences.
  • By enabling you to create URLs, tags, and descriptions with pertinent keywords, it helps with SEO.
  • With its feature of up-sells and cross-sells, it not only helps to drive inbound traffic but also boosts conversion optimisation and average order value.
  • It makes it simple to implement SSL security and a dedicated IP, ensuring your customers feel secure when purchasing online. 
  • You can easily integrate third-party extensions, programmes, and extra plug-ins into the platform to optimise your online store, including payment gateways, marketing automation, shipping services, and tag management tools. 
  • You can easily integrate Google Analytics, Google Base, and Google Checkout with the platform, which will help you keep track of your online customers and market to them effectively.
  • It has a sizable, worldwide developer community that communicates through forums and events to share advice, discuss updates, and assist one another in resolving technical support issues. 

So these are the reasons why giant companies use the platform and hire developers to build e-commerce websites and applications, and the reason behind the ever-increasing demand. In this article, we discussed the hourly rate for Magento freelancers and why it is so high. 

As you can see, there are many options for Magento developers and a wide range of prices.

Although the hourly rate of a freelance developer based in the US may be alluring, it would be risky for a reputable company. 

Going offshore can help you save a lot of money while still providing the same level of code quality if you are on a tight budget. Carefully check out the variables in the hourly rates and how they will benefit your project requirements. 

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