How to hire blockchain application developers from India?

How to hire blockchain application developers from India?


One of the most important trends in the world of business has been the transition of business to the web3 domain. Blockchain has revolutionised the way people’s businesses are conducted, and if you are still figuring out whether to travel down this route or not, do not hesitate, it’s the one that will take your business to the next level. 

What is blockchain technology?

Blockchain is an advanced technology involving the shared, immutable ledgers that allows for transparent data (tracking assets, recording transactions, etc) sharing among numerous business networks. The assets can be anything intangible and even tangible too like painting, house, car, land, etc. If there is anything of value, they can be tracked and traded on a blockchain, making it an honest, transparent interaction. 

Blockchain is the perfect choice for business because of the accuracy and speed with which data can be shared and accessed. There are a number of benefits when you incorporate blockchain in your business:

The blockchain developer is the key player in developing the blockchain technology. They will be experts at developing decentralised applications and new blockchain platforms. So if you are in the lookout for a blockchain developer, make sure they have an excellent grasp of cryptography, computer science and mathematics. 

Benefits of hiring blockchain developer

You can develop and manage decentralised applications, also known as DApps with the help of blockchain developers. You are going to enjoy numerous business benefits when you have a blockchain developer on board: 

Keep a check on the fraudulent activities: Since business thrives on information, accuracy and speed are two important factors. Through the blockchain network, businesses can track accounts, orders, payments, manufacturing, supply, etc. When a lot of activities occur, it is not easy to keep track of hackers and their fraudulent activities. With blockchain, the whole transactions are transparent, and hackers can get no wind of it. 

Enhanced data security: Blockchain provides a high level of security for your data and business. They will encrypt data with the help of cryptography. This provides excellent security because hackers will not be able to penetrate the system. 

You can streamline your business processes: Blockchain developers can help develop business processes because now you can easily access, share and track data in a simple, but efficient manner. 

Lower operational costs: The operational costs become considerably lower because you don’t have to hire any intermediaries or third party apps to perform the transactions. A lot of business processes are automated, so there is no manual labour involved (like aggregating and processing data).

Better transaction speed: When there are no intermediaries, the need for additional procedures is also eliminated. This is a time consuming process, and with blockchain, the transaction is completed within seconds, sometimes less. It is not possible to predict the speed of transaction because it depends on the network traffic and the specific block of data. But the transaction of blockchain is the fastest ever in the market. 

Hiring a good blockchain developer can optimise the workflow

Every business strives for the maximum productivity, the buzzword that every business and employee strives to achieve. With the blockchain technology, productivity reaches the highest levels, especially when you have a skilled blockchain developer manning the task. All the tasks that were time-consuming or difficult in the past can now be handled efficiently. The developer can handle the simple tasks and complex tasks equally well. They can create an entirely new automated system to record every transaction, help you locate reliable data whenever that’s required. For example, if your client or shareholder requested a particular piece of information, and you have to locate confidential data, you can easily do it through the transparent and accountable share register where the concerned parties can access this data without worrying about the security. 

When you have a blockchain developer on your team, you work smarter and more efficiently,  on a technical level. 

Begin the hire before it’s too late

The demand for blockchain developers has really been rising recently and plenty of developers are sharpening their skills as they have realised the immense opportunities available in the technology. Many developers are in it because they are curious about the massive benefits of the technology, others because they have realised the potential. 

The problem with hiring blockchain developers is that most of the best ones already have several projects in hand, so they aren’t looking for fresh work. 

The blockchain community is also pretty good so you will find pretty good developers there. These communities are the gathering places of the developers, so you can get in touch with them virtually and conduct the interview and the entire process of candidate selection.

Even so, it is not necessary to go down the conventional route for hiring blockchain developers, because you will find a good bunch of developers in LinkedIn and Blockgeeks. Blockgeeks is the biggest community of blockchain developers, and you can tap your talent there.

Once you get hold of the perfect blockchain developer for your project, provide them with an agreeable work environment, the right pay raise, and the opportunity for growth. Make them content so they will want to stay back. 

Things to look for in your blockchain developer

To get the best person for your team, check out the skills you need in the developer:

Familiarity with the popular blockchain platforms

Your developer will have the basic knowledge of the major programming languages. They must be good at the basic syntax and know how to write the code. Since Ethereum and Bitcoin, the two major blockchain platforms are constantly evolving, the developers have to be fully aware of the latest changes, the latest blockchain platforms, how to work with them, know where the change is going to happen and so on. 

Strong grasp of cryptography

It is only when the developer is fully aware of the cryptography will he be able o develop secure systems and applications. There are certain encryption and security protocols that will be updated regularly, so the developer should have strong knowledge of cryptography. 

Knowledge of data structures

Blockchain developers must have knowledge of the major data structures like Linked List, Singly Linked List, Acyclic Graph, Hash Table.

Proficient in Blockchain fundamentals

Naturally, all blockchain developers would know what the blockchain fundamentals are. Nevertheless, you must test their knowledge in Distributed Ledgers, Immutability, Consensus Mechanisms, Smart Contracts, dApps, etc. These are just a few of the basic fundamentals that they must be really aware of. 


If you are in the hunt for the perfect blockchain developer, you have come to the right place because finding the right person is not easy. It would be always easier to allocate the task to a remote developer if you don’t need an in-house, full-time developer for the project. It is always a good idea to hire a software development agency that provides developers so you don’t have to do the process yourself. That way you can save a lot of time and money and focus on your business goals.

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