How to hire C++ Developers from India?

That brings this question to you probably – Is C++ still relevant? The quick answer to that is, yes C++ is still the first choice among several developers. This article goes deeper into why you should consider using C++, and how you can hire skilled C++ developers from India. 

Developed by Bjarne Stroustrup,C++ is a reliable and powerful object oriented programming language more than three decades ago, in 1985. Yes, that makes the programming language old, and several new developers think they need to use the latest, trendiest programming languages to enjoy versatility. 

The truth is that C++ is a widely used programming language that still has a trick or two up its sleeve. As C++ is also a programming language, it gives the developers all the tools they need to efficiently create an application that caters to OOP principles. Another thing that developers love C++ is its ease of installation because all the developer has to do is download an IDE (for example, Microsoft Visual Code) and start with coding. This kind of ease is not possible with Python or Java. 

Millions of systems are still powered by C language – Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac, Windows Phone, Android and iOS kernels. Practically, even the smartphones that people use now have C kernels in them. Even the databases used in financial, government, media, entertainment, health, education, social networks, retail systems have databases all written in C language 

Even the many embedded devices that you use today, the alarm clock, the coffee maker, the microwave, the garage remote control all have C embedded in them.

Being the oldest language, several projects are thus still run in C, and it would be difficult for developers to alter the source code, and match its security and speed.

The origin of C++ runs very very deep, and is also the base and foundation of many other languages. It gives users control over memory, comes with an extensive set of libraries making it easier for developers to design complex graphics. Developers looking for a job in the game development industry will need to be expert in C++. 

Here are the benefits of C++ at a glance:

C++ is a versatile language  – The biggest benefits of the language is probably its versatility. It  can interface with almost programming language and any system can run and compile code in C++

The memory manipulation feature – Another important feature of C is its arbitrary memory address access and pointer arithmetic feature that makes it just perfect for system programming for operating systems and embedded systems. 

The memory footprint – An interesting feature of C++ its comparatively small memory footprint.

The speed factor – It is obvious C++ is still much faster than Python and Java. That’s the reason why the programming language is used in Facebook, Amazon, Google etc. 

Is machine independent – C programs can be executed on various machines with a minor machine specific changes, making the language machine independent.  

Library – C++ has a rich set of library functions, data types making it fast, flexible and portable

Case sensitive – C++ is case sensitive, so the upper and lowercase letters are different. This contributes to the fastness of the language, because if C was case insensitive, the compiler would have been slow. 

These are just some of the noted features and benefits of C++ that still makes it the first choice among developers. 

Planning to develop a C++ team for your company or a remote team?

It’s a good decision obviously because C language is here to stay, and hiring a team of developers, remote or otherwise will always be good.  There are plenty of vendors providing the best talent for software applications, mobile and web applications. A good vendor will act as a painkiller for you, know how? By giving you the best people in the team when you require them, by handling the sudden bursts of work and offering a flexible and scalable model with total transparency. 

Here are some of the services you enjoy with getting into a partnership with a credible vendor:

C++ Applications customised 

Skilled developers would be able to provide effective custom solutions as per client demands. You can screen developers with C and C++ interview questions to analyse their skills and knowledge.  You need to ask specific C and C++ questions because there are concepts that’s unique to the language. 

C++ mobile apps and games development

If you are looking to develop interactive, cost-effective high end games, turn to C++ developers because with features like OOPS, hash tables and data abstraction, there is no way you could go wrong. 

Offering a range of test services

C++ comes with a range of test services including unit testing, integration testing, smoke testing, regression, alpha and so much more. The developers will do all the tests to ensure the application is error-free. 

Upgrading existing applications

If you have already developed C++ applications in the past, then you need to upgrade them with new features and improved performance parameters. 

Cross-platform development

If you are looking for effective C++ developers for making cross-platform apps for desktop and mobile apps, a good vendor can help you there. 

Two Best places to source talent

Github – One of the largest places for sourcing talent, Github gives you a wealth of information about the developers based on their language, location and followers. And once you browse through their profiles, you can cross reference that on LinkedIn.

StackOverflow – This is another popular resource to get professional developers. This site is more of a Q&A site where developers post and answer technical questions. It is easy to gauge the technical competence of the developer by the answers the give. 

The screening process is all that matters

It is obvious that searching for C++ developers can be time consuming and painstaking. Technical interviews can take time, and be very expensive, and you can talk with every developer that looks good enough to the team. You have to trust the vendor to get you the tech skills needed for the project. And if you are a non-technical recruiter, then this would take a huge load off. Anyway here are a few things you can look out for:

  • Since there are different versions of the C language, the developer should specify the version they have used.
  • Learn a bit more about the specific C++ projects they have done
  • Analyse the projects they have done with strict requirements and limitations.
  • The systems they did the programming for. For example, there is a vast difference in the programming for embedded/desktop and Linux/Windows/OSX 
  • Have knowledge of Javascript and XML
  • Be an expert in agile development methodology

Once you have the team of your choice, you can decide on the desired engagement model, decide the terms of the contract and sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement).  The desired engagement tool could be a dedicated team of developers, developers on a contractual basis, monthly or annual basis, or even on an hourly basis. 


The C programming language doesn’t have an expiration date because of its huge versatility.  The world practically runs on devices powered with C. There is always this huge demand for all kinds of embedded systems and low level development. 

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The author: Sascha Thattil works at which is a part of the YUHIRO Group. YUHIRO is a German-Indian enterprise which provides programmers to IT companies, agencies and IT departments.

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