How to hire Umbraco Developers from India?

Umbraco CMS is an open source content management system built using Microsoft ASP.NET framework and can be used to create almost anything, right from small websites to complex applications. Professional developers love this platform, thanks to its fully-featured environment and plethora of tools.

Why should you hire Umbraco Developers?

As explained earlier, the Umbraco developer would help you launch highly scalable and responsive websites. Having these developers in your team would help you focus on other aspects of your business because Umbraco being an adaptable content management system, you don’t have to worry about building and monitoring the websites. The configuration of the system makes it easy, irrespective of whether you are having a simple website or a sophisticated, complex app.  

Using Umbraco as your CMS platform would give you the following advantages:

Customisation is in your hands

You can enjoy complete customisation with Umbraco, so you can configure the app and website to fit in with your brand. Being open sourced you can modify the source code and create the experience you want your product to have. 

If you know a bit of coding, and can feel your way around, you can choose any of the templates provided by Umbraco to make your own app. There is a huge collection of themes and skins that would help you do that. 

Functions as both monolith and headless CMS

Headless CMS is the trend as it allows businesses to connect with their customers more accurately and respond better to new opportunities by streamlining content operations. Being a headless CMS, Umbraco is flexible and friendly (by the way, in a headless CMS, the head or the presentation layer is removed, leaving the interface open to add content whenever necessary). 

In a traditional CMS, the head and the body are connected and dependent on each other. Whenever you make changes in the back office, in the CMS’ body, you can see how it looks like in the frontend, in the CMS head. This was alright at a time when people didn’t have so many different devices with different screen sizes. This kind of coupling wouldn’t be good for recent times because people use the same application in different devices, and they need flexibility. When you create content, it must be available on all the devices. And that’s where headless CMS comes into existence. 

Numerous hosting and tools 

Using Umbraco makes sense because it comes with a horde of hosting options and tools. With the SaaS platform Umbraco Cloud, you can look out for the different hosting alternatives available with it, and make use of its versatility. With Umbraco 9 and .NET 5, you have a number of hosting options like shared hosting, on-premise hosting, dedicated hosting etc.

It is built on Microsoft.NET framework

The versatility of Umbraco makes it special. It lets you create anything, right from small websites to full-featured applications with all the tools. It is also the developer’s delight because it gives them a high degree of comfort while designing and customising web pages. Since the platform is built with ASP.NET, it is compatible with most of the Microsoft technologies, and can be used with all the ready-to-use libraries so you can use it to build with any kind of business requirement, and finish within a reasonable time-scale.

Has a growing client-base

Umbraco is the preferred choice for several huge corporations like Avon, Vogue, Sony etc, and several big names are already using this platform because of its multiple features like scalability, adaptability and security. 

Excellent scalability 

One of the biggest advantages of businesses starting with small websites is that they can easily scale any time they want. You can build as your business grows, thanks to the flexible load balancing built into the codebase. 

You can integrate it with other platforms

One of the best things about Umbraco is that you can integrate with other tools and softwares. Examples would be CRM platforms like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Web analytics and statistics tools like Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, ERP systems for managing internal activities like accounting, payroll, invoicing etc through Oracle E-Business Suite or SAP Business One and Payment Gateways like PayPal, PayU etc. 

How using Umbraco CMS would help your business

In this section, we would be dealing with the benefits of Umbraco

Has a responsive user interface

Umbraco is noted for its mobile-responsive user interface. It means you can make changes to the material right from your phone or any portable device. Since the user interface is easy, anyone with minimal device knowledge can handle this, there is no need for complex technical expertise. Just copy-paste the content, and it will be done. 

It’s a free content management system

Using Umbraco CMS has no fees attached to it, you only have to pay for the design services, that’s all. Since the platform is open source, you can download additional products, and those can be charged, but otherwise, your website launch can be done with minimal costs.

Built-in APIs

One difference between other content management systems and Umbraco is that the latter has all add-on modules, while Umbraco comes with native built ones, using NET. 

Start the hiring process 

Since Umbraco is good and recommended, hiring developers proficient in the CMS would be of the greatest advantage. You can get in touch with web development agencies to find you a team. Whether you are planning to start a simple website, an e-commerce website or a website with a large content database, this would be the perfect CMS to get started. 

There are several good agencies who would help you create the best team ever. You can also get the help of other resources like the developer community for Umbraco, LinkedIn, GitHub and Stack Overflow to find really professional and enthusiastic developers. 

This would help you get a list of all probable candidates, their skills and expertise, and the rates they charge. You can choose among the hourly method, the contract basis or per project basis for their remuneration.

Once you hire Umbraco developers, you can be assured that they will stay in the forefront of what’s happening as there is a huge community of developers for support and advice. Your developers can seek the help of this community 24/7, and avail the services of the huge plethora of user resources and more than a hundred video tutorials. The user resources and tutorials are available for premium users. 

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