How to use quora to drive traffic to the website

How do you like to give a presentation to an empty room? Or you have worked hard to prepare a unique presentation and nobody in the room seems to connect? Frustrating, isn’t it? Before you get ready to pull the hairs out of your head, think what went wrong. Maybe you were not using the right channels, which is why you didn’t find anyone there, or maybe something was wrong with the content you prepared and it doesn’t resonate with the people who should be reading it. 

Quora can help

Quroa is a revolutionary community and it contains questions and answers o anything and everything under the sun. It is not just a Question and Answer website, but you can post great blog posts, go through the different blog post ideas that are in there and even answer the questions that people ask regarding your niche topic, complete with a link to your website. Quora says that you have a very good chance of getting 80 million monthly unique visitors, so if you contribute wisely, you will get noticed. 

You must have constantly heard of this term – Quora traffic. Now what exactly is Quora traffic? Quora traffic indicates that it gets many millions of unique visitors every month. Now here are all the people that make up Quora traffic – bloggers, new and old, blog owners themselves, students and learners, small business owners, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, buyers, customers, marketers and marketing experts, and technologists. So just imagine how many people would be influenced when you get together with Quora. 

Hence it goes without saying that Quora has become an important medium for business owners and if used correctly you can drive traffic to your website. When regularly writing and publishing on Quora, you get tens of thousands of views and it can become the #1 resource for bringing traffic. 

Now, about driving traffic to your website

In Quora, you have the chance to regularly answer questions related to your topic of interest. Once you answer these questions, with, of course relevant and complete answers, you will be considered an authority on the topic. This would help you generate visibility regarding your brand. Even if all the visitors may not visit your website right then, you are certainly building great equity for the future. They might visit it at some point of time or remember the domain name to share with someone else.

So, here are some simple things that you can do:

Get the attention of influential people

Don’t ever underestimate the power of people who visit the Quora pages regularly because when they comment and respond to your content, their presence will bring in a lot of other people. 

Having  a good profile matters

Whether it is for social media marketing or starting your own blog, creating an impressive profile is the first big step. So make sure your profile in Quora, is all professional and complete that you look like an authority on your topic of interest. Even if you are an authority on any subject, and then having a sloppy profile will not get the job done. 

Adding the topics in your profile

In your profile, you must state the topics of your interest. This would help your profile to get inserted with the topic/niche you are an expert about. 

Answer questions that are in your expert niche

You will always get questions on your niched topic and these topics would be Google Indexed questions. You can also search for the popular questions using Quora tool. Try to answer the questions in a crisp and concise manner so people will be instantly drawn to them. In the end, you will definitely get an upvote as a reward. 

You can ask questions too

Asking questions can go the other way round as well. If you ask a brilliant question, it is an indirect invite for people and you can enjoy the maximum number of views that way. But it is not easy to bring in these people. You will have to be very creative at the questions you make. 

Follow the experienced and most demanded writers

If you are a beginner to Quora, then follow the experienced writers until you know what makes them click. You can also learn a lot of writing tips and tricks by observing their writing. You can also observe their answering style to get into grips of answering.

Monitor close and give useful answers

Check your Quora questions frequently and give instant, but useful answers. The most intelligent, humorous, thought-provoking questions are always voted the best writers. If your answers are credible and relevant, that would bring you more upvotes.

Do not make it too lengthy

Just as your answers must be credible and concise, you must include all the points in order to win the tag of a reliable writer. But as you go along adding points, make sure the answers aren’t too lengthy. If you cannot answer briefly, then supplement the answer with images and probably, even links to your website.

Comment on other’s answers

Choose the best answers written by other people and comment on them. Give an upvote as well. This way you can build a relationship with other writers. While you do this, understand that it would work only when you answer and comment on your main niche of business. 


While you work hard to expand your expertise on Quora and bring more traffic to your website, don’t forget to spread your expertise on other social media channels. Whenever you answer, share it on all the major channels, and the word gets across. This way, you get traffic from other sites as well. 

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