How to Create a Highly Converting Landing Page

Just designed a website that looks good? Does it have a high converting landing page? Can it convert visitors into leads? If your website has huge success in converting traffic into leads, then you have been successful in your endeavour.

If not, then you need to rework on your website and relaunch a new one.

And this is where you need to have a great landing page. A landing page is the page where the visitors to your webpage enter first. This page has to be attractive enough for visitors to enter the sales funnel and endure the long process of finally getting converted into customers. Landing page is actually a part of your website, yet it stands alone, as it has its own individuality. They are designed to welcome traffic generated through marketing campaigns. Landing pages help get a higher conversion on email marketing.

Designing a great landing page is tricky because it has to encourage people to visit, stay and buy from you.

If your landing page isn’t good enough, then it will lead to low conversion rates. No matter what line of business you follow, it is imperative to have the following in the website – call to action, Social media sharing, performing landing page.

The main elements in a killer landing page

Here is what it takes to have a landing page that turns heads – the main elements behind it.

1) The headline

For a stunning landing page, you need to have a great headline. The headline should grab the attention of the reader by telling in short and simple words what the business is all about or what you are trying to sell. It is also important to remember that the headline should be short enough. An ideal headline should have just 10-15 words. If you find it difficult to explain what your business is in such a short span of words then you can explain it further in a subheading. Just give a brief statement to capture user attention, and then explain it further in the subheading and support it through pictures.

2) Supportive, yet persuasive subhead

Both the headline and the subhead complement each other. If one attracts the visitor, the other can retain the interest. So the placement of the headline should come directly beneath the heading. It should go slightly more in-depth into what the headline is conveying so people get attracted, and helps in converting visitors into potential leads. It should contain the teaser that prompts the visitor to click further.

3) Well-chosen images

Rather than putting in template pictures, it would create a better impression on the visitor if you could put in relevant pictures (pictures that relate to the product/service). Quality cannot be compromised.

4) A straightforward explanation

If you are selling a simple product, then probably the headline and the subhead would suffice. But if it is a product that needs explanation, then that is another important element to be included. It is not mandatory for a different explanation text, but don’t leave it out, if it looks necessary to have one.

5) The benefits

It is important to include value proposition in your landing page. Of course, it doesn’t have to be a standalone element, but you can rather spread it across the different elements in the page. You must position it in such a way that the user understands the benefits of the product. But don’t go bragging about it that they feel bored.

6) Logical flow of elements

A cognitively arranged landing page will always generate flowing thoughts among the visitor. A broken landing page with interrupting images and text might just put them off. If you expect the visitor to go through the logical process of signing up, then you have to arrange the page in a logical manner.

7) Try the lead magnet route

You give some and you take some. This is what happens in a lead magnet. Here, the magnet is helpful content that you post on your page, so people can gain knowledge. This can be done in exchange for their email address (which is a step towards the conversion funnel). To get the best out of a lead magnet, you need to know your customer well, and what their likes are.

8) Video Landing page

According to eWeek and research by Fort & Sullivan, the global online video platform or OVP is likely to double by 2019. OVP is currently turning out to be an incredible solution that helps website owners to create, manage, publish, track and monetise videos on an online global platform. An online video is an incredible way to make people understand about your products and services. Internet marketers have already begun to explore this market, and they are reaping benefits too.

Avoid the following on your landing page:

  • Paradox of choice

Giving too much choices to the visitor can be stressful. The ultimate aim is to get people to sign in, so be specific and make that the priority. The rest can follow later. Focus on a single aim and you can see that it drives results.

  • Don’t use the bread knife to cut the chicken

Using the right tools to create the landing page. Using wrong or improper tools can bring negative impact. One of the easiest and appropriate tools for landing pages most of the time would be Instagram. The tool has plenty of professional web design templates that would help convert visitors into leads.

  • Don’t let the person search for information

The landing page should be arranged neatly, so the visitor gleans information quickly. A first time visitor should know what’s what at first glance.


Success lies in the first impression that you create. So what kind of impact do you want to create the first time they visit. What design elements do you want to use? How will you word the call to action? What are the methods to increase conversion? Landing pages play an important role in the conversion rate optimisation, and they can speak volumes about your business, even when you are not there are the helm of it.

These tricks and don’t do’s will definitely help you create a highly converting landing page. As an online business owner, you can definitely reorient your business to suit your customer’s interests, and the landing page can make them want what you have to offer.

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