Top 10 Blogs Every Software Developer Must Read

Every software developer must be an avid follower of software blogs because there is so much information in these blogs. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned pro, software blogs would always give you something new and informative. Visiting these blogs would keep you updated on the latest horror stories in the software development industry and plenty of useful information regarding the recent trends as well. There is a saying “You are what you read”, so read up on these blogs to be equipped with the latest happenings in the industry. Of course there are hundreds of software blogs in the web world and finding something that would give you good information is the trick of the trade. Here is a list of 10 blogs that are mentioned here because they are different and unique in one way or the other. Bookmark these blogs and follow them regularly:

  1. A List Apart

This is a blog where multiple software developers post articles on. Interesting and conversational, you will find this blog to be intensively dedicated and very useful. Follow this blog and learn some hard and fast rules on the latest software development rules. A very reader-friendly website with quick navigational buttons and excellent images.

  1. Ray Wenderlich’s blog

When iOS products entered the field of software development, it brought in a huge market share to its markers. Ray Wenderlich’s blog is a community of expert software developers and writers who write and post extensive articles on software development. The tutorials and content in the website is sure to give you the first steps in software development and game makers.

  1. NS Blog

NS Blog by Mike Ash is the perfect blog for novices.  They can learn a lot from Ash, the owner, and other contributors who regularly write in the website. It is a pretty straightforward blog with no frills and fancies, but easy to read content.

  1. Web Appers 

Web Appers is another interesting website with plenty of informative content. You can read about what salary you could earn as software developer or how to generate layouts and plenty of other information by joining this open source community. The content is accurate and constantly updated; hence, a blog you must bookmark and save for future reading.

  1. Coding Horror

This blog by Jeff Atwood is well known among the developer circle that it hardly requires any introduction. It not only contains information, Q&A of software engineering, but examines the funny side of human coding as well. The excellent content and the sharp wit are what attracts people to this website. Coding Horror is packed with information and complex topics are explained with a great deal of ease and a language that even novices can follow.

  1. Toptal Engineering Blog

There is where you go when you want to assimilate knowledge posted by professional software engineers. Complete and detailed tutorials on various facets of software engineering can be found here. Additionally, the blog allows you to apply for a job here or hire a developer. An updated website with excellent and timely information and hundreds of useful content that you will not find elsewhere; so bookmark it for future use.

  1. Code Better

Code Better is a blogging site launched in 2005 and is a completely technical community, focused and with accurate recounting of happenings in the software world. The articles are mainly based on Microsoft technologies like Sql server, Sharepoint, Biztalk, .Netbased languages and so on. Professional software engineers who would like to share their knowledge and help the developer community write these articles.

  1. Daily WTF

This blog was founded in 2004 by a software developer, Alex Papadimoulis and delivers how-to-guide in software development. The blog also contains a section where developers can recount horror tales of bad code development and the disasters it caused them. If you want to publish your experience with a bad code, this is where you knock. Sure, the editor will review your article, but posting your experience would definitely be helpful to other developers and prevent them from making the same mistake.

  1. Stevey’s Blog Rants

Reading technical stuff can be pretty boring; this is where Steve Yegge’s Blog Rants makes it interesting, unique and humorous. The blog is not constantly updated and it may not contain any current information. But it still contains relevant information on interviewing and hiring software developers and how to work successfully in a software company. His cutting satire certainly makes it a blog worth bookmarking.

  1. Joel on software

Apart from being an incredibly good writer, Joel Spolsky started Fog Creek Software from scratch and grew it to a highly successful company. His narration is superb, and after reading his articles you will be motivated to start your own company or buy from him. His articles are resplendent with vibrant examples that you can relate to, and the growth and development of his own company is so exciting and informative. Don’t miss this one!

This list is by no means listed on the order of superiority or by any other order. These are blogs that you must read to get power-packed information on software development and how-to-do tutorials.

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