Why We Need To Link Blog Articles And Where To Do It

Every business understands the fact that they should have a website and the website should bring in good traffic. But few fail to realize that good content plays an important role in bringing people and converting customers. In the olden days, e-business owners used to cram their websites with bad content, thinking the usage of keywords would be enough to attract Google page ranking. Unfortunately, for them when Google took things into its hand, bad content got wiped out and only websites with good content came to be featured in Google page ranking. Then started the rush for good content and people started collecting professional content writers and stuffed their websites with quality content. They thought that would be enough to bring them more traffic and more customers. But that is not so. You need to link your blog articles so more people get to hear about your website.

So why you should have good blog in your website

You can drive traffic to your website with an excellent blog. It would improve SEO and people who get converted would enter your website, thereby increasing your sales.

Now that you have no doubts on why you should have a blog on your website, you must also be aware of the several benefits it would give you:

Driving traffic to your website

The ultimate aim in creating a website and maintaining a blog is to have traffic. Sure, there are people who know the url for your website and may type it in and enter if they want to know some information regarding your business. But, what about people who do not know about your website. How will you educate them on that? You can try email marketing, but that is tedious and expensive! You can also pay for traffic by placing ads in strategic places in other people’s websites. But that will also be expensive. The best way to do it inexpensively would be to maintain a blog of your own. Through blogging, you can gain a good name of your own in all the social media websites as well.

Blogs can convert traffic into leads

Now that you have a good blog and traffic, your next task would be to convert this into leads. Every blog post that you submit and enter in your website is an opportunity to earn more leads, so make sure there is call-to-action at the end of the article. This call to action tactic would take them to a landing page where they can fill a form and submit their information or query regarding your business.

Having a blog is like having an authority

When you publish regular articles on different subjects make sure it is original and unique. You would then be considered an authority and you will have regular subscribers who will visit your website regularly to read what you have posted. Your prospects may have many unanswered questions and if they get answered in your blog post, you will be considered reliable.

Make sure your content is shared on quality websites

It is not difficult to get websites to link your articles. But there is no point in linking your website to any third-party website that you see. Ensure you get excellent exposure in authority websites and websites that are rated high in Google Page ranking.

Once you have blogs with regular readers you can increase the “reader base” by linking it to social media sites especially LinkedIn, Facebook and Google Plus. Once you have an article ready in your blog, the methods for posting them to social media would be different depending on what platform you are doing it. The procedure is different for desktop and mobile.  If you are doing it via a Facebook app, you can link to your post right from the app itself. There is a share button through which you can tap the “copy link” option; this would help you link to the post and this would be displayed on the clipboard. Or you can call up the desktop version of your Facebook and then share it the old-fashioned way.

Quora is also a good resource for marketing blog articles. It is said that Quora alone gets more than 1.5 million visitors monthly.  You can sign up for Quora and connect it with your social media channels. Apart from posting content and finding people to connect with, you can also follow the topics that you are interested in through Quora. When you consistently post quality content, you will have followers and subscribers.

When you post articles in less-authoritative sites, you may not be able to generate any business from them. True, they may give you traffic, buy qualified leads – very, very rare.

Improving your SEO

Every website is on the lookout to improve its SEO so make sure you:

  • Avoid duplicating content

Blogs with original and worthy ideas are always appreciated, while blogs with duplicate or copied content will always be avoided.

  • Have a strong content strategy

Decide when you want to post content on your website and make sure the quality remains strong at all times

  • Posting quality images

High quality images drive traffic to the website and improve SEO

  • Don’t forget to have a link to your products page

The main aim of any website and blog is to inform and educate people about the products that you sell, so never forget to link to your products page when you post articles? It foils the purpose of having a blog in the first place.

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