Which hourly rates can Angular programmers get?

Angular programmers’ hourly rates vary depending on several factors, including their level of experience and expertise, where they are located, the demands of the project, and many others. Considering these factors, you can find skilled developers with the right skill sets within your project budget and timeline. Usually, they are expected to have skills in JavaScript and be proficient in and around the framework.

The demand for developers is high because of the framework’s scalability. So finding developers with the right skill sets at an affordable rate will be tedious. In this article, we will discuss the skills you should look for in developers when hiring, as well as the hourly rates they charge for the projects assigned to them.

Why is there a demand?

Recent years have seen Angular become one of the most popular programming languages. There has been no change in its popularity over the years. Many big-name businesses and organisations use this framework in their app development pipelines, including Google (of course), Microsoft Office, GMail, Forbes, Delta, Deutsche Bank, PayPal, and Samsung. 

  • It is one of the potent JavaScript platforms used for front-end development and for building interactive modern web apps.
  • The dependency injection feature of the platform extensively uses HTML code and streamlines the development process for creating applications.
  • It has provided thorough and reliable solutions for almost all web application requirements related to simple processing, a single page, or intricate logic.   
  • A powerful community of expert professionals backs the platform.
  • It is a great choice for medium-sized organisations and data-driven applications.
  • Because it doesn’t require a different platform to run the codes, the framework offers a great deal of independence.

Therefore, the platform and Angular developers are in high demand for some reasons, including the ones listed above. According to some industry insiders, their future is more promising than ever.

What to look for when hiring

Being a successful Angular developer requires you to develop several different skills and apply them at the right time and place to create an app or website that the users love. You should consider them when you think of hiring them for your web development projects. Being aware of it will help you find talented programmers with affordable rates who can finish their work on time. Check out the following pointers to learn more about it:

  • The developers should have a great understanding of the core functions of the framework and also in JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, or CSS.
  • As good design is essential to a sound application architecture, ask the candidates if they design before they begin to code.
  • Ask the candidate whether they are familiar with Angular application lifecycles.
  • The developers should have a solid knowledge of reactive programming.
  • They should be skilled in and supportive of automated testing.
  • They should stay informed about the latest Angular releases.

Thus, if you want to work as an Angular developer or are considering hiring one, you should have some of the knowledge and skills listed above. Being a developer and staying current in the field is difficult because you have to be aware of changes in tools and technology. Use the knowledge you just gained to simplify your task. 

Angular programmers’ hourly rates

Now we can move on from the skills required for the programmers to their hourly rates. As mentioned before, there are many factors that influence the rates, including what type of developer they are. They can be basic front-end, intermediate-advanced front-end, basic back-end, or intermediate-advanced back-end developers. Here are the hourly rates of the developers based on the type of developer they are.

  • The hourly rate for a basic front-end developer can be as high as 50 EUR and can range from 85 EUR.
  • The hourly rate for intermediate-advanced front-end developers ranges from 60 to 90 EUR.
  • The basic back-end developers can expect to be paid about 80 EUR to 100 EUR per hour.
  • Intermediate advanced backend and full stack developers and can earn between 90 EUR to 120 EUR per hour.
  • Hourly rates for freelance Angular developers typically range from 60 EUR to 140 EUR.

Such developers are available for contract, contract-to-hire, and freelancing positions. When hiring, be sure to take into account the hourly rate variations for each type of engagement. If you want a developer who is available on-site versus one who works entirely remotely, full-time employees may charge different rates.

Factors to consider

As was already mentioned, there are a few things to take into account when determining the hourly rate of the Angular programmers. Following are some factors on which this rate depends:

  • In the same field and industry, a developer with more years of experience would make significantly more money than an entry-level developer.
  • With the introduction of more recent technologies, the relative demand for different technologies fluctuates over time. Consequently, a technology with high demand would typically pay more.
  • A more complicated project would cost more than a simpler one, such as one that only dealt with static data display, because it might involve complicated finances or large-scale e-commerce.
  • The hourly wage the developer receives would be significantly influenced by the locations of both the business and the developer. The hourly rates are also significantly higher when both the company and the developer are in high cost of living areas.

In this article, we discussed the rate per hour, the factors that affect it, why they are in high demand, etc. Even if the cost of hiring them varies depending on the circumstances, you should not compromise on the quality of the project you want them to complete for you. Hire programmers who can meet your business requirements and provide you with user-friendly, scalable web or mobile applications.

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